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    Jesus Christ, Model Railways (N scale 1:160 and G gauge 1.20.3), Guitars, Hank Marvin and The Shadows....
  1. I have sometimes used a little lead shot to weight wagons, if they needed it, but only enough to ensure the wagon is balanced sufficiently for it travel through points without derailing. Some friends of mine go to the length of using electric scales to ensure every wagon is within their standards - scratchbuilt styrene coal hoppers on Peco chassis. I think this is a little extreme but you can get a very clear idea if a wagon's weight is sufficient by running it around your track and watching, or even testing on really badly laid track. If it fails in needs attention but if it isn't broken
  2. A fascinating thread so far. I'm an N scale modeller from Australia, doing a lot in 1:160, building locos from scratch as well as having an interest in G gauge electric in the garden. Just got a book on building your own live steam locomotive (it's from 1976 and recommends using Asbestos as lagging!) from my grandfather in law and have been seriously thinking about having a go at 5 inch gauge by joining the local club as a track at home is not realistic to say the least. Model engineering as others have already stated, I agree extends to what most of us on RMweb do in the "smaller scales".
  3. Hi all, I have made an update on my blog http://nscalenswgrandpommy.blogspot.com.au/
  4. I've been doing a bit lately on my brass Z19 steam engine, heres some progress http://nscalenswgrandpommy.blogspot.com.au/
  5. Thanks! Pete, don't worry, theres just too many trains around! Yes, it is of Beyer Peacock descent, and yes it was 'modelled' off the Met's tank engines. Heres a brief description of the real thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_South_Wales_Z13_class_locomotive
  6. I've done some updates on my N scale modelling blog, I hope it encourages you too to have a go: http://nscalenswgran...logspot.com.au/
  7. Hi RMweber's, I've recently started scratchbuilding a model of a Baldwin Steam Motor in G Gauge, you can follow my blog here: http://railsinthegarden.blogspot.com.au/ Happy Modelling! James
  8. Hi RMweber's I've started a new blog at http://nscalenswgrandpommy.blogspot.com/ which will follow some of the scratch building I do in N scale. The first entry is regarding a Victorian Era Signal Box I'm building at the moment: I hope you find it encouraging, Best Regards, James
  9. [/left] You can follow my main blog at http://railsinthegarden.blogspot.com/ [/left][/left] Its been a while since anything much has happened of significance out on the garden railway. Recently the state of part of the main trestle bridge demanded that some significant replacement work be carried out. [/left][/left] Below can be seen part of the dismantling of the old span (which really couldn't be called much of a span anyways because it was a few bits of timber screwed together). 'Tis a little scary to see rails without sleepers hanging down….. [/left] [/center][/center][
  10. Hi Jon, and fellow modellers. I'm from Kings Langley, Western Sydney, NSW....certainly not alone
  11. Hi Owen, Thanks! This is G Scale, 45 mm gauge track, with a mixture of 1:20.3 rollingstock from Bachmann and a couple of 1:22.5 LGB Locos. Best Regards, James
  12. Hey fellow modellers! Recently I've made a few videos of things happening around my garden railway.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjzE6t8a9qE&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36_H1p9f4no&feature=relmfu Please share photos and video of whats going on with your railways too! Its always encouraging to see what people are up to, and might give you a boost and spur you on to become more active too...
  13. That Signal Box, looks fantastic! Excellent work all round, walkways, leavers, lighting....WOW!
  14. James, It's looking good! Do you intend on doing any other buildings for your railway soon?
  15. Thanks mate! Funny you mention.....I want to sort out Pooh Bear's residency in the not too distant future.....
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