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  1. To be honest, I'm not sure that railway modellers would really be the best market for models like these. In case anyone's wondering why I'm saying this - with some railway modellers already drooling over these models - I'm not sure that many railway modellers would have large enough budgets available to make something like this commercially viable. How many buildings do you need on even a sparsely populated layout of any size? Probably quite a few. You probably wouldn't want different buildings on a layout to be to vastly different standards - which means you'd need quite a few buildings, all to the same high standards. Now how many hours' work do you think would be involved in building all these buildings? Rather a lot - and none of us would want to work for "slave wages" - so getting enough buildings built like these, to fill even a moderate sized layout, might well turn out to be beyond the means of quite a few of us. This is why I suspect that a better target market here might actually be people or companies wanting a high quality model, to remind them of their former premises. However, please don't take these comments as established fact - probably better to think more in terms of an (un) educated guess ... . Huw.
  2. Didn't you realise - they were trying to find an imaginative use for that Wills "Hall's distemper men" kit? But that's in "The Land of My Father's" - so it's known as "keeping a welcome in the hillsides". OK - perhaps not ... .
  3. Would those be the sort of "technical terms" we'd find in a textbook? Just asking ... .
  4. But what would be the point in a "spot the difference", if the differences effectively spot themselves?
  5. Couldn't agree more. So far today, I haven't had much chance to look at the "virtual show" stuff (or anything else, for that matter) - but what I've seen so far has been excellent. I really enjoyed the Tim Dunn interview - and can understand the frustration about not getting chance to film at the Severn Tunnel and Bristol Temple Meads. If there are further series, I can't help wondering if Cardiff General (sorry - Central) puts in an appearance - especially if it gets that Strasbourg style bubble wrap treatment that's been proposed. I don't know if any "work in progress" footage of rebuild work on this station (or others) might be made available at a later date. Whatever the score on this, I found the programmes and the interview fascinating and very watchable - and I'm sure there's plenty more that I haven't had chance to watch yet. Many thanks to all concerned. Huw.
  6. I very much hope the "one last time" isn't "for keeps". Like a number of people, I've really enjoyed this series (and the contrast between wartime and postwar events at or inspired by Milan and Swindon was particularly telling). If there is a second (and hopefully third etc) series, I strongly suspect that a number of members of sites like this could come up with credible ideas for stations and other structures etc, which could make for interesting features. Personally, I can't help wondering if there might be some "mileage" in keeping track of some stations that are in the process of being expanded / rebuilt (or are due to be) - preferably with much of the previous buildings remaining (especially if they're listed or otherwise reasonably interesting). Examples of these might include: Coventry: Despite only being a few years older than me, this station is listed. As it currently stands, it's also not capable of handling the number of people who need to use it. it could be interesting to see some photos / footage over a period of a few years, as various parties attempt to do something about this. Cardiff Central: Another listed station that's become too small for the number of people using it. The current concourse dates from the 1930s (photos of the time show it opening onto a residential area, which was demolished long before my time). Bristol Temple Meads: Another imposing station - I gather that expansion might be on the cards here, too. Meanwhile, elsewhere, some former station buildings have also found new uses - like at Newport (Gwent), where a number of press reports suggest that their replacements might not be quite as good (or as well sited). I guess that's called progress! Huw.
  7. In view of a number of "Corona" related restrictions ("non essential" travel - significant sized groups of people not from the same household - "social distancing" - and possibly others I haven't thought of), I think we can safely assume that filming for any series this year would difinitely have been off the agenda. Of course, this would be unlikely to preclude programmes assembled from previously unseen footage ("behind the scenes" - background on the teams or how they built their creations - "outtakes" - or similar stuff) but I can't see any production company having been allowed to film any new competitive layout building for most of this year. As far as I'm concerned, 2020 can probably be regarded as a "write-off" in this regard. I can only hope that there's a return next year - regardless of who would feature in any future series.
  8. I don't think this was the first time there was a murder in a non corridor compartment carriage. Apparently, in the 1860s, some guy was murdered in a non corridor compartment. A German tailor by the name of Müller was convicted and hanged for the crime - leading to small windows being cut into compartment walls. These windows became known as "Müller's lights".
  9. I'll have to remember this stuff the next time anyone challenges me about any of my "homebrew" models. Well, it certainly sounds better than admitting that I'm rubbish at building decent models ... .
  10. My apologies if my comments caused any offence. They certainly weren't intended to - especially in view of a number of people having recently made some light hearted comments, elsewhere on this site, about certain dodgy individuals and face coverings. Anyone who knows me would also know that I've always been law abiding - and that I've never found crime even remotely amusing. I've also got a number of elderly relatives - so I also tend to take health issues very seriously. Anyone who really knows me would also know that my standpoints are never likely to change. Perhaps I could also mention that, when I worked in a university, I often found that it seemed to help in putting serious points across if I drew attention to something I definitely did not mean - or if I found some other offbeat way of saying something. I'm afraid this is just my way of saying things. Ultimately, this was all I was trying to do here - but my apologies if this was taken in a different way to what was intended and if any offence was caused. Returning to the face masks, I've already got a sensible stock (of both disposable and washable types) - which I'm ready to use as and when needed. Regards, Huw.
  11. As with many businesses emerging from lockdown, I could imagine people's wallets being particularly welcome. I'm no expert - but I suspect that it would be preferred if these are not of the type which some of Adamsdown's less respectable residents might have previously favoured. (For people unfamiliar with certain areas of Cardiff, I believe that one secure compound on Adam Street is used for a very similar purpose to some better known establishments on Southall Street, Manchester and Du Cane Road, London ... .) Seriously though, Lord & Butler is one of several places I really hope I get the chance to visit, very soon. I've always found the guys there very helpful - and a real pleasure to do business with. Huw.
  12. I suspect you might well be right. Assuming that the organisers are looking at similar dates - and the same venues (or ones of similar size), I wonder how long it's likely to be before the organisers contact potential exhibitors for both years' shows - if nothing else to check that they're still likely to be available for the revised years' shows. Although stuff like this might not be an issue for quite a few exhibitors, I suspect it might be for some: Some exhibitors might be booked for a number of shows certain years, with the potential for clashes. Some people might have difficulty getting leave from their jobs for the new dates / year. Other people might have family reasons why they might not be available for a particular year's show - eg weddings, "key" birthdays / anniversaries etc.
  13. I suspect you might encounter some reluctance on the part of some contributors to this thread (or might there be some impedance?).
  14. Let's guess - with a number of exhibition halls being metal framed buildings, they might also function as cages. Also, with lots of people in confined spaces, there's little chance of social distancing.
  15. I can only imagine that, before certain events are conducted, some people might be looking for extra capacity in certain venues. (Coat ... hat ... gone ... .)
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