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  1. Should have given Charlie a bell.....
  2. Paddy hasn't announced anything completely new in a long time. I suspect that when news of something new does appear it may well be just before it appears in the shops, like the 201.
  3. Here's a phot of a real 86/0 marker light, is this what the model looks like? ps looks like the model has 86/2 lights to me. pps Hornby's lights look to be reasonably correct.
  4. Catalogues give a good guide as to what has been made? A classic example of not the case was a catalogue I had many years ago. It was a Lima catalogue (poss the last one) which proposed models of classes 44, 45, 46 ,90 and 91 IIRC.
  5. Mark might be right, all I know is that to do a 116 from a Lima 117 you have to make the window smaller. It is probable that this is an error on the Lima 117, rather than 117s having a different window size.
  6. The 116 has a different arrangement of windows in the section of the body immediately behind the driver's cab. The first 'big' window on a 116 is smaller than the one on a 117.
  7. The short lived one on Gloster Rd was an outpost of Howes of Oxford, some kind of franchise IIRC. As you say. didn't last long. Nowadays only Antics remain with a very limited range of stock We do however have an excellent shop just a short bus ride away in Portishead. (bought quite a bit there)
  8. Other way round. It was 90001 with 87201 chalked on it. At the time they were still designated 87/2 but this was changed to class 90 before the first one was released from works.
  9. The decrepit concrete steps at Lawrence Hill were replaced only a few years ago with steel ones. I was surprised at the time that they didn't put in a long ramp to the island like the ones at Stapleton Rd. (Northbound has flat access via Lidl car park for those of you who haven't been there lately.) What on earth are they going to do at Keynsham? The station was virtually rebuilt only a couple of years ago.
  10. They're here!! The first ones are the original grey ones.
  11. The item that has been near the top in all recent 'wanted' polls is the class 120 DMU. I would certainly have a Scottish (Inverness) one (or 2) if produced. It could also be a lead into other long frame DMUs, 119, 123, 124.... The 120s were very well travelled, the Southern region being about the only area that they never really penetrated, although they did regularly get to Pompey and Weymouth.
  12. The steps were for access to the boiler filler. They were removed/plated over when the filling point was moved down from the roof. Other classes received the same treatment too.
  13. D6975

    Bachmann 4BEP

    But they ran from Victoria, not Charing Cross.
  14. 37012 coming off BR to go light to Avonmouth for the Dringhouses.
  15. I saw 37043 in large logo at Severn Tunnel Jn shortly after the WHL went EH. Lots of other steam heat ones turned up at Bristol off the Dringhouses freight. 012, 027, 051, spring to mind.
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