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    Modelling 0 gauge blue diesel era, using DCC. Interested in the North West and North Wales areas mainly (born and bred a scouser - the blue side! - and having had holidays in North Wales as a kid). Am building a new layout, based on West Kirby, Wirral and have decided to bring back preserved steam to the layout having fitted an Ivatt 2-6-2T with sound!!
    12" to the foot DMUs - was a DMU driver at Llangollen Railway for 13 years until I retired on 22 June 2013.

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  1. Thank you. 47606odin, that is very helpful. It is, I think, similar to what Simond mentioned some time ago but seeing it in a video makes me realise that it's pretty simple really. That'll be on the list soon - I'm just rewiring the Heljan 128 with red lights at the moment. It's not quite as simple as it may sound as it means taking out the Heljan circuit board and wiring up an adapter board to fit on the Zimo MX644D chip. To complicate matters, though, I want the lights switchable on/off at each end (for when it operates in multi) and the cab lights separately switchable. It certainly keeps the grey matter alert - which is a bit difficult today after a slap-up late Christmas meal last night and a 6.30 alarm this morning!!!!!! Also working out which wires are for the red/white lights on the nanoLEDs I bought is going to be a challenge!!! More on the progress soon. Rod
  2. Hi all. To Hal Nail and Andy, no, nothing that drastic, I'm afraid. Basically, I'm bringing the era forward a little. I've already got a Regional Railways 101 DMU and I've decided I rather like the livery. So I've sold the blue Class 37 and the inspection saloon (with a fair bit of regret) to finance the purchase of a Heljan 37/4 in Reggie Rail livery - complete with Zimo chip and Paul Chetter sound file. It will be 37 429 "Eisteddfod Genadlaethol" ** with no snow ploughs. I fancied a change, so no ploughs, and I could only find pics of 2x 37/4s without them - 37414 and 37429. So it's going to be the latter. Looking like this: My coaches are Heljan Mark 1s in blue/grey but it's been pointed out to me that Heljan are planning Mark 2s in the future and Reggie Rail will be one of the available liveries!! Those aren't a given for the layout yet but are leaning to the "probable" side of "possible"!!! That's about it for the RR livery for the moment - Class 25s were only ever in blue as far as I know (apart from "Tamworth Castle" - which was blue but with full yellow ends) and the 50 is staying in LL blue as my son and grandson have earmarked it for when I go to the great marshalling yard in the sky and 50s never got the RR livery anyway!!! 2nd generation DMUs may be a step too far (even in RR livery) but don't discount it! I'm not sure if any 1st generation DMUs got the livery apart from 101s. EDIT - just checked and found pics of a 117 and a 122 in RR livery - so there is scope - and these are more likely than 2nd gen units!! A Dapol 14xx is a possibility to join the preserved steam fleet but I need to sell some archery equipment first!! [Anyone know anyone else looking for a bow, plus arrows, etc?] I've bought some red/white nanoLEDs for the Heljan Class 128 - it bugs me that there aren't any reds fitted to it - and I've bought an adapter plate to help with the wiring. Pics when I get round to fitting it/them. The fire station has stopped at the moment, until I can work out a way to get the mortar between the bricks - various possibilities are being tried. All in all, I've a fair bit of work to be going on with, so I need to spend more time at my modelling desk rather than my computer desk!!! More soon. Rod ** I couldn't spell that easily, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia!! (Sorry, David and Craig!!)
  3. HI all. You may have noticed a change in the thread title. No major changes, but improvements or progression - I'm not sure how to describe them yet. More soon. Rod
  4. Thanks, Simon, but the Ivatt is the only Prairie I'll need!!! I admit I do like GWR small prairies, but I'm going to resist that temptation!!! All the best to you too. Have a good Christmas. Rod
  5. HI all. Just a bit of amusement. I've started on the 116 parcels car-to-be by building the bogies. I thought I'd try them out on the layout, so went into the shed early evening - it was dark and raining!! - put them on the headshunt, having set all the points for the main line route, and gave them a shove, one after the other. Now I don't know if I shoved too hard or the bogies are more free running than I remembered but they ended up in the covered section outside, almost in the fiddle yard!!!!!!!! I then had to go out in the cold and rain, take 2 of the covers off and retrieve them!!! I do like Easybuild bogies - they are so free-running and I think I must have built them rather well, too!! Anyway, I may not be on here again until after Christmas, so have a good Christmas, one and all, and a good New Year, too. Rod
  6. Hi 31130. Are these the ones you used? https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/led-nanolight-wresistors-6x-2-colour-protowhitered/ If so, how did you wire them up? Did you take the original ones off, or just glue these on top? I've not looked at the set-up closely yet. And can they be switched off separately - so that the unit can be used multi-ed up without showing marker lights in the middle of the unit? If not, I'll have to work out how to do it. Thanks for the comment - I was thinking of larger LEDs and using fibre optics. This method sounds much better!! Rod
  7. Hi Rich. A visit would be OK, but there's no way I'm going to be getting more kettles than 2 - at the absolute max!! With the 9F, I'm not too sure what the problem was. I thought it was the long wheelbase but my pal was talking about there being no flange on the centre drivers and smaller ones on the other 2 axles. As it wasn't staying on my layout I didn't really investigate further. However, it didn't derail going forwards, only in reverse!!! If it's any help to your thinking, it was a Lee Marsh model. "A 14xx/Autocoach and a Large Prairie were regular performers on the Joint before its closure, they never ventured onto Wirral/LMS metals in real life. Of course, that doesn't stop them visiting WKT now!" I agree, Hroth - I've seen pics of them at the Joint Station. Which is why I think the Preservation Society would have a set and want to run it to WKT, alternating with The Welsh Dragon set. Watch this space - but not in the near future!!! (This would be the 2nd kettle I mention above!!) Rod
  8. Hi Simon. I've clicked on the "funny" emoji as I was laughing as I read your post!! It's feasible although the thought of a 9F and 20 bogie iron ore wagons on the Joint (single) Line to Hooton does raise the eyebrows a bit. My pal has talked about the ICI hoppers rather than the iron ore wagons - he wants to run them behind his 9F on the club's continuous layout. I have to admit it's rather a nice loco but 10 coupled wheels didn't like my pointwork too much!!! Just a shame he's not going to use the DCC sound, though. However, there's no chance it will become a regular visitor to WKT. If there is another kettle, maybe an ex-GWR 14xx, with an autocoach or two .... BUT ...... that's only a possibility, not a probability!!! Rod
  9. Hi all. Not much news to share, I'm afraid. I've spent time maintaining units - mainly the 2-car 108 which was running sluggishly. I've stripped the bogies down and cleaned them of years of accumulated muck, etc and it does run better now. However, there has been an interloper on the layout!! This: And from a different angle: (sorry it's a bit blurred - mobile phone was probably too close!!)** It belongs to a pal who wanted to know what it sounded like (he's not into DCC but the loco came fitted with it). I've not yet dreamed up a cover story for its presence in WKT but I'm sure the Preservation Society based at New Brighton will have something to do with it when I've got a story. Suggestions are welcome, by the way!! In case anyone thinks I'm going over to the "dark side" (said tongue in cheek for any steam people out there!!) it's left the layout already!!! I've still got just the one kettle (the Ivatt 2-6-2T). More soon. Rod ** Or I didn't hold it steady!!
  10. Thanks for the compliment about the videos, Jim. I understand what you mean about the directions in a consist - with 3 you get at least 2 going the same way!! However, it took me a while to work out what the Lenz manual was getting at - I got all 3 units going the same way eventually, but they didn't move in the direction that was showing on the hand controller!!!!!! I sorted it eventually but, to be honest, I can't remember how!!!! And I'm not sure I understood it, anyway!! Rod
  11. Hi all. I said I'd do a video - well, you've got 5!! But only because I can't work out how to make them into 1!!! They're on the basis of trying to show off the advanced consisting. The 4-car arrives and stops in the platform, brakes working on all 3 units: all the engines shut down together, then the 2 parcels cars start up together and set off. Later the 101 is started up and also sets off. Enjoy!! For some reason, I couldn't get Movie Maker to work so these were done on Youtube. And even that's got a new video creator!! And apologies for the squeak on the 101 - it's a pick-up that hasn't worn in yet!! More soon. Rod
  12. Hi all. A frustrating day today. I went into the shed this afternoon, all ready to make a video - and found the advanced consisting didn't work. I don't know why, but I suspect that I didn't take all the 3 units out of the consist last time and just assumed I had when I started this afternoon. So I had to go back to square 1 with 2 of them - CV8 = 8 and then change a fair number of CVs until I got them how I wanted. By that time I'd run out of time and had to get to the local farm shop before it shut!! Whatever the reason was I think it's something I've not done right, so this time I've taken all 3 units out of the consist and we'll see what happens when I try again tomorrow afternoon. Hi Nigel. No, I'm not going to Letchworth but no doubt we'll get the chance to meet up some time in the future. It could be slow!!! I've taken it out of the box (and put it back again!!) and printed the instructions off Easybuild's website but I'm concentrating on this advanced consisting for now. It'll be good to sit at the modelling desk again, though. Watch this space!! More soon. Rod
  13. Hi all. This last week has been pretty well occupied with reprogramming chips. As you'll recall a number (in fact, the majority) of my units and locos are fitted with Zimo chips and I use Paul Chetter's sound files with ActiveDrive. Obviously with having DMUs and DPUs I want to run them in multiple and make up and break down consists. At the recent MIOG Show, I "dumbed down" (my expression) the Active Drive so that the Zimo-fitted units just slowed down and stopped without using a separate brake function. However, on my own layout I want a bit more than that so I have been attempting to run these units together, using ActiveDrive. Unfortunately, the braking function would only work on one unit and if that wasn't the Heljan 128, said 128 kept going, pushing the lighter Easybuild unit which was trying to brake!!!! Caused me a few panicky moments!!! I put a question on one of the DCC sub-forums here on RMweb and have received some fantastic help. I am now into "advanced consisting". This means that now, not only do 3 units run together but the brake function works on all 3, I can turn the engines on and off again, etc, on all 3 at once. The operating possibilities are opening up!! I'm aiming to do a video of all 3 running together, splitting and setting off again in 2 portions. It's getting really like operating the real thing!! That video could be a day or two, though, as the next couple of days are busy with non-railway-modelling matters. I've still got 2x DMUs which have ESU decoders so I'll run those 2 together at times - they don't have the braking function on them - until such time as I replace the ESUs with Zimos. The Thumper can't couple to anything else as it has buckeye couplings so that will keep the ESU decoder for the foreseeable future. I've received the 116 kit today so I'll be starting that shortly. I also want to try and fit red marker lights to the Heljan 128 - I nearly sent it back as I thought they weren't working. I found out first that Heljan didn't fit them, so I kept the unit!! It offends me that there aren't red lights on the rear of it - something will have to be done!!! I've got my mojo back!!!! Watch this space - more soon. Rod
  14. Hi Nigel. Thank you for that information. I've spent a pleasant hour or so resetting CVs and I now have a 3-unit consist which does all I want, all together. It's fantastic!!! I'm going to do a video of the 4-car arriving in the station, shutting down, being uncoupled and the 2 parcels cars being started up and driven away separately, leaving the 2-car passenger unit in the platform. That will then start up and move off. It'll be on my layout thread - link below. The next job will be altering the CVs on my other Zimo-fitted stock (a Class 115 4-car DMU, a Class 03 and a Class 08) so that the functions are similarly numbered to the new ones - mainly so that I don't confuse myself. Only the 115 will run in multiple with anything else (usually one of the 2 single parcels car as 5 is the maximum number of vehicles I can fit in platforms and sidings) but it will be useful having the same functions all numbered the same on each item of powered stock. Thanks again for your help, Nigel. I have got some other queries relating to the Zimo decoders, but it will probably be a week or two before I get round to trying to sort those out. Rod
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