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  1. Don’t be ridiculous. Would exceed the loading gauge Even the Royal Train has to comply with that haha
  2. I bought some of the first run of Maunsell coaches and they were included with mine.
  3. Like I said, could be for anything you want.
  4. I bought 746 when there was less than 10 remaining in stock too. Then suddenly more than 10 in stock appeared. 743 doesn’t seem Gone to less than 10 in stock so it’s definitely weird how one is selling better than the other identical, save for the number, loco.
  5. You are an evil, sick, twisted individual and should be banned forthwith from the Modelling community. Joking of course lol. Knowing the Pullman’s, I would imagine you would just need to remove the corridor connections, buffers, handrails, and glazing. The Pullman’s don’t have large amounts of external seperate details so it is one of the easier repaints. Opening up the coach is fairly easy. 4 clips at the corners, and a clip in the centre of each side too. Are you sure you wanna do it with a brand new unused one? Surely a 2nd hand one would be a better option for
  6. Here’s an image of the current day Royal Train. Looks like a slightly lighter red, not quite a pink red but definitely not a Red/Orange.
  7. Oh right yeah that makes it a bit more difficult.
  8. Pull the extra deflectors off.
  9. Looks like it’s just the web exclusive Class 47’s and mk2/mk3 coaches sold as one pack. Nothing new.
  10. June 15th has officially been announced on KR’s Facebook page as the cutoff date for ordering the Consett wagons. After that production will begin.
  11. They do look fantastic. Looking forward to 2007
  12. That’s very odd. Especially considering they managed to do a flexible flanged wheel on the A1/A2 whilst still having a fixed Cartazzi representation. I wonder what’s changed.
  13. Looks great. The Testors coat makes a huge improvement to the colour.
  14. Maybe they’ve given each month a tier system to decide if engine shed is uploaded or not.
  15. Generic coaches spring to mind.
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