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  1. Hattons manage to get stuff to New Zealand in less than a week most times I have ordered too. Fantastic mail order service.
  2. Well the Hogsmeade range of buildings has been released. I have to say I am extremely disappointed with one building. The booking office should be all over maroon instead of half white. I sent images of this to Hornby in January as soon as the buildings were announced with assurances it would be passed on. Seems now that didn’t happen. A real shame. Out with the paint brushes now I guess
  3. The first post is at the top of this page, page 2, and when a date is given, it’s pretty obvious to everyone really. Regardless, the garter was well gone by 1937.
  4. Considering the original list of liveries at the top of this page said Halls built from 1937 onwards, I would have thought it obvious I didn’t mean the Garter, which I would have called the Garter in any case.
  5. Now by naming something as (CoA) you are confusing the issue. Do you mean the G (crest) W style livery?
  6. I think there may have been a slight tweaking of the tooling. There is a definite difference on both sides of the ends. The bufferbeam extends out by a mm or two on either side on the new one. The old one doesn’t.
  7. So would original Halls be lined with the G(c)W as well or only the Modified?
  8. Ok so from what I can gather the main liveries that were used on Halls from 1937 onwards would be as follows. Lined Green, Shirtbutton emblem Unlined Green, GWR Unlined Black, GWR Unlined Black, G(c)W Unlined Green, G(c)W Lined Black, Early Emblem Lined Green, Early Emblem Lined Green, Late Crest Would that be a roughly accurate list?
  9. Coaches generally seem to have multiple batches so more should come along soon. Especially since they sold so well
  10. Coaches generally seem to have multiple batches so more should come along soon. Especially since they sold so well
  11. Try doing a reset if you can. Change CV 8 to 8 and this will reset it back to factory. If that doesn’t work it may well be faulty.
  12. The Book of The Halls series by Ian Sixsmith lists the dates boilers were changed and the numbers of those boilers. And it does give overhauls dates but it doesn’t give any further details.
  13. Now that would be an interesting model!
  14. Now that would be an interesting model!
  15. Easier to compare various designs on a locomotive that is always the same.
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