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    LNER in general and NER in particular, especially Kirkby Stephen station and the Stainmore route. Swiss mountain railways and holidays in that country. Guitars and R/C cars.

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  1. Take a look at Dingo Servo Mounts, they have a good web site with a range of products
  2. You say Bachmann have their ‘American Overlords’, if you are referring to Bachmann UK surely you mean their Chinese overlords?
  3. Hello Arthur, Sorry to to hear you have been unwell. Just wondered if the J25’s are getting close to shipping in the next few months. Thanks, Steve
  4. Looking to buy LNWR 12 wheel coach kits by Modellers world
  5. Blue Max

    MRJ 271

    MRJ 271 arrived this morning - South Pelaw in EM gauge, what a superb layout
  6. Robin Peover of R&E Models I understand produced etched coach kits for the GCR Parker 3 coach dining car set, I already have the Kitchen Car coach and I am now looking for the other two kits in the set, namely the Parker 1st class dining coach and the Parker 3rd class dining coach. If anyone has complete kits for these two coaches they would be prepared to sell, please send me a pm with the price required. Thanks Steve T
  7. Steve, You'll be wanting a Q7 next for the track lifting train through Broomielaw, or was that a Q6. Cheers, SteveT
  8. You can also get hold of a copy of the Ramsay's guide that has a history of all manufactures products.
  9. I remember going to an IBM seminar some years back where their Tech. guys stated that if any digital information is not stored in at least 3 different places then you should consider that it does not exist. They also suggested that any data should be backed up from a master copy every 3 months as a worst case scenario.
  10. Working fine here as well
  11. I tried to enquire about an LNWR George the Fifth through their e-mail enquiry system many weeks back, I am still waiting for an answer?
  12. Andrew, Still think there is a problem with the web-site, if you use the ‘filter by manufacturer’ or ‘filter by railway company’ boxes down the left side of the Home page, it just takes you to a blank page. Happens on I-pad and windows PC and it certainly worked OK until a few weeks back. so now to search for specific coach sides you have the hit the Coaches icon on the front page and scroll through 72 pages until you find the item you require.
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