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  1. Yes yet another post in my moment of wisdom I used paint to show the plan for fiddle yard etc Key Stabling Points - Brown TMD - Purple Platforms - Grey The line represents the scenic break into the fiddle yard
  2. I did consider a couple more but as I have limited stock and limited track I decided against for now although I may extend in the future
  3. I have managed to attach the track plan, I have already laid track down but advice would be extremely helpful Thanks
  4. I wish I had so much space!!! Very interesting layout
  5. Can't get track plan up at the mo, but the baseboard is 4m x 0.5m with the last 0.5 of each end becoming 1m, and if anyones interested I am using Hornby setrack.
  6. The layout is Modern Image and is based on a fictional town between Reading and Oxford, it has both passenger and freight lines. The station will be two lines with one through line and one terminating. The freight line is a branch line that connects Border Road TMD with another line. I wil try and get a track plan up a.s.a.p
  7. Hi, I have just joined and have decided to start a topic for my first layout "oxbury junction"
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