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  1. You can really notice the extra daylight in the evenings now...

    1. Donw


      Well the earliest sunsets were between the 8th and the 16th of December so you would notice. The latest sunrises will not be until the 28th Dec to 3rd Jan


  2. I concur. At its height, the BnM system had a combined route mileage in excess of CIÉ/Irish Rail's!
  3. Is deis é seo labhairt as Gaeilge... I don't think there's a direct translation for "Deltic", although "Inneall Deilte" might suffice. Of course, one locomotive has a name derived from the Irish language: 'Ballymoss'. If I'm not mistaken (and there's a good chance I am), it should translate as 'Baile Uí Maolmóna'. 'St Paddy' can also be translated: 'Naomh Pádraig'.
  4. 768g, Andy! It was great catching up with you guys for a chat and to play trains today. Roll on Warley!
  5. One of my favourite layouts on the exhibition circuit at present.
  6. Thank Crunchie it's...

    1. Porcy Mane

      Porcy Mane

      Just think. You can now go home and have all weekend to relax & think about: Conflat "L's".   :swoon:

    2. Patrick


      I'd rather spend the weekend sketching layout ideas based on Wirksworth or Cambois while sipping on some Redbreast 12... :) 

    3. Porcy Mane

      Porcy Mane

      Wirksworth. Now there's a layout that'll be needing a shed load of Conflat L's. Smashing idea! For me, long gone is the time of spending idling away all weekends dreaming about redbreasts but next model railway show I'll see how it compares to a good Tormore.

  7. Patrick


    Just wanted to add my voice to the list of admirers here; truly inspirational stuff! It's given me some ideas for a project I'm slowly formulating. I love the use of the level crossing/lifted section to 'book-end' the layout as opposed to a more traditional branch line terminus or goods yard. It really adds to the rundown nature of the scene, too. I really hope I get to see this on the exhibition circuit at some point!
  8. The latest from the Accurascale spring-summer collection...
  9. F3 gives you a realistic 'morning after the night before' start-up sequence:
  10. Thanks for the video, Andy! I am surprised you’ve succumbed to the box-opening format, though... can we expect an ASMR version next?
  11. Happy New Year one and all. May 2019 be peaceful and prosperous for you all. I know it’s going to be a busy and interesting year work-wise... :)

    1. Porcy Mane

      Porcy Mane

      Oh ya wee tease.

    2. Patrick


      I couldn’t help it! Hope to see you again at a show in the near future, Porcy! :)

  12. We were going to demonstrate a possible solution at the show this afternoon, but unfortunately our designer-in-chief ran out of Rizlas at lunchtime...
  13. What a weekend!

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    2. KDG
    3. 43179


      actually - good point - forget the 50 - I'll have a Lightning too!

    4. gridwatcher


      just do a decent 40 lads..... stop messing with these prima donna locos!


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