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    Modelling 0 gauge blue diesel era, using DCC. Interested in the North West and North Wales areas mainly (born and bred a scouser - the blue side! - and having had holidays in North Wales as a kid). Am building a new layout, based on West Kirby, Wirral and have decided to bring back preserved steam to the layout having fitted an Ivatt 2-6-2T with sound!!
    12" to the foot DMUs - was a DMU driver at Llangollen Railway for 13 years until I retired on 22 June 2013.

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  1. God news - computer is fixed. Collecting tomorrow pm. So will try again with the video. More soon. Rod
  2. As a taster if what will hopefully come, here's a couple of pics I took tonight: More soon. Rod
  3. Mornin' all! Just a bit of an update. My pal came over last week and we had a good operating session, during which I did a number of videos, featuring 2x visiting locos and a different DMU. I started making a longer video out of them but forgot to save my work and I've lost it! Back to the start! But that will be delayed as my computer is playing up - switched it on on Monday and couldn't get into it! Now looking for a local engineer. Fingers crossed I can get it fixed. On the pointwork front, Mike has got my tracing and has drawn out a replacement set-up
  4. I had a bit of a play a couple of days ago, but whether it was due to the heat or not, I found I was bored with the operation of the layout. I've done every possible move I can think of, I know the route and signal settings pretty much off by heart now and I can't think of anything new. So any suggestions will be gratefully considered. But not even third rail would work as it would still just be multiple units in and out!! To change things a bit, I've a pal coming over next week for an operating session and I've decided to relay the trailing crossover on the approach
  5. Hi aac. What a good question!!!! To be honest, I just found photos of oil drums and copied them. Whether or not the colour refers to the contents, I don't know. I had always assumed the colours were relevant to the manufacturer. I'm sure someone will point out the error - or at least the truth about oil drum colours. Rod
  6. I've taken up part of Hroth's suggestion about painting the hand point levers white, though I've not extended them. I've found they're a bit awkward to get to as one is right in front of the portacabin and the other right alongside the fuel island which means reaching over the storage tank!! I have found, though, that there's no need to push them all the way down as the points are locked in position with the levers parallel to the ground - as in the pic: That also means they're a bit easier to get hold of!! I had a bit of a shunt-around yesterday and was
  7. That's it - snagging done and the layout's back to normal again. Here's the fuelling point: Looking much better with the new track and freshly laid concrete round the pumps - and the supports are now vertical!! I'm leaving the ballast and concrete as new as a contrast to the rest of the layout to give the impression that work has just finished on it. The buffer stop lights now all work too: So on to the next, yet-to-be-decided, project. More soon. Rod PS I've just noticed the oil
  8. Hi Peter. I use the Photos app in Windows 10 on my PC. I video using either a digital camera or my phone, transfer onto the PC and Photos allows you to trim, join clips together, add subtitles, etc. Once I've done the video, I upload it to Youtube. Even with 25 minute videos I've never had to pay on YT. HTH. Rod
  9. I've altered the title of the thread but I haven't made my mind up what the next project will be!! Any suggestions? However, bear in mind that I should really get on with the fencing alongside the track by the fire station and get some leaves on that dead-looking tree by the p-way hut!! But first there's a couple of little maintenance jobs to do - painting the new concrete base at the fuelling point and straightening the roof supports over the fuel pumps. I've put that area back together: The pics shows what I mean about the roof supports!! It's n
  10. I've finally got the stabling point working as I want it!! I've fitted feeds from the buses to 3 of the stock rails - the fourth I couldn't do as it is directly over a baseboard support. For that, I bridged the fishplate, as here: That's a cruel close up but from the normal operating position you can't see it and it does not affect running at all - it's basically resting on the top of the chairs. I did consider just soldering the fishplate up but that is a bit final and would have proved difficult if ever I want to take the points up and use them elsewhe
  11. A bit more progress to share today. I've managed to remedy the situation with the broken tie bar - pretty much as Simon suggested. I also removed some of the slide chairs - you can see them out of position in the pics. That just enabled me to get the new tie bar, complete with gimp pins, between the track base and the stock rails. I thinned the track web under the rail with careful use of my little craft knife so the slightly thicker copper clad slides nice and easily under the rails. And I did - just in time!! - remember to put an insulating gap in the copper side, as getting it out agai
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