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  1. I appreciate its a kit and not ready to run, but assume you are aware of the A8 being developed by 52F models
  2. I am after a couple of the David Geen kits for the LMS milk tanks. if anyone can help please send a PM with the price or place a note responding to this post please
  3. This loco is designed to take a Next 18 decoder and an 11 x 15 speaker mounted in the tender.
  4. It will be interesting to see how realistic it is to get the side marker lights working on the nose end of a 20/3 without compromising the size and prototypical design of the light box ?
  5. I walked the track bed to the old engine shed in the triangle of land between this line and the line still in operation just to the west of Weston on Trent this weekend. Some interesting viaducts and other remnants of the railway still exist if you know where to look
  6. If anyone has an Alan Gibson kit for a 7F Austin Seven 0.8.0 tender loco they would be willing to sell, please send me a PM or respond to this post with a cost. Thanks,
  7. Dan Pinnock once told me that he used Adrian for some if not all of his castings
  8. Think you will find that Bachmann’s parent company Is in China
  9. Is there an update on how the GER Little Sharpie is progressing ?
  10. Do you know of a source for the bogies suitable for the Parker stock coaches, to my knowledge they are not readily available ?
  11. I assume that you are aware of the Worsley Works etches for the 6 types of Parker 45’ coaching stock along with the Clerestory 3 coach dining set. I understand the Worsley Coaches have the corridor on the correct side of the coach etches unlike those produced by Dan Pinnock.
  12. Sturrock Steam Tender is certainly a good call, I would buy a couple of them. Another somewhat quirky loco would be the LNER C9 - only two in the class but again I would want one of each number
  13. Proses are a Turkish based company. There products are imported into the UK by Bachmann and so available through any UK based retailer stocking Bachmann. Bachmann certainly have a number of these spiral helix’s in stock at present but cannot confirm which sizes.
  14. Try Andrew Hartshorne at Wizard Models, pretty sure he was Looking to do the etched bogies for Bachmann Mk1’s
  15. I hope the brass coach etches remain available, I ordered 4 sets earlier this year that I hope will come through once the etching companies are back to full strength. There must be at least a couple of dozen others that I would like in the next year or so. All I would like to see in way of improvements is for the Gresley panelled stock to have the below waistline panels as separate inserts like those from MJT and RDEB ranges but do appreciate this would mean re-drawing all the designs which is probably not practical, so happy to continue with the etches split as upper and lowe
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