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  1. With regard to the 'N-S electric spine' that was proposed a while back, I thought the route was to be Nuneaton-Coventry-Leamington-Oxford-Reading-Basingstoke-Southampton. Graham
  2. Regarding the incorrect shed codes, perhaps he was using an old Ian Allan book where the shed codes were not up to date. Not everyone used the latest editions.
  3. I thought Corbyn was a vegetarian, so it will be quorn paste sandwiches I'm afraid.
  4. I'm surprised no-one has yet done a model of Coventry station. Main line, compact, bridges at either end for scenic breaks, infrastructure hasn't changed that much in over 50 years so you could vary the traffic from steam to present-day. Graham
  5. I have a Bachmann class 20 with a detached cabside window. To glue the window back in, I need to remove the cab from the body but it is not obvious how this can be done without damaging the model. Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks Graham
  6. Yes, I had similar thoughts when I first walked it. My concern was that local idiots could start lobbing things onto passing traffic, though I haven't heard of any incidents. You get good views from the top. Graham
  7. Yes, and 5 years ago they opened it up as a walkway/cycleway to provide a traffic-free route into town. Graham
  8. Nige, to avoid going too far OT, I've started a new topic in the disused railways section with a couple of Ullesthorpe photos from 2011. Graham
  9. There is plenty of infrastructure, such as bridges etc along the old Rugby to Leicester MR line but not many buildings - to my knowledge there are just two, at Ullesthorpe and Broughton Astley. I have these photos from 2011. Looking down from the main road to the site of Ullesthorpe station, one can see a platform, and further back a white building. I think this was the station masters house but I'm not certain. Without straying onto private land, this was the closest I could get to it from the other direction. The station masters house is certainly still standing in Broughton Astley, complete with garden railway. If anyone knows of any other surviving buildings, I'd love to hear about them. Graham
  10. I was walking the MR Rugby-Leicester route in 2011 and noticed that several old bridges had a painted ID on them, This one was just south of the M6. The bridge carried a farm track. The trackbed had been almost completely filled in the years since closure (the line closed in the early 1960's). So, in 2011 at least, it seemed that BRB was still responsible for old bridges that were basically just sitting in fields. Graham
  11. I remember going to his talk/slide show back in the mid-'70s organised by the Nottingham University transport society. He'd been to South Africa not long beforehand so we were treated to lots of garratts, appropriately enough. Graham
  12. When I was a student in Nottingham, we called it Selectascratch, referring to the quality of its second-hand stock.
  13. I remember seeing 10202 and 10000 double heading a train northwards along the TV line, at Bulkington. It would have been around 1962. Unfortunately I don't know the type of train, whether one or both locos were powered up or if they were working in multiple. I don't even remember which loco was leading. My excuse is that I was 7 years old. I've been waiting for a green 10202 to go with my Bachmann 10000. But, like Ian, I need the version with doors. Graham
  14. I spent a few days last week in the Breclav/Brno/Veseli nad Moravou area. The weather was brilliant and I took hundreds of photos. On a general note there is a lot of engineering work going on with some lines closed and bus substitutions. Brno Dolni and Veseli stations are largely building sites, though most trains are running. Brno main station bay platforms are closed for rebuilding (some services are running from Dolni, others are buses) and Breclav station building is having a refurb. I'll just post a few photos of the more unusual sightings. If anyone wants to see any other subjects, please let me know. On Thursday morning, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express rolled into Breclav. It stayed an hour for servicing and a change of engine. The boards on the sides of the coaches said Venezia-Wien-Praha. I counted seventeen coaches in the train. It attracted some local enthusiasts These old girls were at Brno Dolni. I saw two passenger trains with 714 haulage. This arrived in Breclav Thursday evening, presumably from the Znojmo line. Early Friday afternoon, this one left Brno for Rajec-Jestrebi. Graham
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