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    Building a OO gauge Great western layout set in 1985 ish period. Lots of class 50s, HSTs and DMUs.

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  1. Heads up for anyone who has had there Pre order of Evening Star cancelled. Hornby now have a few extra and are available now to order on there site.
  2. Chris Woods = top fella. Cheers mate
  3. I agree Legend, not Rails fault in anyway. I had my order in several hours after it was first advertised and was showing pending for about a week before showing confirmed........ I understand this loco was very popular so would of thought Hornby could of increased the production run and not decreased it.
  4. Just had an email from Rails of Sheffield saying my pre order is now cancelled.......... Happy is not the word!!!!!!!!
  5. May have an orange and black Freightliner livery on the real ones soon.
  6. Light loco is being dispatched on monday to fetch the wagons at Trowse. Will not be me, im off to Broxbourne on another stone job....
  7. Normally I pick the train up at Peterborough but on thursday I went to Loughborough by van only to be informed the ground staff could not get to Trowse (again) so the job was cancelled....... Back in van to Peterborough and home by 10am so not a bad day for me :-)
  8. Hello beast66606. More stunning pictures :-) We had trouble with the ground staff getting to Trowse on time from Leicester so unloading time was cut very short and due to us having very old wagons with buckeye couplings the whole train had to be empty in order to run back to Tunstead rather than split the train and run the empty half back and leave the full half to be emptied another time...... So tomorrow the loco will run light to Trowse and return with the second half, thats if a driver is available to cover the job. If not it will be me again light loco on Thursday :-)
  9. Hi looking for a class 86 in Freightliner livery oo gauge.... Does any one now if any company are making a new batch or just got to find old models?? Many thanks and Happy new year all. Darren
  10. Hi looking for either a East Midland set or Cross Country or even any of the old Great Western liveries. Must be 00 gauge. Thanks Darren Arnold
  11. For sheer power nothing can beat the 373`s for pleasure of driving HST`s for some dirty noisy fun a 47 and for power and comfort a class 90. Although the class 91`s are smart and nice to drive they are very uncomfortable for long journeys...... At the end of my career I think the HST`s will hold the best memories for me it will be a very sad day when they go :-(
  12. I watched this programme on TV with my eyes shut, fully expecting it to portray the railway in a negative light. The stationmaster`s comment about going into the complexities of the drivers diagramming procedures being very boring and very long winded were absolutely correct. As a Train Driver for East Coast based at Kings Cross i can confirm this to be very true. My findings about this programme after unfortunately watching it, was that it never set out to inform the public about how the increadibly complex railway operates, instead it just added more fuel to the railway critics who love to knock the hard work and dedication all railway staff put in on a regular bases. First of all i would like to add my explanation (hopfully without boring people to tears) on some of the incidents that was mentioned in the programme that was never fully explained which i feel should of been. Firstly, A train running out of fuel, In 14 years of being a driver at KX i have seen this happen twice. An HST being fulled the night before was believed to have had a full fuel tank, however due to a false reading on the automatic fuel pump this was far from the truth. The train entered service, and about 200 miles short of its destination was held (due to disruption) with engines running for about 5 hours. It was then sent on a lengthy diversion during which the unknown short filled tank run out of fuel and the power car shut down. The train continued on its journey on one power car, perfectly normal........However due to the train now running on only one power car (with just one fuel tank) the fuel remaining was not enough to get to the final destination and hence the fuel run out and the train became stranded ........... The second occasion was when a fuel pump filter became blocked in the front power car and it stopped fuel from flowing into the engine, resulting in an engine shut down. Due to a technical fault the rear power car was only operating at idle to provide electric train supply (E.T.S) which meant as soon as the front power car filter became blocked the train was a failure, unable to move under its own power, despite having plenty of fuel for its journey............. Both were due to very extreme conditions and any contingency plan could not be worked out for this happening in advance. Those pesky bird strikes................ Most of the time a bird strike will just leave a lovely red smear down the front of a train, or if the driver is lucky a big explosion of blood and guts on the windscreen............However sometimes the bird can hit the brake pipes on the front of the train (used for coupling up to other vehicles) and can damage the valve resulting in an air leak (brakes applying) and if the driver is unable to stop the leak and release the brakes, the train is a failure............ As for the driver having a relaxed approach to mobilising the very late running train, the driver London based and a very good mate of mine, should not of been working a passenger service departing London at that time of evening, those jobs are worked by Doncaster, Leeds or Newcastle based drivers, so he was either just starting a night shift, trip of empty coaches (ECS) to Bounds Green Depot and was seconded into working the train as soon as he booked on for duty or was at the very end of his shift, having completed his booked job and was just helping out to ease congestion at KX......................Impossible to say, either way he was helping out but was made to look bad and non caring..........He will get some stick from his work mates over this and we will not let him forget his unwanted 15 minutes of fame in a hurry................... Just to sum up, the programme never even tried to explain what happens and why and what is done by the staff, it is just a sad shame this opportunity was again wasted. Heres hoping the Sky documentary due to be filmed later this year on the East Coast will be better.................
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