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  1. Can I make a small plea with regards to this thread? The photos are superb, and the added information that people post just increases the value & richness, so would it be possible when adding that information to include the date the picture was posted too? For example... where the hell is C6877? Okay, so in this case I know I'm looking for Mallaig so the southern EMUs can be skipped over, but I've got to check each and every photo over the past few days to try and find the one being referred to - in this case it's two pages back. The above post is far from the only example so it's nothing personal '45059'. So, when adding extra info could we say something like '24 Nov - C6877 at Mallaig junction is crying out to be modelled'. Navigating the thread by date is so much easier than checking the C number under each photo. Thanks!
  2. Apologies, didn't trawl through the thread at the top of this section and going through it now I can see the rule has been relaxed (maybe the first post in that thread could be revised...?) Tried to delete *this* thread to just forget the whole question but it said I didn't have permission to do that either!
  3. Is the 'must have 30 posts' rule still in use? Also, the report button returns a 'you don't have permission to do that' message. Going from memory here, did we need to register with the classified section? Can't remember if I did that and it might explain it. Thanks, Dave.
  4. Deleted. Changed my mind about leaving it on here.
  5. Has a whole year passed since I built this?! It's not my intention to keep adding to this thread, but at the time there were several valid questions around the longevity of a baseboard made out of cardboard (and not exactly top quality cardboard at that). For the past 12 months the layout has been kept in the roof of my garage: As you can see, it's been kept out of the rain, but the gap across the top of the garage doors shows that the wind, humidity and temperature can all get at it. Actual damage to the layout consists of some of the backscene needing a bit of re-gluing, and the road developing a bit of ridge half way down. Structural integrity of the layout? Well, here we go: Bit of a sag in the middle, but I suspect it would have done that even when it had just been built! No doubt the track is helping to keep the thing ridged, but overall it's lasted well.
  6. What's that little loading bank for do we think? Seems to be for emptying stuff into the minerals, but what might that be on such a small scale? Or just coincidence that they are parked next to it?
  7. Someone built it - I distinctly remember a layout in RM that was based on the plan, operated by a father and son team. At the time it was my idea of the perfect model railway. The young chap was wearing a 'Jinty' t-shirt in the photos. I've not seen it in perhaps 30 years, but I remember Superquick buildings, a Hornby Flying Scotsman on mainline express duties, and a rake of short wheelbase Esso tankers serving a siding with an oil refinery on the backscene. It was very much an 'achievable' layout, using RTR stock, building kits and Peco backscenes. I think the layout was stretched out to a slightly larger size, but the essence of the CJF plan remained. No idea when it appeared in RM, best I can estimate is 1975-1980.
  8. Is that an arched plate girder bridge in the background? Don't think I've ever seen one of those before.
  9. Just going from the cab door height, I assume it wasn't possible to actually walk through this and you had to stoop or crawl instead?
  10. Each thread counts up the number of 'views' it has - do these include when that thread comes up in searches or Googles or anything, or is it only when people actually open the thread and/or read a posting within it? No real reason for asking, just curious.
  11. Was having this problem yesterday but has fixed itself this morning on IE8 (version 8.0.6001.18702 to be precise) and XP Pro. Pictures are no longer overlapping thread titles.
  12. Mindblowing. Absolute top drawer modelling.
  13. Great, many thanks for the info. I shall purchase/repaint accordingly.
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