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  1. First train set was the Triang-Hornby RS601 'Steam Freight Set' from the 1970 catalogue- Jinty, London Brick bogie wagon, Bogie Bolster with 3 Thames vans, 'Johnnie Walker' bulk grain wagon and brake van. http://www.hornbyguide.com/item_details.asp?itemid=560 My birthday falls shortly after Christmas, and I don't remember whether it was that Christmas, birthday or even the following Christmas, a passenger train got added- 'Princess Elizabeth', BR Mk1 BSK and a Pullman, and somewhere along the line we acquired a Freightliner terminal and thre circle of track, plus a sidi
  2. I don't quite run to half-a-dozen (IIRC 4 at last count, including my original from my teens circa 1980), but the CCT is definitely still a useful model. Sticking with ex-LMS parcels stock, although it's been superceded by Hornby's take on the same vehicle, I never felt the urge to replace my Mainline/Bachmann LMS 50' BGs when the Hornby version appeared Although it doesn't inhabit the same planet as modern RTR, I must admit I do like a bit of Wrenn- on the experience of my own Duchess and various Bulleids, 8Fs and 2-6-4Ts I've run belonging to former clubmate
  3. ...and a Midland 5-plank displayed on the length of track at the top of the incline at Middleton Top When the Soar Lane lift bridge from Leicester West Bridge was displayed at the former Snibston museum, it had a 5-plank on the track... ...and there were quite a few other wagons in the colliery sidings.- from memory they included a couple of 16-tonners, a tanker and a Midland/LMS brake van- IIRC the brake van at least is now at Mountsorrel, along with the Ellis & Everard 5-plank that used to be displayed in the museum
  4. Another long-time customer right back to the days of the Coalville shop (albeit with a very long gap while I was living 180 miles away), and definitely to be recommended- I've had quite a few secondhand bargains from them in the last few years.
  5. Definitely recommended, I've bought quite a few kits and bits from them at various shows.
  6. That's a new one to me- As a Leicestershire teenager, my model-buyng mainly centred around Signal Box and Geoff's Toys in Coalville, with very occasional visits to Apex Craft or Norcol Models in Leicester, but Hinckley was always a bit off the beaten track for me- Found this feature on past Hinckley shops from the local paper website... https://www.hinckleytimes.net/news/local-news/gallery/1980s-shops-11443843 ...including a 1983 pic of Readers Return, complete with a selection of period Mainline in the window... https://i2-prod.hinckleytimes.net/incoming/a
  7. It's not a part of the world I know particularly well, but I had a vague memory that I'd read somewhere that some of the Skaledale buildings were of Lincolnshire prototypes. One that defiintely isn't is R8756, Jubilee Clock Tower, which is the one on Margate seafront https://www.hattons.co.uk/417004/hornby_r8756_po_clock_tower_skaledale_range_pre_owned_imperfect_box/stockdetail.aspx https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Margate_Clock_Tower_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1715234.jpg Another Kent building, from Bachmann (44-0020) The Jackdaw pub, is from Denton, between
  8. The Hornby "Granite" station buildings are definitely Midland Settle & Carlisle- they've also been released in a different colourscheme as Dent station: https://www.hattons.co.uk/36047/hornby_r9680_dent_station/stockdetail.aspx They released the matching Dent Snow Huts, and a Midland signal box as well. Bachmann also did a Midland signal box- 44-172 "Tall signal box" https://www.hattons.co.uk/52764/bachmann_branchline_44_172_tall_signal_box_102_x_65_x_120mm_/stockdetail.aspx This is the box that originally stood on the level crossing at Coalvi
  9. Re: the Airfix Scot, wasn't some of Airfix's tooling destroyed in the period between Airfix going bust and the model railway range being bought by Palitoy, and General Mills pulling out of the toy/model business a couple of years later. IIRC, didn't one of the mags once publish an interview with the late David Boyle, where he mentioned seeing some of the ex-Kitmaster kit tooling (from memory either the Garratt or Stirling SIngle, neither of which ever reappeared in either Airfix or Dapol guise) being destroyed with a sledgehammer when he was negotiating the AIrfix/Dapol deal? With
  10. The giveaway is that the original Mainline tooling had working sliding doors, complete with suitably out-of-scale runners - it also appeared in an "Allsopp's Lager Beer" PO livery, which was genuine, just (as ever!) not on an LMS sliding-door van...
  11. 2F might be the most likely of those- although I'm almost surprised that between Heljan's forays into the diesel-era one-offs, and KR Models picking up the torch for R-T-R oddities with GT3, Fell, Leader etc, that no-one has announced an RTR 'Bertha' to an expectantly-waiting world yet! I suppose some of the more 'niche' Southern releases (Beattie Well Tank, Adams Radial, 'P', B4 etc) etc are helped by the fact they survived until pretty late in the day on BR compared to something like a Flatiron (last ones withdrawn before WW2?), and examples are on hand in preservation
  12. That's the thing, isn't it. My work situation is that I'm back-room office staff, so working from home, but as we support front-line key-workers I've also been going into the office regularly when needed, throughout lockdown, so am seeing both 'worlds' - and there do seem to be an increasing number of people out there who aren't taking much effort at all to socially distance. I've had exactly that experience of apparently picking something up at a show in the past- I felt a bit rough with some cold-ish symptoms the day after Doncaster last year, which within 48 hours escalated in
  13. Mmm, I see what you mean- 1970's NCB corporate blue and yellow really doesn't do much to complement the lines of an Austerity tank, it really is hideous! https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/hunslet-works-no-3818-east-fife-area-no-19-68019-0-6-0st/ I think I might have to have one for my little NCB collection though....
  14. At risk of dragging the thread off-topic onto 4-wheeled LMS fish vans, Cambrian also offer the earlier (late 1920's iirc) D1885 https://www.trainshop.co.uk/cambrian/5058-c87-lms-6ton-fish-van-d1885.html
  15. The GCR's website refers to 'a reserved compartment for between one and six people', which implies they will- I suppose there's a bit of pragmatism at work at this early stage, in that one person booking a compartment is better than an empty one. http://www.gcrailway.co.uk/special-events/reopening-july-2020/
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