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    Modelling 0 gauge blue diesel era, using DCC. Interested in the North West and North Wales areas mainly (born and bred a scouser - the blue side! - and having had holidays in North Wales as a kid). Am building a new layout, based on West Kirby, Wirral and have decided to bring back preserved steam to the layout having fitted an Ivatt 2-6-2T with sound!!
    12" to the foot DMUs - was a DMU driver at Llangollen Railway for 13 years until I retired on 22 June 2013.

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  1. I'm making slow progress, but progress none the less! The low relief warehouse backs have been delivered and I've primed them today. Here they are: The overlays are not glued on yet, they're just resting in place. They all need some weathering but I think they'll do the job. I've tried them on the layout and 4 of them fit behind the signalling diagram but the walls and about half of the cladding are visible. The 5th is in full view. I've also had some other stuff delivered but that's for another day. As I always say, watch this space! Rod PS My spray booth was an old bed sheet on top of the wheelie bins outside in the garden!! Worked perfectly!!
  2. Could be - but I can't remember that far back!! (I retired in 2013!!) Can still remember where to find them in the stores coach, though! Mind you, that's probably be reorganised in the last 7 years!!
  3. On Monday I was talking about how my experience driving DMUs at Llangollen has shaped my thinking on driving models, etc. So what should turn up on my Facebook page this morning but these 2 pics of the DMU Gala at Llangollen in 2010!! The first, coming out of the depot in the Wickham for my first trip of the day: [Note: those are white lights on the front, not red!!!] and then thrashing up the Dee Valley in the 104 in multiple with the 108: Oh, happy days!! I did enjoy them!! The note with the pics says it was a stinking hot day, hence why the tie had disappeared in the second pic!! Rod
  4. Yep!! But I also had a look on Peter Clark's site. He does 2 and 4 EPBs and 2 HAPs, together with 4 VEPs. All are high density units but would be difficult to multi-up, other than with each other (because of the couplings) and even then, my platforms only hold 5 vehicles rather than 6. Plus I'd have to sell some DMUs 1) to make room on the layout and in storage and 2) to raise some money!! So, all in all, at the moment, it's not really a goer. But ....... if you don't consider these things, you'd be left wondering "should I have ....?" Rod
  5. I suspect because it's the sharpest bit of the curve on that platform line , Paul. I'd think it was probably just within the limits for check rails - hence why there isn't one in the siding. Rod
  6. There's also a check rail on the platform line which I've never noticed before. Looking at other pics in my collection, I can see it, now that I know what I'm looking for!! However, it's only short and, as it is not an immediately obvious feature of the layout, I'll leave it for now unless and until I get round to some super-detailing. Rod
  7. Plenty of Class 33s in N Wales here: http://www.6g.nwrail.org.uk/class33inwales.html No high intensity headlights or high level jumpers, though!! Rod
  8. Nice one, Paul!! That did make me laugh!! But the answer's still "No"!! Rod PS When the scenery's finished then there might be a bit of a rethink - I can''t play all the time - or can I? No 503s available so relocated SR units, perhaps? (After all, I've done it with the Thumper!!) And Peter Clark does kits!!! Maybe ........... maybe not!!
  9. That's another pic I've not seen before, billy_anorak59!! Where are you finding them? It took me a while to work out where that one's taken from - then realised it's from the landing on the signal post. I didn't realise how many trees there were around the line at that time!! And in the previous pic, I hadn't noticed the central doors in the cab ends - I think the platform lamps distracted my attention!! Thanks for pointing them out, Hroth. Rod
  10. Hi scottystitch and thanks for your comments. I've said earlier in the thread that my main interest is operations - having driven DMUs at Llangollen for over 13 years. That is certainly how we were taught to couple up DMUs - and I was taught by a former BR DMU driving instructor - so I aim to drive the model as I was taught to drive the real thing, applying the same principles to locos as DMUs. Yes, that's why I did it: the speed limit is 10 mph through all that pointwork and I didn't want to be seen to be ignoring it. Whether it's a scale 10 mph is another question! I actually doubt it, and the reason I say that is when I got the chip for the 08 it was set for scale speeds. To be honest, even for me those speeds were too slow and I altered the CVs to speed it up a bit. So I'm aiming for something that looks right - or at least not obviously wrong!! As for more videos - that's quite possible, but I'll leave them until I've done a bit more to the scenery. Rod
  11. Thank you, billy_anorak59, that's a pic I've not seen before. That is certainly the wall I had in mind. But those platform lamps intrigue me - I've not seen a pic of those before. I'll stick to the more modern ones!! That's exactly the plan, Hal Nail! I've ordered 5 of these from Intentio: I intend to stand them behind the signalling diagram and, as I'm not sure how high the wall is, I suspect most of the upper cladding will be hidden: however, it will be visible at the sides of the diagram. It'll mean the wall is a lot longer than in real life but it is an impression I'm aiming at, not a scale model! Watch this space!! Rod
  12. "Ground cover next" I said a few days ago, so I've done it. Here's 3 pics showing what I've done. It's coming on - slowly, but I'm getting there. Now need some sleepers, chairs and a Wickham trolley. Plus a picnic table (thanks, jcarta) or a park bench, even!! (alongside the fence at right angles to the track). Watch this space!! Rod
  13. Thanks for that, Hroth. I must admit to not being familiar with the front of the buildings: however, the impressions I have are just of the backs which are mainly brick walls!! I've seen an old map of West Kirby which shows a Public Hall in that area and I assume the back of that was just plain bricks I've also got to take into account that the signalling diagram takes up a lot of space on the back wall so really I am just infilling below that. Rod
  14. Hi. They're 8' bogies. Sorry about the delay in replying - even though I've been in the shed, I didn't have my ruler with me, then I forgot!!! Old age catching up with me!!! Rod
  15. Hi all. I've been busy - but playing mostly!! However, I've said that I need to do more on the scenery so I've been doing the mortar on the fire station building - and that's a slow job as I'm learning as I go along. Photos soon, hopefully. I've altered the fence layout in the signal box area as I've decided to make a little feature of the p-way hut area. I'll have a few sleepers and chairs, a little trolley - and a picnic table at the right hand end!! I've seen one somewhere - a laser cut kit - but can't find it again yet. Does anyone know who sells them? Here's a couple of pics: first, at the station end I've left a space for a personnel gate. Next: The other side of the box, and I've left a space for a double gate on the basis we might need to unload a lorry. The tree has finally been fitted into a base!! That is where it will stay - there was a tree roughly in that position at the time I am modelling but the p-way hut and surrounds are a figment of my imagination!! And anyway, I already had the hut from my previous layout and didn't want to get rid of it!! Finally, viewed from the other end: The fence previously cut in behind the box but it didn't look right with the hut outside the fence!! Ground cover next, then finish the tree off. Also, I've seen some low relief warehouse backs on the Intentio site and I'm thinking about using those behind the box, under the signalling diagram. So, watch this space. More soon. Rod
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