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    Modelling 0 gauge blue diesel era, using DCC. Interested in the North West and North Wales areas mainly (born and bred a scouser - the blue side! - and having had holidays in North Wales as a kid). Am building a new layout, based on West Kirby, Wirral and have decided to bring back preserved steam to the layout having fitted an Ivatt 2-6-2T with sound!!
    12" to the foot DMUs - was a DMU driver at Llangollen Railway for 13 years until I retired on 22 June 2013.

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  1. "More soon" I said - and here I am 20 or so minutes later!! I said on Wednesday that I fancied laying one of the points, so I gave in last night. I cut the straight stock rail to length, with a Peco sleeper base and added the common crossing, too (with a cut down insulated fishplate). My plan was to build the point in situ but as there are no instructions or drawings with the kits, I thought it will be easier- certainly with the first one - to do it on my work bench in front of me. There are 4 short chairs in each kit so I need to work out where those go
  2. Hi brossard. I agree with your points (sorry!! ) there but what really did it for me was the hinged point blades, particularly on some of the videos I've done looking from the headshunt to the stabling point. And as I've said earlier it gives me something positive to do on the layout. I'm enjoying it!! Rod
  3. Nice comments there, people! If it wasn't for lockdown I'm sure Dave Hampson would have brought his big crane over for the track lifting and replacement. (the one seen at lunchtimes on "Apethorne Junction" and "Oldham King Street Parcels"). As for red flags - I've been thinking about that! I've got some mesh material I was going to use for fencing: a small piece of that, painted red, and slung between 2 cut down cocktail sticks should do it!! Messing coaches? Nah, the portacabin was moved to the open area behind the p. way compound (such as it is!)!!
  4. A bit more progress today - 3rd point out. I'm cleaning them up as I take them out - you never know if/when they'll come in handy!! Pics of state of play tonight and with 3 point bases laid out. (some sleeper trimming will be necessary!) I am very tempted to lay the far point just to see how it goes. Mike can't do anything about the straight bases this week - as bgman has pointed out - but there's a short piece of Peco track base just behind the bracket signal which fits rather nicely. I've already tried a long piece of rail in the
  5. That is a very good question, bgman, and one which I hadn't asked myself. I suppose I assumed I'd just lay the bases and then stain/paint as I would plastic ones. The bases are ply and they look a bit shiny so I do wonder if they've been treated but I'll check with Mike Greenwood before I do any laying. In the meantime, I've rung Tower Models to see if they've any Peco chairs and ....... not a chance!! Apparently Peco are working on reduced capacity and only producing fast moving stuff (that's my understanding, not how Roger explained it!) So I tried eBay and found a pack of
  6. Something Everton fans can sympathise with but whether they will after all the stick we've had over the years is another matter!!
  7. I've removed the first point, with a couple of short pieces of adjoining track. Not too difficult, fortunately. I'm leaving the removed ballast to dry while my little vacuum cleaner is on charge. The second pic shows a point base in place - roughly as it doesn't sit easily on the feed wires through the board!! The straight track bases I've ordered will fill in the gaps between the points. More soon. Rod
  8. Hi all. I've started the work on the points replacement. First job was just to check exactly what comes in the point kits. I've mentioned already that there were no straight track bases that I'd ordered then also found that I was a point blade short!! Mike has said he will send them to me. Just as a reminder, these are what I am aiming to replace: I first set up a point kit, as here: The gauges set the track up nicely, but the one at the far left is there to get the gauge right on the straight bit, thereby getting the curve co
  9. Hi all. You may have noticed that I've changed the thread title as the Greenwood MRP point kits have arrived. Here's a pic of them: The first is of what you get in 5 kits. 2x Y point bases and 3x RH/LH point bases. I get the impression the latter are reversible - ie, LH is RH turned upside down!! Plus bags of chairs and a bag of tiebars. The prefabricated common crossings are wired underneath: pic here: They look good. I'm one point blade short but Mike is sending that on. I've been in the shed starting
  10. Hi all. Yesterday was a glorious, if rather cold, day so, after I'd been out for a walk in the morning and had some lunch, I decided to have a bit of a play/operating session. I only had my mobile to hand so videoed on that: not ideal and a bit shaky in the first section as I was holding the phone with one hand and the controller with the other!! After about an hour, I gave up as the cold got a bit intense and overrode the fun I was having! Hope you like it: Memo to self - don't use the +/- 16 speed steps button so often as, even with high in
  11. Thanks, bgman. I've seen that layout and I'm sure I've seen that video, but with text added: I can't for the life of me think where, though! That's the kind of thing that reignites my LNWR passion!!
  12. Hi bgman. You got me going again, thinking about LNWR for the layout!!! But I'll stick to my decision (for the moment, anyway!!) and carry on with replacing the pointwork. You said you've a Coal Tank kit to build: I made one a few years ago and had a thread about the build - mine was also the Mercian kit: you might find it useful to refer to. The link is here: Will you start a thread for your build? I'd be interested to see how you do with it. I'm expecting the point kits this week, all being well, so I'll start on that once I've thoroughly worked ou
  13. I've seen that on his website and Mike also mentioned it in our correspondence.. The problem is I'm not up to speed on Templot yet!!! It is an objective to learn it, though!! That surprises me - I've got 2 and have had no problems on any of my points at all: pulled or pushed they're absolutely fine. I see in your video you've got an LNWR Special Tank. Any other LNWR locos? Rod
  14. Hi Barnaby. The main purpose is to give me some more purpose in relation to the layout. 5 points in the sidings area are Peco - mainly because I had them available at the time I was originally track laying. They work OK but look a bit toy-like so I just fancied replacing them. I've built C&L kits before and enjoyed it so this will give me more interest. The trailing crossover on the main line I again built from C&L kits but I adapted C10 straight kits and used their ready made 32mm frogs. Stock thumps as it goes through them so I'd like to improve those. Finally, the
  15. Time for another update, I think! The wheel cleaning and general relubrication is progressing, albeit relatively slowly: not that I've lost my mojo again but more that the weather's not really been conducive to going out into the shed! It can get cosy in there after a while, but it's actually getting out there that's the challenge!! Doing the wheel cleaning has got me thinking - and sheepishly admitting that it must be years since I've cleaned the wheels on the hauled stock - whether that's coaches, parcels stock or DMU trailer cars. I've cleaned loco and DMU power car wheels w
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