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  1. There was a bar in New St station in the 70's/80's, on the wide concourse that connected all the platforms; it was only accessible for travellers, not the general public. I used it a few times before getting the train home. No idea who ran it but it did sell pints of beer, which was good enough for me. I don't think it sold coffee or the like, it was an alcohol bar. Graham
  2. As someone whose main sources of information are the BBC and RMweb, I appreciate posts such as yours that tell me what is going on in the world that I otherwise would not get to hear about, so please continue to flag them. It's good to know what is proposed, irrespective of whether you approve of it or not. Thanks Graham
  3. I photographed the one at Cosford, near Rugby, 10 years ago. It carries a bridleway but the farmer has all but filled it in anyway. Graham
  4. A surprise present for me this xmas was this display case from my brother-in-law, hand made by him in his shed. My Boxing day job was fixing it to the wall of the railway room and filling it with locos. What a lovely present. Graham
  5. C15569, I expect a robust debate as to whether it really is 43152. Merry Xmas and thanks for all the photos. Graham
  6. As previously stated, attitudes are different in other countries. I was taking pictures of trains next to a four track electrified main line just south of Breclav station (Czech Republic) two years ago and a couple of young women with their kids sat down on the grass nearby. One toddler went up to the nearest line and I was having kittens while keeping a lookout for trains. After a minute or so, the mother called the toddler back. Walking over working railways is an everyday thing there and I have other photos of adults doing this. Graham
  7. Visited Tony's Trains in Rugby today and bought a sheet of Gaugemaster photographic backscene. It's marketed for N gauge but I'm going to try it on my OO layout to give a more distant feel to the landscape. Thanks for your help Graham
  8. I bought three new two-tone green Heljan 47's on release, D1100, D1734 and D1942. D1734 was one of the ones to suffer mazak rot and I received a free replacement chassis from Howes. D1100 and D1942 were fine, I sold D1942 a few months ago but the chassis was still OK. I still have D1100 and it is fine, as is the replacement chassis for D1734. Graham
  9. They have a familiar look about them, I suspect they are the ones I used before. Thanks Graham
  10. I've previously used backscenes from International Models and am now looking to buy some more. Following the demise of the company does anyone know if the range has been bought by anyone else? Failing that, does anyone else make similar backscenes I could buy. I want photographic backscenes, not painted, and would like to examine ranges produced for OO and N. Thanks in advance Graham
  11. Managed to see the train this morning at a rather damp Desborough. Graham
  12. Hi, A relative saw this train at Kirk Hammerton earlier today and asked me what the wagons were. I suggested that they were for transporting track panels. Am I right? Graham
  13. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm just planning my next layout and was intending to use R3 and R4 curves for the corners and streamline elsewhere and I was pondering how to mix the two track spacings. Graham
  14. I found an old spotting notebook today and the date was 12th April 1980, the PWM was 650. Three class 50's were seen, 50010, 50019 and 50026 - I'll leave that to the engine pickers. Graham
  15. Todays lockdown walk was along the GC trackbed through Rugby and several sections of track have appeared under some of the overbridges. I have no idea why this has happened but if they could all be joined up....................... Graham
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