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  1. http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64684648.html Here is one of my Grandad's photos (on our shared Fotopic) showing 60163 on the Middlesbrough Branch working to Southall from Shildon and having run round her support coach at Tees Yard. I'm sure you'll agree he's got a stunning photo here
  2. The one you missed was 67026 working 5G23 Heaton - Bounds Green. 91125 DOR
  3. Here they are passing Northallerton http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64275255.html
  4. Here it is, one of only a few shots showing the first class 70 to reach YORK!! Here is the rest of the day's action: First of all the GBIII with both 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" which worked 1Z42 inbound from Edinburgh prior to swapping with 60019 "Bittern" at York. Arriving early along P10 http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256682.html The loco sitting at York http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256683.html Ready to depart for the NRM http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256684.html At around 1700 60019 "Bittern" with double tender collected the train for the journey to KGX. Here she collects the train http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256685.html MOST EXCITINGLY some more shots of the FIRST EVER class 70 to reach York. A stroke of luck when trying to catch 60019 being turned at York meant I was one of only a couple of photographers to see 70004 before it returned South. In Holgate http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256832.html Looking down the train http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256833.html Running round http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256836.html More of it here http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/c1837460.html And a few bits of modern traction... 66430 http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256686.html 66125 http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256688.html 5Z73 Route Learner http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256689.html GC HST with clag http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256687.html (43067-RMB-FO-FO-FO-FO-TSO-43065) A sunny 150 http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64256690.html What do people think...
  5. Any info you want on Northallerton drop me a PM. Its my home town and I have loads of pictures and quite a bit of local knowledge and I'll try and dig out a track diagram circa 2009
  6. I saw 66301 at YRK yesterday, here's my pic: http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p64037991.html A few others: 66301 DON http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p60730777.html 66301 Toton http://www.clagmonster59.fotopic.net/p60099200.html Shame to see Fastline fold.
  7. It's top speed seems very low but my main concern is on any curve, no matter how slight it looses an awful lot of power and on anything tighter than first radius actually sticks!
  8. Collected mine from the Post Office yesterday. Superb model but seems a little low on power - can you shed any light on this...
  9. That's it part way through being built by the manufacturer...
  10. Here's one of her in fine form Will try and add some more of her in action....
  11. I have a rtr version of the saloon. These are readily available but are hand-built. I'll try and add some pics... http://clagmonster09.fotopic.net/p59415146.html the saloon at YRK http://clagmonster09.fotopic.net/p59415147.html with a pait of 37s
  12. I've been out and about the last few days to catch 37423 pushing 'Caroline' as 2Z37 (see below) http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p63779100.html and a pair of workings at Northallerton in the sun today 66704 on coal http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p63787720.html OTP heading South http://www.clagmonster.fotopic.net/p63787721.html
  13. Mine works fine as well - very impressed
  14. wensley

    Hornby MK3 DVT

    I have a slip off the Postman - methinks an EWS managment train is sat at the Post Office....
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