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  1. You were there just before me then, I arrived in '73. The colour of my hair is largely academic as most of it has fallen out. Graham
  2. Hmmm......someone is wearing a Karnival 'Chick' t-shirt. Was that the 'Vulture' one? Graham
  3. Sorry, but the question of buying 'non-essential' items from shops that are allowed to open was answered very early in the crisis by the gov't. If a shop is allowed to open, we can buy anything that the shop sells. The Northamptonshire Chief Constable was slapped down very quickly when he suggested that officers could be inspecting people's shopping trolleys for 'non-essential' items. Graham
  4. This example was at the north end of Breclav yard on 9th October 2018. Graham
  5. You leave our M45 alone, nice quiet motorway like they all should be. A bit like the M6 toll, only cheaper!
  6. I took some other photos - this is a few feet away from the first one. Turning 180 degrees; The building in the centre of this photo is the same one as in your shot, but from the opposite end. The foreground industrial units sit on old sidings, I think. And from the other end of the bridge; If you want any specific views, let me know and I'll wander down again, it's only about 20 mins walk from home and it looks like lockdown will be here for a while yet. Graham
  7. To satisfy my own curiosity about the buildings on the skyline of the original photo, today's lockdown walk was over the black path bridge. I took this photo which was about as near as I could get to the original angle, albeit a few hundred yards nearer the buildings. The two blocks of flats are to the left - one block mainly obscures the other one behind it. The other building is Myson House, at the bottom of Railway Terrace; it isn't as tall as the flats but is much nearer the camera. So that little problem is sorted and I can now sleep soundly tonight. Graham
  8. Guy, How are you? The flats on Clifton road are just two blocks of similar size, the photo seems to show something different to those. Graham
  9. I live in Rugby but cannot place the location of this photo, the large building to the right of the train and what appear to be flats on the skyline don't tally with me. Can anyone help? Graham
  10. I think the colour picture of 40207 and img057 were both taken at Nuneaton. Graham
  11. Well, they can't play football at the moment, so why not make use of the pitches for something else?
  12. I was in the Ostrava area last October and saw two beasties - the first at Ostrava-Kuncice And a couple of days later at Cesky Tesin I also travelled on a passenger train hauled by a 742, if only for a short hop from Ostrava-Stred to Kuncice. I can't remember whether it was the service to Frenstat or Valasske Mezirici. Photo taken at Stred. Graham
  13. dagrizz

    Dapol 'Western'

    Thanks for the advice. I first tried to fit the headcodes inside but gave up, it's quite a faff. So I stuck them on the outside with PVA. They don't look too bad from normal viewing distance on a layout. But don't look so good on close scrutiny. I'm going to leave them be for now; if they bug me I can always try again. The numberplates and nameplates were fitted OK except that this loco is Western Duke - a short name - so short that the plate does not cover the line of dots used as a location guide. You can see one dot to the left of the plate and two dots on the right. If you didn't know about it, you probably wouldn't spot it from normal viewing distance, but once you know it's there ……………. I find all this very frustrating because otherwise it's a super looking loco and it runs a treat. With all the agonizing that goes on nowadays about this detail and that detail, I can't help feeling some of the basics are being overlooked. When I look at a loco, I first look at the 'face' and the headcodes are a very prominent feature. Why are tatty little bits of paper considered to be a match for the quality of the rest of the model? Graham
  14. dagrizz

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi, I bought a 4mm version from the latest batch and want to fit the headcodes and nameplates but have a couple of questions. The instructions say that the headcodes are 'self-adhesive' but I'm blowed if I can peel off the headcodes from the backing paper. Are they really self-adhesive? Looking at the pictures on the previous page of this thread, it appears the headcodes are fitted behind the clear plastic. For the plates, the loco has dotted lines on each side which presumably act as fitting guides but do you line up the dotted lines with the top, middle or bottom of the plates. The instructions are silent on this point. Thanks in advance Graham
  15. In the Czech Republic, the locos wear goggles...…..
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