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  1. re the APT, if you can stand the awful lagginess of the Hornby site, a single power cars is listed there and the price implies that it is powered. The price diference 5/7 suggests 2 power cars with the latter, but as others have pointed out it doesn't quite work out for building a complete set. No doubt things will become clearer in the near future. I've been predicting a standard 2-6-0 78xxx for som etime now, but I got the box colour completely wrong.
  2. The front cab windows are horribly wrong, the characteristic sad eyed look and the rearwards rake are missing .
  3. No, that's the later version of Scotrail regional livery.
  4. There were also a number of ScotRail-ish mk2s about in the early 90s. These were NSE liveried Mk2s with the red stripe painted over with light blue. So they looked like ScotRail livery but with dark blue uppers.
  5. There has been quite a bit of shuffling of class 221s. 221136, 140 and 141 are all missing one of their original coaches. 221142 and 143 both have an extra coach taken from other sets, being 4-car sets originally. 221144 is a 4-car unit but not correctly formed.
  6. There were some at Holyhead for a while too, but I think these have now moved.
  7. All 13 mk5 TPE sets are now in the country, though most of them appear to be at various storage locations.
  8. It's not the shape of the windows, it's the glazing, the cabside windows appear as if they are melting (look at the bottom, it sticks out) and they all have a pronounced prism effect.
  9. Looks brilliant apart from the windows - clearly some serious issues to be sorted there. Please don't rush, I've got several 121s to pay for sometime soon.
  10. Those bodyside grilles on the headcode 24 are way too pronounced. On the real thing they were almost flush with the bodyside.
  11. Mk 3s are a better prospect than CAFs. A push pull 3 car set would sell very well to go with a 121. This could then lead on to the IC types. The bodyshell of a suburban and an IC TSO are essentially the same, the main difference being the windows which could be accommodated by a different glazing unit.
  12. That's what I said. Read it again, I said that CA were the first 2 letters.
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