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  1. still not been able to order one
  2. any chance this would be avaiable as a pdf download
  3. Thank you.This has been an excellent series. Hopeyou do some more video soon. Alan
  4. Yes easy to follow. I like how you are doing a bit by bit. Not throwing to much info at once. Alan
  5. Thank you for our last video. So much quicker and easier to produce the bricks in blender than fusion. The more I watch your videos and have a play with blender the more I like it. Alan
  6. Many thanks JCL for another great video, waiting for the next one now. Its funny that there was very lttile videos for producing 3d files for Model railways. Now there are 2 great set of videos on youtube being made by RMWeb members. Alan.
  7. Good video very well explain. The array tools looks work better than the Fusion 360 pattern. Waiting for the next one now. Thank you, Alan
  8. Has anybody ever built one of these kits. Its a brass kit which was produced by Scalelink but now produced by Scale Link fretcetera I am looking at the N gauge version Alan
  9. I find the same in N Gauge that anything below 0.4mm will have issues with printing. Also Carl suggest only a 0.2mm depth for the mortar. Yes it will print this ok but I find that you get better result with a depth of 0.5mm will help the look of the mortar lines stand out more in this scale. Alan
  10. Very good. Very well explain. Waiting for the next one. Hopefully you will do some on wagons or DMUs etc. Alan
  11. Any chance of a little tutorial on how you do it on blender. Alan
  12. I am using a desktop PC but with only 8g of memory. I believe fusion is installed onto my pc. #I also think the graphic card is built into the motherboard so that could be an issue. Will look into more ram. Regards Alan
  13. Lovely little model. I have been trying to design some buildings in Fusion but due to the number of bricks required I have found the software is crashing when trying to copy another row of bricks. Do you have any tips on how to pruduce the bricks. Alan
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