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    Modelling 0 gauge blue diesel era, using DCC. Interested in the North West and North Wales areas mainly (born and bred a scouser - the blue side! - and having had holidays in North Wales as a kid). Am building a new layout, based on West Kirby, Wirral and have decided to bring back preserved steam to the layout having fitted an Ivatt 2-6-2T with sound!!
    12" to the foot DMUs - was a DMU driver at Llangollen Railway for 13 years until I retired on 22 June 2013.

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  1. The answer, Craig, is "Yes, yes, yes!!!!" Saw it earlier and was about to start looking for more pictures! I hadn't seen these 2 before, so they'll go into the collection. I think the 2nd pic is a deicing train so I'll have to alter the scenery colours to make it winter if I did that one!! More research necessary to find out what work they did but it's definitely on the list. Maybe an engineer's train? I think they're talking 2022 so there's plenty of time to save up!! Just watching an interview with Shawn of Easybuild on the MIOG Show Youtub
  2. That does look really good!! Thought it was real at first!! Rod
  3. Moving on from 3D printing - but please keep the contributions coming as I'm eager to learn - I've done more on the parcels depot and flickering lights: Parcels depot: I've toyed with the idea of a couple of holding sidings in the "wild" area between the warehouse backs and the fire station but no depot. However, I've decided against that as I want to keep an open feel about the layout and avoid the temptation to fill the board with track. I'm now thinking of a shelf or two on the back wall of the fiddle yard so that I can lift stock off the track and store it up there. I do, t
  4. I know virtually nothing about 3D printing but the pictures on the website do have this rider attached "Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model." As far as I am concerned, a lot more research is necessary before I splash out nearly £100 on a model I know very little about. I've believed that 3D printing was just for small items but as Hal Nail indicates technology does advance: how good an 18" long coach would be, I just do not know. I've just done a search here on RMweb and it has thrown up a number of references to 3D printing so I'll have a
  5. Thanks for the comments 313201 and everyone else on the subject of 503s. Earlier in the thread there was a post on this subject which referred to rue d'etropal/recreation21 which produces 3d printed models of Classes 502 and 503. (My apologies to whoever mentioned it but I can't find your post easily, so can't quote your name. But thank you very much anyway!) Here is a link to a page which shows Class 502 models in 0 gauge. There are also 503s in 00 and smaller so I assume they could do one in 0. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/recreation21?sort=name I c
  6. Hi all. I've done the video of the parcels formation. It looks like there were a few enthusiasts about to record this first working, so I've combined 6 of their videos. There's no commentary - it's just the unit coming through the country into platform 1 and, after a quick turn round, going back to Moreton. Time - just under 4 minutes. Housekeeping note: I apologise for the flashing markers on the 130. The regular flashing is due to filming LEDs on a digital camera -- though how that happens, I don't understand!! The longer sections of lights out are du
  7. Nice, Paul! Particularly the cab (roof!!) ride!! You'll have to get that worker to raise his arm in response to the warning tones, though!! Rod
  8. I've been looking at more parcels DMU stuff and came across this pic. The 2 power units I've got, plus 3 (!!) trailing vehicles. I could reproduce this train but with 2 x GUVs and a 4-wheel Rail Express Parcels vehicle I've yet to paint. It would need the shunter at WKT to reverse it, too. Then I found this pic, too. 2x Class 130 (ex 116) power cars minus seats. I'm beginning to think I may need a parcels depot on the layout somewhere, somehow!!! Or a bigger fiddle yard!! Dave - how about one for your new layout?
  9. And the one with the holes for the Polo mints? ...........
  10. Hi all. For the moment, back to parcels from 503s!! Some time ago I mentioned a parcels formation I'd seen that I rather fancied. Well, it's here!! Here's the pic that inspired it: And after some good work from my pal Dave, here's what the model looks like in the platform at WKT: And from a slightly different angle: It's made up of a Class 128, a wired- and piped-through GUV and a Class 116 DMS (reclassified as 130), with the seats removed - but not the partitions. Note the branding on the GUV: this was
  11. No chance, Simon!!! If it happens, all blue or blue/grey will be the colours!!
  12. Hi all. I've not been here for a couple of weeks or more - and I've not really done much modelling, other than some painting on the yellow BMC FG lorry. I think it's a reaction to all the effort I put into the scenery and videoing earlier in the month. However, my mojo is coming back and I'm looking at doing the fencing round the fire station so watch this space. Before that, however, ....... I subscribe to the online version of "British Railway Modelling" and I got this month's a couple of days ago. What is the first layout in the mag? Croydon North Stre
  13. I'd never heard of them before but I've looked on the website and Facebook page and found them!! Thanks for the information. Rod
  14. Thanks for putting all these 503 pictures up, bude_branch. I found them really interesting as I'm building an 0 gauge layout based on West Kirby. Unfortunately, there's no 3rd rail as there are no models of 503s available in 7mm (up to now, anyway!!) I've saved the pics, though - just in case!! I am toying with the idea of surplus SR high density EMUs being transferred North so a third rail might appear!! Rod
  15. You may joke, Paul, but the last few days the thought of some displaced SR high density stock has been floating around in my brain!! Peter Clark does kits!!! Don't bank on it, but I like to have a long term goal and I've started thinking "after the majority of the scenery is done .... what then?" Another alternative is to somehow get the fire engine and the Land Rover responding to a shout - but that at the moment is rather fanciful!!!! Rod
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