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  1. Is it my maths or does that timetable indicate a run of 3hr 53min?
  2. Visited today. At the moment you can't walk over the viaduct. We talked to someone who I think is a 'Friend of the Bennerley viaduct' and he said Sustrans still had to fix the planking before letting people on there. The approach walkways are well advanced but he said it would be autumn before opening. Graham
  3. Well, the building is still there, if not the railway. https://goo.gl/maps/YYUYUT92cnQpY4hp7 Graham
  4. The image above is from when it was stored outside the Tatra museum in Koprivnice. The canopy gave it a little protection from the weather. I stopped by in Oct 2019 but the unit had already been taken away for restoration. Graham
  5. Spittal, 19th May 2021. Photo taken from Berwick pier. Graham
  6. We've been in Northumberland this week and the house next door has these items in the front window. I haven't seen any occupants (it may be a holiday cottage) to ask about the LNWR plate so can anyone say what it is please? Thanks Graham
  7. A couple from Blea Moor, August 2011. And one from the summit of Whernside Graham
  8. Thanks, I use to have an SLR with a variety of lenses, but there would not be a long tom amongst them if I went up the hills. As I got older I became fed up with carting around weighty and cumbersome gear so I invested in a travel zoom compact (Panasonic TZ-70) which weighs little and will fit in my trouser pocket. It gives a zoom range of 24-720 (in 35mm terms) and though it will not win any prizes for picture quality, it means I can always have a camera on me and I can get a shot of whatever is of interest, near or far. The best camera is the one you have with you. G
  9. These photos were taken from a walk on the Malvern hills today. This unit has just passed under the hills, heading north into Malvern; This has just left Malvern, heading north; Leaving Malvern, heading south; And approaching Colwall from the south; I can't positively ID the unit types but I'm sure others will be able to. Glorious day for walking today, not too warm but very little breeze, really made it feel like coming out of lockdown. Graham
  10. Or adding a toilet flush to the DCC sound package.
  11. Nice to see the 31's at KX. I remember going there on day trips from home and seeing the 31's on regular commuter traffic going in and coming out of the hole. I haven't got any photos of them, and you don't see too many others either - they were not sexy like the deltics so people didn't take many pics of them. You did well so thanks. Graham
  12. In my files, I have a photo of another post which I'd labelled as 'south of Onley Lane' and assume it's on the stretch of line (now private land) between Onley Lane and the M45, which I used to walk when the wargamers used it for their games and kept the trackbed clear of undergrowth. They don't use it anymore and last time I tried to walk it was not fun, impassable without a lot of bushwacking. I don't know what sort of post this is. Graham
  13. It is still there and hasn't deteriorated too much since Mac Hawkins took his photo in the late 80's. The trackbed is a lot more overgrown though. There's also various railway detritus lying around, fishplate, screws, telegraph pole insulators, clinker etc. It is where I said in a previous post, about 200 yards or so north of the Willoughby-Barby road. Graham
  14. I haven't walked the section south of Onley for a number of years but the signal post is south of the prison, and not too far from the Willoughby-Barby road. Mac Hawkins has a picture of it in his book 'The Great Central Then and Now' and the map in his book suggests a grid reference of SP 522685. Weather permitting, I think we might go for a walk at the weekend to see if it's still there. In terms of walking the Rugby-Leicester MR route, I did all the bits that were passable/legal about 10 years ago and have photos but I don't know what its like now. The first obstacl
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