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  1. Hi Carl, is it for Alderford? Mid-late 80s then, right? If so, then a similar requirement to what I have for Oldshaw. Most of the yellow striped ones had gone by then so you are better off with red-striped. There were only two vehicles AFAIK with BOC gases, so better off with the BOC livery. By this point, GPS bogies seemed to dominate over the original Mk4s, so I'd go for those. Re: oxygen/nitrogen, they could take either so just get yourself a set of transfers (also available from Hattons) and put whatever you want onto the wagons. Oxygen for the steel industry, nitrogen for the
  2. Interesting, in particular: D6/20 - In an emergency, when a match or spare outer wagon is not available, a Buck-eye fitted locomotive may be used. So in 1991, I guess that would be stuff fitted for push/pull: 33/1s and 73s plus 86/87/90/91? Anything else? Also, I thought that the British passenger buckeye and the freight version were not compatible? See Jo's comment here:
  3. Thanks for posting Graham... that looks very neat indeed. Well done Accurascale, certainly an improvement on the samples! My tracking number finally arrived so I'm looking forward to getting mine this week and giving them a turn on Whatley. Guy
  4. If you want to see the UK ones in operation with the mules and the rotary couplings then Railfreight Today Scotland (Volume 3) is what you want to watch. https://www.telerail.co.uk/railway-dvds-telerail-titles/rail-freight-today-boxed-sets/rail-freight-today-box-set-1-volumes-1-5 Modern Railways April 1974 also has an article with photos and a drawing of the tippler. I have scans but obviously not going to share online! If you are seriously interested in information regarding the rotary tippler then send me a PM as I have been amassing information on this ov
  5. Now there's a statement that I 100% agree with Eamon! More 80s GWML stock please Fran and co! Guy
  6. Not sure about the 50. Haven't the guys on Charwelton got a grid? Seriously though, looking forward to giving them a run on Whatley with appropriate traction! Guy
  7. Nice shots there Robin. That looks like a sentinel. First time I've seen shots of one at Whatley (and different to the TH Vanguard photos that I've seen). I was trying to read the words on the side of it to be able to identify it. It looks like 'Loco Hire'? Guy
  8. Urm... does the answer involve the words: 'modelling', 'some' and 'do'? Plenty of nice looking 86s out there made for far less money, e.g.: http://www.p4newstreet.com/class86 Or just pay the money to Heljan! The choice is yours... Guy
  9. I know these are the earlier type, but I still think they will look good mixed in with some KPAs! Guy
  10. Well observed comments, thanks for chipping in! Guy
  11. Are you just working from photos or have you measured a real one? I’d place the parts a little closer together if I were you and reduce the width of the fret so you get more on one sheet. Which material and what thickness are you designing for so that you can allow for the cusping effect? Guy PS This feels off-topic, might be worth a separate thread?
  12. Hi Robin, Some great pics again there... also of the crucial 'Stop' boards just before the tunnel as well as 'Stop and Telephone' which I rather like. I guess that's conclusive evidence that the current boards have been there since 1987 (you were right Jo!)! I've been working on a rake of KPAs this week. I'll try and find some time to post up some photos of progress. Guy
  13. Interesting shots of the deviation line there Robin. Presumably this was constructed at around the same time in 87? Guy
  14. Robin, My oh my... those are FASCINATING! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to scan and post them. It's interesting to see the evolution of the trackplan around the sheds. What's obviously notable is the truncated left facing turnout (that presumably went to the old shed on the left) that has been incorporated into the plan but is yet to be removed. That, plus the fact that both the middle road and the run around have yet to be laid at this point. Can't wait to see more! Guy
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