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  1. Thanks for the replies about oil drum colours. I also work on the basis of copying what is seen in photos as web searches don't seem to get me very far with regard to whether it is the manufacturer's colours or a code for the drums' contents. When you think how familiar we are these days with colour coding fuel nozzles at garages, it's interesting to imagine the potential problems with the various drums on the railways! Cheers aac
  2. I like the refuel point. A guide to oil drum colour schemes would be useful please. aac
  3. Here's an even more basic version spotted from a passing train at Yeovil in October 2016. Two pieces of rail per side, paint slapped on the wall. Sorry it's poor quality, but taken in a rush when I noticed it! aac
  4. Beware of heat rising vertically from your heater under the edge of the board above. aac
  5. Sorry - the link below failed to send earlier, so trying again now. It is a terminus and uses the plan in your first post.
  6. Here's the first plan in your post in 7mm as modelled on Oldham King Street. I remember it gave pleasure to many viewers at the NEC a few years ago. aac
  7. Happy times! Keep the thread going. Very nice. aac
  8. Yes, one blade should be front dead centre. (I'd been flying for 17 years by '93, left in 2007 and still miss my army-issue e-type - the most lovely piece of kit from which to view this good earth!) Keep up the good work. aac
  9. Sorry to see Treble Three out for the count. I last flew her on 8 Oct 93 and she behaved very well! Nice vignette to add to your layout. The rear blade needs to be moved before residual engine heat melts it. Enjoying the thread. aac
  10. Is your board braced in any way? If not, it will bend out of true very quickly if you stand it on end or lean it against a wall, etc. aac
  11. I would use MS Paint, a standard, easy to use facility on your PC. You could reproduce this photo above and be sticking it or chosen portions of it onto a plasticard backing in a couple of minutes. Move the captured image (via CTRL+PRINT SCREEN) through the MS Paint programme into a blank WORD document, Print as large or small as you need (If you go to VIEW on the top of WORD toolbar and select GRIDLINES, these will show on the image but not appear on it when you print. This will allow you to size it for scale by dragging the corner of the image on the WORD doc. I find one grid sq
  12. If it's of use, here is a photo of a vineyard on the Moselle just before picking time last September. The vines are not too wide, about 5 or 6 feet high at most, and quite a light green. Very richly coloured soil - and this was in the 2018 hot summer which also occurred in Germany. aac
  13. I've either gone word-blind, or Newton Heath isn't on the forum to see. Advice please? aac
  14. Nice layout. I'd be interested to hear more about the iphone speakers for the sound systems. I've seen a Youtube video of a Class 50 using one, and the sound was superb. Reading up as best as I could, I was never sure whether there was a danger of blowing a decoder or speaker, etc, due to unmatched components in the circuitry. Any views and thoughts welcome. aac
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