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    The Kettering-Cambridge Line-Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 heaven, with the odd J15 thrown in for a good measure. This will be my long term project. Just need Bachmann to produce a Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 78000 eventually.

    Originating from Northamptonshire ironstone railways are also of interest and this a demonstrated in my micro-layout Juniper Hill.

    Having lived in Devon for a number of years and falling foul of the beauty of the Tamar Valley I'm interested in the Southern Railway line to Okehampton and the Callington Branch. This will no doubt provide the basis for a layout one day.

    The railways of the Scottish Highlands and Borders will also produce suitable layout ideas as well

    I also love narrow gauge railways and a 009 project is underway for 2019.

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  1. Apologies to Steve Austin/The Six Million Dollar Man and reference to the cult 1970's TV programme. Likewise BR started a rebuild programme of its venerable 16T mineral wagons later in their lives. This entailed new build body work and removal of the top flap door amongst other things. For more indepth knowledge it's probably best to consult a suitable reference resource. From my teenage years long before the likes of Parkside/Bachmann the Airfix 16T Mineral Wagon was the only way to go for the correct 9ft wheelbase chassis. The ready to run boys were using a stretched body fitted to a standard 10ft wheelbase. An article from the Railway Modeller at the time discussed modelling suitable prototypes from this kit including 13T Sand Wagons and Iron Ore Tippers. Sadly I lost the article many years ago but it remains influential Recently I picked two of these kits up for less than £7 in their Dapol incarnation and they remain one of the nicest builds still. The kits almost falling together. I decided I wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Six Million Dollar Man and modify the body to represent a rebuild minus top door. Here's a reference photo from Paul Bartlett's excellent site: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/mineralmortonmxv/h10e54237 In true lack of reference photos I went ahead and removed the top doors on the wagons thinking this correct. I then filled the area with suitable thickness plastic sheet. Eventually by checking my references I realised the rib above the side doors should be removed. Drastic action was taken and the middle panel was removed. Then using the door as a guide the wagon sides were re-united from the component parts. Finally the chassis builds up easily. Supplied Dapol wheels were coulered with a permanent black Sharpie pen. Tomorrow I'll replace the body work above the doors with plastic sheet and add the ribbing from Micro-Strip. Need to order buffers from LMS and source suitable 1970's era markings. Hopefully Railtec will come up trumps. Cheers, Mark
  2. Great modelling. Have a soft spot for the 508's. Remember them new standing out against the EPB's etc at Waterloo. Cheers, Mark
  3. Can't beat a nice Ford Escort XR3i inspired 12T Vent Van... Nice set of Hella Rallye 2000 driving lights to finish them off...
  4. Amazing the powers of agent 009... Thanks Pete. Nice to get on finishing a few kits off that have been needing painting. New layout will be nice and simple with 2 turnouts and the truth.. There's going to be a twist mind... Can't beat a bit of Pledge either.. Cheers, Mark
  5. Agree. It does take a bit of nerve so perhaps not on your best loco. I picked the tip up from Tim who weathers a lot of Gilbert's locos on Peterborough North. The only disasters have been with the Humbrol type Klear which bloomed and also with applying Methfix transfers over the Pledge cloudy Klear. Again resulting in blooming and I need rectify this on my Kernow SR Gate Stock. Cheers, Mark
  6. The Klear was brush painted with the new cloudy formula Johnson's Pledge which dries clear. I use a nice flat brush with downward strokes. Be careful with the Humbrol replica of Klear as it can dry with a bloom. Hope that helps. Cheers, Mark
  7. With 009 goings on with Wadenhoe Road my OO builds have been put on the back burner. Hopefully this year will see a new OO gauge layout once more set in Northamptonshire with an iron stone theme. Some of this stock I've had waiting around for getting the air brush fired up will no doubt make an appearance on the new layout. Like many before the Dapol unfinished wagon body shells can be bought for less than £3. Mated with a suitable Parkside or Ratio chassis is a means of building up an eclectic mix of wagons. Add in Alan Gibson wheel sets and buffers/vents from LMS and you have a very individual wagon. Firstly the ubiquitous SR box van mated to a Ratio RCH chassis. Then two LMS vent vans on Parkside chassis: To complete the van build a lovely Parkside LNER plywood ventilated van built up nicely from one of their kits. The wagons have been air brush painted with Tamiya Nato black, Tamiya Nato Brown and Tamiya German Grey. A coat of Johnson's Klear floor polish applied by brush gives the bodywork a nice lustre. Suitable transfers will be obtained probably from Railtec and Cambridge Custom Transfers. Next up is a couple of Dapol Prestwin wagons which build up nicely. Finished as above and I already have the appropriate Cambridge Custom Transfers to finish. Then another Dapol kit. This time the Interfigo ferry van I'm building for a good friend. Once more LMS buffers added. Shame this wagon is HO Scale but builds up nicely. Recently I purchased one of the excellent Hornby R&H DS48's with match truck. Now I'm not planning on running the Ruston with the Conflat so have repainted the body as above. I will mate this to either a Ratio or Parkside chassis. At the Manchester show before Christmas I acquired a Cambrian Kits Type A container kit which is a nice kit. I'll run this on the Conflat painted crimson with Cambridge Custom Transfers for the lettering. Finally I acquired a lovely Bachmann Stanier Mogul in the Rail's sale fot £89. I've fitted the detail kit and being a Nuneaton or Rugby based prototype 42969 does not need renumbering. Think it would have made it to Kettering easily enough. Coat of Johnson's Klear brush applied to the body work to lift the flatness of the factory finish. I will put a 2B shed code plate on it from Fox then ready for light weathering. Coal, crew and Lanarkshire Model Supplies LMS lamp. Some nice projects on the got. More soon. Cheers, Mark Wadenhoe Road being used as a photo plank. Don't look too closely at the track...
  8. Lovely snaps GreenGiraffe22. Thanks for posting and loads of inspiration. I can order a suitable model to paint now. As Jack has said any ideas of how long 2644 stayed in green? Cheers, Mark
  9. Like others I'm awaiting the Rail's Terrier with anticipation. Out of interest did the Terriers carry the plain black with Bulleid Sunshine lettering livery? As this option is not available if it was prototypical what would be the best version to repaint into this livery? Cheers, Mark
  10. Have been trying that back combed look again?
  11. Likewise Stewart I've an LMS Ivatt and a Michael Edge conversion kit waiting in the wings to do one of the 15B twins but I'd been holding out for the announcements. Now the donor Ivatt will be saved for another project or sold. Look forwards to seeing progress on your 78021 mind. Cheers, Mark
  12. Thanks Graham for posting these images. For me the star of the announcements from Hornby. Like others have mentioned I thought Bachmann would be doing this model. Nevertheless I will be ordering a couple to become 15B's 78020 and 78021. Brilliant news all round Cheers, Mark
  13. Thankyou Tony for taking these photos. It's always lovely to see a project finished awaiting the paint shop. Wonderful detailing and once painted guilded nicely. Funny you mention the Irwell book. I had one given to me as a Christmas present and it's makes a suitable backdrop for 46502. On the subject of cost compared to a Bachmann version I think it comes down to what your perception of cost comes down to. With 46520 you have a unique model that has been crafted by yours and others hands. It is your combined work. Unlike 46460 which is a beautiful Bachmann model owned by many. I understand the cost issue as I have a mint Bachmann LMS Ivatt 2-6-0 I picked up for a good price. The plan is to convert it to a BR Standard 2-6-0 78xxx using a Judith Edge conversion kit. The interesting side of things comes when you price up the BR Standard fittings from Gibson required to create a 78xxx. Altogether the sum of parts starts to add up. Now is it worth progressing with this project or wait for the eventual Bachmann version to appear? The Comet Ivatt 2-6-0 2MT is certainly a beautiful fine model. I have a good friend who has built one. Thanks once again Tony. Cheers, Mark
  14. John is correct here. There is a trusty XO3 lurking in the loco itself. Cheers, Mark
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