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  1. The 1938 and 1957 triple articulated dining car sets are available from Wizard models RDEB range, the 1928 triplet is also available from Wizard under the Comet brand. There is also the 1928 triplet set available from CPL Products and are the most comprehensive set of etches for any of the triplet sets.
  2. This is the link to John Bateson's own website, the products tab will take you the status of all the GCR models he is currently or planning to work on. https://www.greatcentralmodels.co.uk/ D9 and a Q4 for me
  3. It seems to work fine on Apple devices, I’ve tried 3 different ones this afternoon. This website was put up after the original site hosted by the S4 Society.
  4. greatcentralmodels.co.uk will take you direct to John Bateson’s own website that shows all the various GCR loco kits he is working on.
  5. The Worsley Works etches are in Nickel Silver or at least the ones I have are. I also have one of the complete kits from John Bateson of Great Central Models and it really is an excellent kit. From his website it seems John is developing a range of etched kits for GCR engines for his own requirements, but has no interest in marketing them, preferring to pass this over to a third party. I have heard a rumour as to who this might be and hope to confirm this at S4 North as the potential range includes a lot of loco’s I require.
  6. See Mike Trices posting on the Small Suppliers thread for ventilators and Lamp tops
  7. Take a look at Dingo Servo Mounts, they have a good web site with a range of products
  8. You say Bachmann have their ‘American Overlords’, if you are referring to Bachmann UK surely you mean their Chinese overlords?
  9. Hello Arthur, Sorry to to hear you have been unwell. Just wondered if the J25’s are getting close to shipping in the next few months. Thanks, Steve
  10. Looking to buy LNWR 12 wheel coach kits by Modellers world
  11. Blue Max

    MRJ 271

    MRJ 271 arrived this morning - South Pelaw in EM gauge, what a superb layout
  12. Robin Peover of R&E Models I understand produced etched coach kits for the GCR Parker 3 coach dining car set, I already have the Kitchen Car coach and I am now looking for the other two kits in the set, namely the Parker 1st class dining coach and the Parker 3rd class dining coach. If anyone has complete kits for these two coaches they would be prepared to sell, please send me a pm with the price required. Thanks Steve T
  13. Steve, You'll be wanting a Q7 next for the track lifting train through Broomielaw, or was that a Q6. Cheers, SteveT
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