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  1. A few from North Wales. Portmadoc, Oct 1977. Portmadoc, June 1979 Portmadoc, Dec 1983 Criccieth, Aug 1984 Graham
  2. A couple from Edale, Sep 1981. I was walking on the Mam Tor-Lose Hill ridge. Graham
  3. Cadley Hill colliery, Feb 1976 And a loco that was plinthed near Daventry town centre for a few years. I think it eventually moved to a preservation site. This photo was in Nov 1978. Graham
  4. I have a few old ones. This first one was on a cold and gloomy December day in 1978 at Northfield. I should think the Ektachrome 400 was pushed to 1600 ASA on a day like this. March 1980 at New St next for 50046 And on to Harbury, May 1980. Graham
  5. I bought a #6 point today and everything I've tried so far has run through it without any problems. The mechanism feels a little more positive too, so I think this is the answer. Thanks everyone for your assistance. Graham
  6. Thanks, I did know about the different radius, but is the mechanism similar? I think that the two main problems are the fit of the switch blade against the running rail which can be improved with the mod in the videos, but also the sloppy mechanism where you don't have a positive switching action to keep the switch blade firmly in place. Graham
  7. So what differences are there between the #4 and #6 points? Graham
  8. Thank you for the replies. After watching the videos I decided to try the modification and it does work. However, one of the points now derailed both the Clayton and the 66 when running straight on, the switch blade was not returning flush to the running rail. So I took off the base plate to have a look and the reason the mechanism is so sloppy is that it relies on a long thin wire to move the switch blades - using the wire to move side-to-side as a spring. This does not look like a robust mechanism. I gave the wire a tweak, reassembled and tried it again - everything now works OK in all direc
  9. Hi, I'm making tentative steps towards an N gauge layout and last month bought some plain Kato track and an EFE Clayton, which ran fine. This week I bought a couple of Kato #4 points and the Clayton derails when running over them. It only happens when the loco enters the point from the toe end and is switched to take the curved track - it's fine if it is switched to go straight on. The derailing occurs when the leading bogie meets the switch blade; when running very slowly you can see the wheel lift up. Looking at the Kato points, the switch blades are pretty sloppy and come to rest above
  10. But the more general language is being lost to hyperbole. 'yes' is now 'absolutely' 'very' is now 'incredible' 'good', 'very good', 'nice', 'super', brilliant' are all now 'fantastic' 'before' is 'pre' 'after' is 'post' I know there is a plain English society. Are they still active? Graham
  11. Sorry, no. I didn't take very many train photos as I was slightly concerned about the security aspect in 1980. On one journey, me and my mate were fiddling with cameras and a chap sitting opposite pointed at our cameras, waggled his fingers, shook his head and said 'Russkies'. A minute later, we passed a Russian army camp. I was a little nervous taking the shots at Balatonszentgyorgy as there was a Hungarian soldier across the aisle, but he didn't bat an eyelid. I do have four rather average shots taken inside Budapest Keleti (I think) station.
  12. I did a Interail holiday in 1980, one country visited was Hungary where I saw the occasional steam loco at work. I don't remember where these first four shots were taken. This next loco though was at Balatonszentgyorgy, it was pottering around the yard while our train was awaiting departure. And one diesel, location unknown. Graham
  13. A holiday in the Bernese Oberland in Aug/Sep 1982 saw me take an overnight train from Calais to Lucerne and then a train over the Brunig pass to Meiringen where I stayed for a few days before moving on to the Interlaken area. It was mainly a walking holiday but I took a few pictures of trains. Of the photo locations, I think the first two are at the Brunig pass summit, and the final four are at Interlaken but I stand to be corrected. I've no idea where the rest were taken though I suspect they were in the Meiringen area.
  14. Blimey, thanks for that. I don't remember it at all. I've been going through some other old slides recently and found places I don't remember visiting. It's a bit unnerving. Graham
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