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  1. A polling card with my name on it just dropped through the door.


    It was accompanied by a load of kindling - sorry "electoral literature" - from a number of candidates.


    All I can say is that this little lot couldn't have arrived on a more appropriate morning ... .

    1. Mallard60022


      Well some poor idiots have to try to deal with the hidden, or not so after the last few days of merriment, population of idiots, you excepted of course. 

      Or, get yer slinky polling dance moves sorted and move into a whole ned field of income.:rolleyes::rolleyes::scared::scared:

    2. Hroth


      My polling card arrived last Friday, I think they're desperate for people to vote...


      We will have 3 ballots to complete, Council/Regional Mayor/Regional Police Commissar, I may only vote on the council one, the other two will elect self-serving, power hungry placeholders who I've never heard of before, and won't hear of again until the next ballot.  Unless they do something appalling.


    3. Mallard60022


      Similar here. District Council is a mix of dullards and really really good people.

      County Council is just Blue and really really crap, just a tad more crap than the the other team used to be.

      Plod Bot.....new candiadate is worse than Patel...sorry but a real Government 'Stooge', especially selected to pander to local gammon.


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