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  1. I like this one, good work, and fantstic photo's. I have a quetion, your building in a loft by the looks of it, what height are you baseboards from the floor? Simon
  2. I take it that snowy Gloucestershire falls well within the realms of Swagonia. As I'm originally from Bristol I am a swagonian by birth and claim my rightfull place as a swagonian freeman. As for maurading welshwomen, I'm all for it. I'm married to an honourary one, well she lived in swansea for 10 years.
  3. I have an Iphone, I wouldnt recommend using it as a throttle control. If you have the WiFi enabled, it uses a lot of battery power, and with the touch screen being permanentley on so you can use the controls, that will make the power usage even higher. So you would need it plugged in, and the power lead isn't that long. I use mine in the garage in a speaker dock, to listen to very loud music. A better app would be the spinnal tap setting 11 on the volume B) Ballasting just flys by then.
  4. Damn pressed the wrong button, today I will be mostly using glue and paint.

  5. For what its worth. I bought an EZ controller which we now use on the layout my son (10) and I are building. It works very well and we have had no problems. He finds it very easy to use, and the means of assigning locos is very straight forward. We haven't tried it with a DC loco and don't intend to. I can recommend it. We got our from cheltenham models, as one split from a train set, it cost about 35 - 40 pounds, so fairly cheap as well, with the genuine Bachmann instructions.
  6. Since our club became homeless, I have become the custodian of a large number of linka moulds (stone and brick). Reading through this I'm tempted to give it a go. Simon
  7. spot

    Slight change

    OK, yesterday evening after posting the last entry, I went to meet up with fellow members of the Stroud Valleys Model Railway Club. We are currently homeless so we have to meet in a convenient Pub, life can be tough. Anyway someone suggested that I make the station twin road, so having played about with XtrkCad, the placing of a set of curved points has been added, image V2. I will need to make some minor adjustments to the track placing to allow for this, but then I am only using the cad drawing as a guide and not as an engineering drawing. The weekend beckons, and hopefully we will have the track bed, down and at least some of the track laid and soldered. :icon_rolleyes:
  8. spot

    Noname Wharf

    Having been a member of RMweb for a while, and not posting much, it seemed a good idea to coincide the start of a new layout along with my signing to the updated forum. Noname Wharf (a working title), is set nowhere in particular. It is actually going to be my 10 year old sons first proper layout, he doesn't count the double oval Thomas and Percy mounted on 6 x 4 chipboard. The design, as set by mini-me is as follows;- Diesel power, end to end, the fiddle yards are not shown on the track plan. It must have a station, served by DMU, a canal, Engine fueling point, warehouse/ industrial scene and a small town scene with a garage. The beginings are 2 4ft x 2 ft baseboards, as can be seen from the picture the track will be at a higher level than the scenic section. The navi's have been hard at work, the Canal cutting has been made and, I am pleased to report, with no fatalities. I'm not aiming for a prototype, just something fun for me and mini-me
  9. It was a great show, and thanks to D9502 for allowing my son to operate the layout.
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