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  1. Tmc also said expecting in next few days so hopefully we see them by the end of the week.
  2. Been reported in a few places that Hornbys new tooling suite includes options for Consett locos so perhaps next year we will see an RTR one.
  3. Been available in the US for ages. There is heaps of stock released in US over the years. Not bringing the entire range to UK in one go but over time it will be. https://shop.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=756
  4. Nope not painted like that at NRM so looks like a mistake.
  5. Yeah I had a feeling along those lines. Got confused further when Model Rail stated it would be in LNER Black livery.
  6. Bit of a query. R3840 looks to be a lighter grey than R3979. Did the loco carry different grey shades or just Hornby’s colour choice for the CG image do you think?
  7. Thank you for that answer. Got there in the end. I didn’t think there would be any images around. Not sure that people 56 years ago would have been thinking “oh maybe I should take a photograph of this in case someone wants to make an accurate model of this in the future” haha. Cheers
  8. Oh pedantry again. Union Jack then.
  9. I wonder, does anyone know if any images exist of the interior of Sir Winstons coach? Would be nice to be able to recreate the interior. Chris Leigh did one for Model Rail a few years ago now, but that was just a box with an English flag painted on it.
  10. Out of interest, were the Clan cylinders and the 9F cylinders the same size? I’ve always liked the photo of Evening Star with green lined cylinders and it would be straight swap if any spares become available if they are the same size.
  11. Now that would a hell of a tome! Sign me up for it please lol
  12. These are now arriving at retailers. Given that we know new models generally take around 18 months, which takes us back to July 2019, can we stop all this “Hornby are deliberately going after retail manufacturers” lark? Too much to ask I reckon!
  13. Given what Paul Isles teased about working on the loco before he left, I’d say a Consett loco is a pretty certain release in the next year or two.
  14. I was only joking about the Drax wagons, given all the talk thats gone on lately with the amount being sold on eBay. Hornby did produce the model, but Drax commissioned them as customer models to give away, and they themselves own the tooling in OO Gauge. And they did say it was a one off run as well so unlikely.
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