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  1. There was a BTSO S2526S that was taken into department service as 082232, later renumbered to 975375 and was painted blue when 975375.
  2. Maybe i’m missing something but it sounds like those that kept their under-scale models are being treated as valued customers whilst anyone who returned theirs for a refund will just have to wait and see if there are any correct length ones left after replacing the under-scale ones.
  3. No strictly, istr it was 5970 which was built as a standard TSO then converted after a couple of months
  4. Let’s make it clear, I applaud your decision to make rare and unique models and wish you every success. But full UK prices including VAT should be advertised on your website at the entry point, not once the ordering process has begun, it is misleading, see The stationmaster’s previous comment. And to confirm, when I said it has put me off being a customer that doesn’t mean I won’t be a future customer.
  5. If you find two conflicting prices for the same item clear good for you
  6. I ask as on your site it appears I would make two payments, the £50 deposit and then the remaining amount. Also your site says sound fitted Fell diesel costs £207.50 but if paying via instalments the cost appears to be £253.50. I am fully supportive of KR models and wish you every success but you need to make it clear how much total costs will be regardless of payment method and explain how many payments are required when paying via instalments. It is anything but clear. It has put me off ordering
  7. Thanks for your reply, can you confirm when each payment would be taken for the sound version and total cost?
  8. I’ve messaged you twice on your website about full cost of the Fell diesel using pay in instalments, but have revived no reply, is there an issue with it? Thanks Mick
  9. Thanks for the info, does that mean the 97651 and 97654 where withdrawn in blue?
  10. Does anyone have dates for when they where painted from blue to yellow?
  11. Anyone know if Bachmann are planning to do 122’s and 121 trailers?
  12. Really looking for a smaller box, I have a unboxed set I’m looking to sell and the latest box is very big for posting thank you tho
  13. I am looking for a Bachmann blue pullman box, any reasonable condition or livery variation would do Thanks in advance for any replies
  14. I may be mistaken I believe the first release of 47256 had 57 high impact windscreens as identified by the rivets around the glass, but my local model shop has one without the rivets, have Bachmann revised the model and corrected any other mistakes?
  15. As I said, they will never make everyone happy and they shouldn’t try to, im comparing Hornby to other manufacturers who seem to do a much better job of providing liveries and variations that people want. Of course they will always be complaints that x loco/livery/subclass hasn’t been produced, but from my experience other manufacturers do a much better job of providing what people want.
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