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  1. As a resident of Hanwell, it's a station I know very well. The station has been fairly sympathetically upgraded (I love the new waiting room on the Westbound platform) but there are a number of elements of the restoration that are just a total eyesore. 1) The equipment boxes for the lifts have totally ruined the once elegant entrance on Station Approach. These should have been buried somewhere within the fabric of the embankment or housed in a separate building on the north side of the station on the enormous new apron. 2) TFL's 'heavy metal' galvanised platform fi
  2. Based upon the current government guidance to continue social distancing restrictions until June 21st, the Showcase organising team have taken the reluctant decision to cancel this year’s show. As you will notice from the timing of this announcement, we tried to leave making a decision until the last possible moment to provide the maximum chance for a show to go ahead. At the start of the year we had high hopes of the show going ahead but it looks like unfortunately we have missed the unlock date by a matter of weeks. Rather than reschedule the show until later in the s
  3. Don't tempt me Fran! Having a difficult Monday here... everything seems like a challenge in the world of low earth orbit satellite internet at the moment. The grass must be greener at Accurascale, right? Just by virtue of being located in the emerald isle for a start! Guy
  4. I’d argue that a good engineer makes up for deficiencies or ambiguities in specifications. In software engineering there is no point in waiting for the requirements to be perfect... it’s unlikely they ever will be. Having a vision of what good looks like is far more important. Guy
  5. For all the people who don’t think there is much of a problem. This is Paddington right now. Only one hitachi set and that didn’t look like it was in service. The depot at North Pole was stuffed full of them on the way past. Draw your own conclusions. I’m not sure blaming civil servants is constructive either. A cracked part... much more likely to be the fault of the engineering team. Engineers don’t like to be wrong (or told what to do). It’s just lazy to blame ‘faceless’ civil servants. Guy
  6. lyneux

    Hornby APT 2020

    They regularly ran into Whatley quarry didn't they?
  7. Just been looking at prototype photos prompted by your post. Yes, what a minefield! Lots of peaks in preservation with a mixture of the two. Still, the Timken SKF boxes are quite distinctive with their bolt pattern. The bolts seem to be missing from the Heljan moulding. Guy
  8. Reading the headlines today about festivals not being able to get insurance due to COVID, I was wondering what the current situation is for shows. Given DEMU Showcase is going to be cancelled again this year we haven’t had the need to take out insurance yet. Thanks, Guy
  9. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before, but that livery has highlighted the size of the axle boxes. They should be more 'saucer' and less 'dinner plate'! Compare with:
  10. Wouldn't want to rock the boat by helping explain... oops!
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