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    LNER in general and NER in particular, especially Kirkby Stephen station and the Stainmore route. Swiss mountain railways and holidays in that country. Guitars and R/C cars.

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  1. My vote would be for the LNER Coronation set and the B17/5 streamline loco.
  2. Could it be the Micro Metalsmiths (of Kirbymoorside) kit, I seem to recall they had a cast firebox, boiler, smokebox. They made a really nice high precision reduction gearbox attached to a quality coreless motor long before these type of motors became popular, with drive shaft to a final drive gearbox. Quite a few of these kits and drivetrain components ended up at what must have been the UK's smallest by square footage model railway retailer ever - Bob Denny's at Sawley Junction, 3 people in the shop and you couldn't move - sadly now long gone. I bought up all of the motors and drive trains from the proprietor and still have a few sets left, I don't think I will ever get such a bargain of such high quality components again.
  3. Bachmann are producing an Improved Precedent not a Precursor
  4. Is the tooling based on the original Gorton build engines or the later ones ordered by the LNER to the narrower loading gauge across the tanks, cab and bunker.
  5. Let's hope for something GCR related then !!!
  6. I would suggest the Newton Abbott to Moretonhampstead line or the Tebay to Kirkby Stephen line
  7. Looks like all the coal wagons through the ages are being done, guess the NER/LNER P7 coal hopper and it's derivatives will be on the radar soon.
  8. Over on the S4 Society web site, there is a posting stating that the ABS range of 4mm railway models has been purchased by a concern by the name of Smallbrook Junction. The intention being to re-introduce this part of Adrian Swain’s range at the earliest opportunity Not sure if this is the same concern as Smallbrook Studios who advertise regularly in Railway Modeller? Really good news to see this range returning to the market, just need to see the etched coaching stock range from D&S available again now.
  9. Got a full rake on order and my twin air pump 9F will arrive shortly in readiness. Nice to see the interior detail has been included just trying to remember if I ordered these with a load or not !
  10. I appreciate its a kit and not ready to run, but assume you are aware of the A8 being developed by 52F models
  11. I am after a couple of the David Geen kits for the LMS milk tanks. if anyone can help please send a PM with the price or place a note responding to this post please
  12. This loco is designed to take a Next 18 decoder and an 11 x 15 speaker mounted in the tender.
  13. It will be interesting to see how realistic it is to get the side marker lights working on the nose end of a 20/3 without compromising the size and prototypical design of the light box ?
  14. I walked the track bed to the old engine shed in the triangle of land between this line and the line still in operation just to the west of Weston on Trent this weekend. Some interesting viaducts and other remnants of the railway still exist if you know where to look
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