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  1. The first NEM and DCC models were around early 2000’s I believe, as to the ice block packaging, no idea.
  2. Looking closer there’s a definite difference in colour between the smokebox and boiler barrel so I’d say it’s not black.
  3. It’s the same with the A3 and A4. Mainline express engines didn’t often spend time going backwards.
  4. Can we all just remember the atrocity that was the green on the Kings when the new version was launched? This green on the Clan is far better than that washed out colour was! Yes the lining is too bright, but I’d say there’s a good chance some darker lining would change the look of the colour of the green.
  5. Big congratulations to KR for the GT3 winning Best OO Gauge Locomotive in the Hornby Magazine awards.
  6. I doubt it. They didn’t say any modifications would be done.
  7. Well they have 3 days left then
  8. Thanks hadn’t seen that before. No loose glazing or screws anywhere. Come to the conclusion that it could just be the copper pickup plates rattling against the frames of the tender as it runs.
  9. Does anyone else find their GT3 a little rattly when running? I’ve had a look over it and can’t see any loose screws or anything that shouldn’t be. Is this just the wheels rattling around in the frames? Does it when running with sound on and off so I know it’s nothing to do with the sound.
  10. Wow I hadn’t even noticed that. A first on OO LNER locos?
  11. Agreed this month did seem particularly lacklustre. Great to see that laser straight footplate on the A3 though.
  12. They aren’t retooling the whole thing. Just the footplate and fitting an LED to the chassis for the firebox
  13. Ok here’s my list. Minerva, Cygnus, and Ibis are the only ones that I didn’t change identities on because they came in the original VSOE boxed set, but I did remove the names and replace them with Railtec transfers so the colours matched the rest of the rake. Railtec do the full rake of transfers with a few extras included too. The LNER Baggage coach is included because I like it lol. But of course it’s not used in the modern day rake. The R4514 Brighton Belle coaches had their chassis changed with the the latest release of Brighton Belle, since the latest ones have NEM Tension Lock couplings and bogie wheel power pickups, as opposed to the special electric couplings on the original release. R4710 BR Mk1 BSK, Repainted Baggage Car No.11 R4642 BR Mk1 BG, modified and renamed Generator Car No.6313 R4514 Ex-Belle 1st Kitchen, Renamed Vera R4664 All Steel K-Type 1st Parlour, Renamed Zena R4514 Ex-Belle 1st Kitchen, Renamed Gwen R1038 K-Type 1st Parlour, Renamed Phoenix R1038 K-Type 1st Parlour, Minerva R1038 K-Type 1st Parlour, Renamed Perseus R4663 All Steel K-Type 1st Kitchen, Renamed Ione R1038 K-Type 1st Parlour, Cygnus R4514 Ex-Belle 1st Kitchen, Renamed Audrey R4664 All Steel K-Type 1st Parlour, Renamed Lucille R1038 K-Type 1st Kitchen, Ibis R4830 LNER 61’6” Baggage Car, Repainted Baggage Car No.7 Hope this helps.
  14. No worries I’ll have a hunt for the coaches I’ve used and post it up for you.
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