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  1. Delighted this thread has been transferred, liked the photos of Arrochar and Tarbet station building in the 1980s, now a historical item as they have been demolished. Look forward to seeing how this excellent layout progresses. regards Clive
  2. Dave, indeed we have all been there, especially as the nights draw in. However I find the christmas period, with a few days off ideal to reassess and actually do some modelling, especially the Christmas-New Year week being ideal. Don't get too concerned about it, maybe do a spot of weathering on Boxing Day afternoon and just enjoy yourself. Regards Clive
  3. Anybody heard of Manchester Mayfield station? It was adjacent to London Road, now Piccadilly, and was built as a terminus to alleviate the pressure on the latter, mainly dealing with suburban services. I only came across the station yesterday by accident, but what a find, despite growing up in Lancashire I had never ever heard of it. Would make an interesting model IMHO.
  4. I bought my Heljan 17 from D&F models in Glasgow in July. I saw it on the shelf and asked David, the proprieter, how they were running. He took his glasses off, looked at me intently for a couple of minutes then asked "what have you heard?" To cut a long story short he explained the problems they have encountered then showed me an example that they had altered themselves. 5 minutes later, after a lengthy test, I paid ??79 and walked out with a (D&F modified) example and have never regretted it, it runs excellently. David also said when the replacement chassis arrive he would r
  5. Hello Gary, this looks excellent and look forward to seeing how the layout progresses. I live a lot closer to the chosen location than you do so if you need any new photos just let me know and I'll see what i can do. regards Clive
  6. I've been out of the country for the last 10 years but I remember the Wigan show as being one of the best on the circuit so fully intend coming down from Helensburgh. I went to the Blackburn show this month which I enjoyed, so it will be a pleasure to travel down to Lancashire again to see the layouts and traders stalls, only downside is that I'll have to stay with the in-laws again! regards Clive
  7. Yes count me in too, modelling North bank of Clyde in early 60s. Regards Clive
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