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  1. Good to see you in Cardiff and delighted you have returned to the fold. Arguably with your levels of productivity you can afford to take some time out - four layouts in two years when I'm running at one and two "halves" in about ten years! I'm sure the new layout will be every bit as good as your others and look forward to seeing it progress
  2. Good show and although a bit of a whistlestop visit for me (for some reason I'd agreed to ruin my day (again) by going to watch Cardiff City) nice to catch up with a few people and to renew acquaintance with some cracking layouts. Al may even have convinced me (on the strength of his experience of the job) to renew assault on flush glazing of B-Sets - a task I was increasingly convinced was reserved for those condemned to one of the circles of Hell. Hope L&B go with it again next year.
  3. Good show; good venue. A fair haul from Cardiff but will definitely go again. Incidentally, I agree with above - it started busy today but eased after lunchtime.
  4. Built to sit on an IKEA (Leksvig?) bookcase. Inglenook plus kickback to a little coal yard.The original plan was to do something with a couple of modules but it's stuck at one. 2'10" width but really it needs its little fiddleyard to work properly (built to 2'10" with a view to running it through a hole to the adjacent shelf - also not done). Even without the fiddleyard connected at least I can run something back and fore as a distraction from work conference calls.
  5. Thanks Al. Fortunately, i also bought some wagons - with the benefit of the S&Ws matching heights. Good thing because I don't use them so at least I can put together a goods train. Thanks for the kind words on the layout. There's really not much to it. It's a micro inglenook with a kickback to a coal siding. I'd had plans for a modular arrangement with the module sizes constrained by the size of the bookshelves in my study but it's never really progressed beyond this element. and I've still got a bit to do here. On the upside it's right next to my desk which means I can get pleasantly distracted very easily. I did fill in the B-set windows and was very pleased with the result but of course that then necessitated the respray with the consequent problems I mentioned. I might try glazing one in factory finish to see it it is easier. Martin
  6. Hi Al. May have spoken with too much confidence on abilities to post pic but will have a go. Despite a bright start B-set glazing is now proceeding extremely slowly. Having resprayed the coaches into crimson (several thin layers) and had a bizarre accident which somewhat advanced my weathering intentions (managed to spray on matt black rather than matt varnish - don't ask) I'm now paying the price in reduced window aperture sizes which means that glazing every window has become a protracted affair with much filing/sanding and test fitting. I'm even unhappy with some of the ones I have fitted and may replace. So an encouraging start's now become a bit of a haul. Problem is there's two of them to do... Did you have any luck? You suggested you were considering fitting some. Anyway. To the pics. I don't know if this will work. Martin
  7. Hi Al. This looks fantastic. I particularly like how seamlessly the scene flows into the backdrop (road looks very good). Good to see the Aberdare from the D Payne stud. I'd really liked the Taff Vale A Class when I saw it run on Paynestown. I picked up an 850ST from the same source and it's a lovely model which runs pretty well (although not often enough). I'd post a pic apart from the fact I suspect it might be bad form to do so on someone else's blog (never very sure of forum etiquette). I echo the request - more pics please. Martin
  8. Can ony add congrats to Dapol (as I said to Dave today) for what they've achieved and are promising. Western looks great. I've gone for one of the Lord & Butler maroon/lemon buffer beams but given the very short operational window, reckon it will be "essential" to get a second in a differnt livery! Roll on delivery.
  9. Driving wheels a bit big but a GWR 3600 Class 'Birdcage'?
  10. As someone with little space and less modelling talent I am drawn by small (micro) layouts which somehow create an illusion of space and atmosphere. I'm also biased towards locations (fictional or fact) that I feel I know. So for me: Shell Island - probably the layout that inspired me to have a go again Catcott Burtle - 'nuff said about this elsewhere Llanstr - only saw it in the flesh for the first time last year but hugely evocative Honourable mention should go to Marc Smith's Cardiff trilogy as well (Hendre Lane, Bracty Bridge and his new steelworks). He creates fantastic atmosphere in the smallest spaces.
  11. Al NIce to see you today at the L&B show and Paynestown looking very good. Daughter especially impressed (particularly cat on roof). Cheers Martin
  12. Hi Al Looking forward to seeing it again at the L&B show. It impressed me last year - Ithought it captured a real feel of the Valleys. Are you going to be bringing the Taff Vale Class A or any of the other pre-grouping locos from the 'eponymous' source?
  13. Looks good. Am I right in thinking you're going to be showing it at the L&B show? Incidentally Don, excuse me for jumping in and while I know the answer to why Paynestown I will leave that to Al. However, I do know what you mean about the name but across the Valleys there are a massive number of places called a superficially English-sounding "something-town" often after the mine owners who would had invested in sinking pits. So within an area of just a couple of miles in the Rhondda you've got Wattstown, Stanleytown, Tylorstown and further afield Dukestown and Georgetown to name just a few.
  14. Bad Rabbit

    14xx upgrade

    Thanks Al. Think the starting point will be the detailing kit and a play around.
  15. Bad Rabbit

    14xx upgrade

    Great job and more than a bit of inspiration there. I've got a Dapol/Airfix 14xx in green/shirtbutton and been wondering what to do with it. Do you know if the cab bits etc from the detailing kit fit with that motor (for some reason I thought Hornby had just bought the Dapol tooling) or is it a bigger job involving fitting new chassis (Comet?). Completely agree on the black/weathering thing.
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