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  1. New announcement from Hornby. 2 branded Corgi Bristol Lodekkas. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/Hornby-centenary-bristol-lodekka-bus-Hornby-100-westwood-no-64.html
  2. Could be that the sound is set too high? Maybe adjust the volume. I often find that’s the main cause.
  3. What does it look like when looking down at a 45’ angle like most people will on their layouts? I know very few people that model a layout 5’ in the air at eye level, or spend their whole running session bent over to see the loco side on. Just saying it may not look as bad from that angle. Anyone willing to oblige with a photo?
  4. Posted on wrong thread so moved the post.
  5. Oh I’m sure one one said further back that it did have that. Maybe I misread that.
  6. Interesting that the pony trucks have the old method of a piece of bent metal for a spring. Has anyone found suitable space for a speaker? Is under the bunker large enough? Could you fit a sugar cube under the chimney?
  7. According to their Facebook page, Andy said they had to reboot the entire system. Took around 4-5 hours I think.
  8. How Does A Moment Last Forever - Céline Dion
  9. Has anyone take a photo looking down on the side of the loco? As in a 45 degree angle looking down? The usual view point. I don’t believe many of us have layouts 5’ in the air at eye level.
  10. Rails have now said they have sold out their pre order and are trying to secure more stock.
  11. To be honest, Hornbys are £16, Rails one was £40. Which one would sell in all honesty, if a number is the only difference.
  12. Such a shame. Is the stay the only damage or has the actual running plate been damaged as well?
  13. What type of couplings? Standard tension lock, kadee, hunt?
  14. Oh yep that tank side one is definitely noticeable. Hopefully this isn’t a recurring issue.
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