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  1. SWMBO suffers from earwax in hearing aid tubes. I get despatched upstairs to clear the blockage under the illuminated magnifier with a thin plastic coated wire that was originally bought for constructing 4mm fences. She appreciates the usefulness of model railways at times.
  2. Well, SWMBO and myself enjoyed it. We went by rail (from Rugby), did the show in the morning then lunch and shopping in Brum afterwards. Strictly and Footie in the evening. A full day. Graham
  3. Yes I know what you are saying. But I was at GETS last week, Cradley Heath today and I've been to other events recently, including a concert in Newcastle. On the way back from Cradley Heath today me and SWMBO were in Brum city centre, which was very busy. Primark was worse than any model railway event. There was no social distancing at all in the Chinatown restaurants, nor in New St or Moor St stations. I'm not criticising anyone here, I'm just saying what I know and what I've seen. I just wonder if the ping thing has had its day given the high level of vaccination amongst us. Graham
  4. So do you think if someone's child gets sent home from school because someone in their school bubble tested positive then the entire household has to isolate? It ain't happening. I know a childminder whose daughter was sent home and she carried on as normal. She sent their daughter upstairs to their bedroom while she tended the other kids she was minding downstairs. I also know an NHS nurse whose son was sent home from school and she carried on working as usual. Graham
  5. Friends of mine got 'pinged'. They had been visiting friends whose daughter was isolating. The daughter was upstairs in her bedroom, they were downstairs in the lounge and they did not meet, but the app decided they were close enough to be contacts. Cost them a few days pay from work. I know quite a few people who have switched off the app because of false alerts. Graham
  6. Having an oxide layer can improve corrosion resistance as long as it is even, continuous and unbroken. If the oxide layer is broken at any point then corrosion will then occur at a much faster rate because the point becomes an anode and all the corrosive potential is concentrated on that anode, resulting in pitting, which penetrates through the steel rather quicker than a general rust/oxide layer. This may explain why those cars showed up with rust problems after a few years. Graham
  7. No, it seems from the posts above that the original batch of Clans were made in a different factory to the current batch. I'm suggesting that the paint suppliers might also be different. Graham
  8. Furthermore to the above post, when we changed paint suppliers, the colour shift vanished. This was because the new paint supplier used a different formulation of paint, one in which the pigments were not as sensitive to the light source. I would suspect that the different Hornby factories have their own paint suppliers and this is causing the observed differences in shade under certain conditions. Graham
  9. This reminds me of a 'problem' we had at work years ago. Some of our engines were painted green, but when they emerged from the paint shop under the factory lights (mercury lamps) they looked turquoise. When the engines were moved outside into daylight they appeared to be the correct green colour. It looks like Rays' LED lamps are causing a colour shift. Graham
  10. I lost count the number of times I knocked the barriers and moved them a few inches. The barriers had 'feet' that stuck out and it was easy to nudge them.
  11. It is more likely that the reduction in coughs/colds last winter was because we were mixing less in our warm and stuffy homes. Graham
  12. I had a very agreeable sausage bap from the burger van outside the venue for £3. Great to be at a big show again. Some super layouts, and I picked up a couple of good bargains. Graham
  13. We enjoyed it too, we were in Newcastle last week and we went up the castle tower so the whole railway area was fresh in the memory. Graham
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