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  1. Only just seen this post, but it would seem that the authorities deemed it prudent to convey a supply of oil to replenish the loco's oil-bath en route. Cheers, BR(W).
  2. Listen, don't mention the gauge! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it... Cheers, BR(W).
  3. I see your meat tin wobbling, and raise you royalty being disdainful of inferior pw (three takes to prove the point): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs2NPFkR8Xw Cheers, BR(W).
  4. Your 'nothing' is so much better than my 'something'! Cheers, BR(W).
  5. S Surely that was the 'Nelson' class? Nicknamed 'Nelsol' and 'Rodnol' after the fashion of the fleet oilers (refuelers) which had a very truncated rears. 'Nelson' and 'Rodney' were so compromised to comply with the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. Personally, I believe 'Hood' to be a beautifully balanced design. Cheers, BR(W).
  6. Blimey - Bulleid lives! The love-child of a Leader and a Charlie (with a little bit of Dock Tank) no less? Cheers, BR(W). P.S. And no one had better criticise my soldering ever again.
  7. Single-chimney examples, yes. But I would respectfully suggest that Stafford Road provided the best 'Castle' performances in the dying years with their double-chimney beauts. There again, talking of Valhalla, not many golden trees at 84A! Cheers, BR(W).
  8. Note the wooden-bodied (7 plank, 12/13 ton?) example in the left-centre rake, and the 3-links. All in, I presume, the early sixties. Cheers, BR(W).
  9. It did indeed happen. A 4073 (Castle) ended up at Fratton when no suitable Southern loco was available to take over an inter-regional working. I have seen a photograph of her, impounded, towering over the diminutive, local A1X Terriers. Cheers, BR(W).
  10. Coach, just a thought if I may: you could really do with a BR Std. 4 4-6-0. Not as pretty a locomotive as a 'Manor' (is anything?), but for a Standard, still very attractive. Hornby's version is, in my opinion, an excellent representation and a good runner. Love the layout, by the way - it's fast becoming a classic. Cheers, BR(W).
  11. 'Struth! It's as if our anatine friend were actually in the room. Ar$e, as he might say. Cheers, BR(W).
  12. True, but then again most enlightened English companies poached from Swindon: GNR, Sturrock; GER, Holden; LB&SCR, Stroudley; SE&CR, a whole host under Maunsell. In fact, wasn't Ashford irreverently known as 'Little Swindon' because of the preponderance of ex-GWR men in the Drawing Office (including the brilliant Harry Holcroft)? Cheers, BR(W).
  13. Breaks in the chains, or from the chains? We have to know. Either way, the results are impressive. Cheers, BR(W).
  14. Isn't that the 'Star and Scroll' depot symbol for Immingham? Cheers, BR(W).
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