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  1. I can confirm that VW Pargas Blue can be ordered at your local Halfords, along with any other colours that you have the code for. I picked up one today, just done a test on both white and grey primer, and it comes up with a nice finish.
  2. Is anybody able to post a picture of the new '2nd Generation' Next18 Class 33 chassis please, from above and from side-on? I am looking at putting sound in to one, and I have a 6-Pin chassis, which looks fairly straight forward; plug chip in, remove lighting unit from one end of body, put speaker in cab space, body back on, job done (he says...) - similar to a Farish 25, near enough. However, I haven't yet seen what these new Next18 chasis are like. Has there been any alterations to the chassis-block outside of the electrics at all, i.e. room for a speaker etc, or has the 6-Pin PCB simply
  3. Thank you very much gents, most appreciated. I'm 'doing some work' on a Farish 20, and I'm re-buffering it with some finer examples in the process. I've fitted some oval Warship buffers, and they measure in at bang on 4mm when fitted, so that's close enough for jazz in my book. I thought at first glance that they stuck out too far, the original ones certainly did, and pictures are never quite at the right angle, so I can now satisfy myself that they do stick out a fair bit anyway! Thanks, Benn
  4. Hello all, I am hoping someone can help me with this one, it's a bit specific..! I'm after the measurement from the face of the buffer beam to the furthest point of the buffer on an early build, oval buffered class 20 please. Thanks, optimistically, Benn.
  5. Hello all, I'm looking at doing a couple of repaints to BR Blue in N, and I'm going to have a go at ordering a can of VW Pargas blue from my local Halfords (I rang up to check, and as long as I've got the number I can order it for collection next day), a question to those in the know, as I haven't tried a loco repaint yet...; I'm guessing this paint will come in a gloss finish, will passing over the finished model after painting and adding the transfers with Halfords Matt Lacquer be the right way to go, or will it still look rubbish? Thanks
  6. That picture of M55990 in blue above with an SR PMV in tow is outrageous.
  7. Hello Ron, Many thanks for those pictures, that's an excellent start, I will have a look on that website and see what else I can find. I guess the problem with finding shots of inside these facilities during operation or even after their closure, is the usual one of that people aren't actually allowed to wander around freely, and that at the time, they wern't really remarkable places anyway. Thanks
  8. Hello all, I am doing some research on the inner city goods depots of Manchester in the post-steam period for a new project I'm looking at doing in 2mm-FS, what survived and what ran where etc. More specifically I'm looking for images in and around the Ancoats goods and Oldham Rd. Goods depots, please see this map for clarification; http://spellerweb.net/rhindex/UKRH/LNWR/OldhamRdMap.jpg Ancoats was supposedly closed in '72, and Oldham Rd in '68, but I cannot find any images of either of these two premises taken anywhere near their closure, and what I can find isn't very useful. A few su
  9. Thanks again gents, sounds like a B7-8 size will do fine for what I want which will be a station throat scene and a few sidings. I usually only use the large radius points when I've modelled in N as they look the most realistic with coaches passing over, everything I have is close coupled.
  10. Thanks gents, I plan to just purchase the Easitrac kits for now, along with the relevant jigs, so if a Peco large radius turnout is between B7 and B8, then I will probably purchase a couple of B7s and a B8 to start with and see how I get on. Cheers
  11. Hi all, I've just joined the 2mm Association with a view to starting a small project to get used to building the track. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I am interested in having some sort of comparison between the Peco large radius code 55 turnout, and what is/are it's equivalent in the Easitrac range. I wouldn't really want to use anything tighter than this as this is the standard point that I have used when modelling in N gauge and it doesn't look out of order when running bogie stock over it, so I would like to continue with whichever is closest in the easitrac range. I un
  12. We thoroughly enjoyed attending the show with Barton Road! Thanks to the Rochdale MRG for putting on an excellent weekend and for the assistance with reminding us to get lunch... We're so engrossed in putting on a good show for the punters/playing trains, that we loose track of time!
  13. Hi Bernard, It's early ones I'm after so that's fantastic, could I purchase a couple or three sets from you please? Cheers, Benn.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if there is an N gauge etch available for the body-side battery compartment covers of an MLV from anywhere? I've got an idea for a project to build one, and this is the only thing I'm missing! I know there is a full side etch overlay for an MLV, are the covers part of the etched side on that or a separate etch which is glued on? Cheers, Benn.
  15. Buy two and splice the posts? They don't taper, perfectly do-able!
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