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  1. Might be the wrong tanks, but that's most definitely the *right* tippler truck in the background! I've just ordered 6 today... sorry it took so long to getting round to this. It got me looking at photos of the three daily Immingham to Langley flows and looking these up in Freightfax from 1991. Almost all of them feature your tanks plus a few other types including TTAs, TUAs and other build codes of TEA. I like this photo best (from Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/freightcarkid/9269784335/): Guy
  2. Perhaps, but they are related: exposure time has an impact on detail and the calibration by resin is about finding the ‘detail’ sweet spot. If you look at the model used for the calibration you can see that detail and cavities are represented in incremental steps. Given the light bleed issue, different resins behave differently with regard to how much they exhibit ‘bleed’. So printing for detail depends on the resin and exposure time as much as the ‘drawn’ dimensions. You may find that to get the best rivet detail you need to choose a low-bleed resin and ‘underexpose’ compared to the sweet spot for the resin. Guy
  3. You should try the calibration test described here: It’s designed to test resins with different exposure times but will do what you want in a scientific way. Guy
  4. Saddo Alert I've spent more hours than I care to mention looking at pics of mendip aggregate workings from this period. Never seen this. Guy
  5. Some of the open source meshes that I’ve found are not watertight so may cause problems with slicing/printing. Guy
  6. Do they have the 'fat' wrongly-shaped Roevac roof vents (like the 2e) or have Hornby corrected these? Guy
  7. lyneux

    Class 59 in 00

    Sorry, you lost me with the term ‘pre grouping’ (I think some of you are in the wrong bit of the forum maybe?). Do you mean pre Mendip Rail? If so, then how about original ARC mustard?
  8. lyneux

    Class 59 in 00

    I think it’s time to see some heritage liveries appear on these machines. Seems like an appropriate time to do it! Guy
  9. Fran, those look very neat indeed and seem to address the need to swing as well as rotate without being either fragile or 'sloppy'. The sergeant rotary coupling could also be an option: http://www.sergentengineering.com/Rotary_frame.htm It doesn't swing though... thus limiting it's use to layouts without tight curves. Guy
  10. If you want to see video, Railfreight Today has good footage of the Ravenscraig operations.
  11. Yes, that’s my understanding too Fran. These were also very short rakes given the number of outers that made it into the mendip fleet. That then suggests that it was the Ravenscraig wagons that donated their underframes to became JSAs when Ravenscraig closed in 1992. Guy
  12. Ok, I've done a bit more research work with the Metro book, some magazine articles, videos and photos. The 'cuts' as mentioned above are correct for Mendip Stone. In a rake of 20 there are usually a 2-3 cuts of wagons. The cuts can be as short as just a single pair of outers but are more usually 8-10 wagons. Regarding the BSC traffic: 
 On Port Talbot to Llanwern the wagons were as follows. 102 x JU003A (inners) 6 x JT003B (outers) 6 x JT003C (outers) These were then made up into 4 rakes of 27, each consisting of 25 inners and two outers (one JT003B, one JT003C). There were then 6 spare wagons: two inners (JT003A), two of each type of outer (JT003B and JT003C). This gives the total of 114 wagons (26564 to 26677). 
 On the Ravenscraig flows the wagons were as follows. 101 JU004D (inners) 11 JT004E (outers) 11 JT004F (outers) I've less evidence for how many rakes of each length were used here but the rake lengths for each are correct as per the Accurascale chart. Hunterstone to Ravenscraig, - 21 wagons (19 inners and 2 outers - one of each type) Hartendale to Ravenscraig - 11 wagons (9 inners and 2 outers - one of each type) Thrislington to Ravenscraig - 9 wagons (7 inners and 2 outers - one of each type) If the rakes were 4x21, 1x11 and 2x9 that would then leave the following spares: 2x JU004D 4x JT004E 4x JT004F I hope that helps! Guy
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