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  1. Very nice, in all the 2275 pages I dare say that this question has already come up, but what is the K's model mean't to be? J3? J4?
  2. There are still photographers, last time I was down there they were over on the up side catching the yard shunter coming out and the empty stock moving up towards Hornsey.
  3. Can you remember the goods shed at Palmers Green and travelling face to face in the Quad sets? I can just recall it though more the dirty Mk1 suburbans and Cravens.
  4. Missed this one 60031 Golden Plover on an up express at Wood Green. Pity about the loco but some of the ballast is in focus? Always thought it strange the down main being a colour light signal.
  5. Tony, following our conversation yesterday here are some of the old photos taken with a Kodak Brownie by my brother, probably May 61. We lived next to Bethune Park just north of New Southgate and our next-door neighbour who was a secondman at Hornsey used to take us down to either New Southgate or Wood Green and drop us off to spot, banana sandwiches and a flask of Heinz soup it was in those days!!! We also got the occasional cab ride down to Hornsey and if it was a Sunday a trip around the shed. A magic place to spot on the southern end of the down Wood Green platform opposite the up signal b
  6. Steve, can you tell Rob that the battery you were looking at powers this, the approach platform indicator. If Rob doesn't understand anything, its best to leave alone until it can be worked out. Everything on that layout is there for a reason. I think you'll find some text in a 1950's article somewhere that the Borchester layouts were started late 1940's and preceded the Archers. Regards Charlie
  7. I was wondering whether to post the question on here and I made the wrong decision. You missed the point.
  8. I viewed the class 55 yesterday and it is mightily impressive. So to pick up on the words "definitive deltic" in the video, it certainly looks it, I don't know all the functions the sound chip has, but F15 is an English voice announcing a departure from Waverley? By parentage I'm half Scottish but saw Deltics mainly at the Kings Cross end, but if I put the other hat on it would be good to hear an Edinburgh accent announcing a Waverley departure. Come to think of it, if I lived in or around Newcastle, perhaps announce the departures to London or Edinburgh in a geordie accent...Definitve Deltic?
  9. Martin?Wickham, On the button, many thanks Regards Charlie
  10. A friend has passed this photo of a junction station over to me asking me where it is. He thinks that it the Brighton main line but it doesn't ring any bells. Any thoughts ?
  11. Having had a bit more time to research the 165 DE, aside from the Bo'ness shunter there are certainly quite a few more preserved and a fair bit of information going back in RMweb to lean on, the search engine had its moments and came up with subjects that had nothing to do with what I was looking for, but eventually got there. So I decided to have a go at the DE and ordered the kit last Thursday lunchtime and it arrived first thing Friday from Judith Edge, excellent service Michael.
  12. Just came across this topic, I'm on the verge of retiring and looking for a shunter for a layout. To cut a long story short, I was an apprentice with Babcock & Wilcox in Renfrew back in the mid-1970 and the works had siding all over the place and you always knew that shunting was going on by the noise of the wheels having an argument with the tight curves around the place. Moving forward 45 years I was looking at the Bo'ness & Kinneil railway website and notice that they were using an ex B&W 0-4-0 shunter of the 165DS type. So, before I go and buy this kit, does anyone know what th
  13. 60103 has been at the Mid-Hants a few weeks hence why I thought they were coming back, but I notice that it is staying longer than I thought and will be running tomorrow and the following 7/8th March.
  14. Just seen two Bluebell Bulleid coaches (on trailers) sitting on the slip road from the A272 onto the A23 south? How does stock normally travel by road to and from the Bluebell? From the direction they were pointing I assume that they were going down to Burgess Hill unless they go all the way down to the A27 and then north up the A275 through Chailey? I assume the reason why they did not travel by rail to the Midhants is they do not have the relevant certification unlike the Mets? Axle and pull bar testing etc
  15. This would be something different sitting in a rake of say Bmann 14T tankers, can anyone recommend a 9' wheelbase wooden frame kit for this?
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