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    The Kettering-Cambridge Line-Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 heaven, with the odd J15 thrown in for a good measure. This will be my long term project. Just need Bachmann to produce a Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 78000 eventually.

    Originating from Northamptonshire ironstone railways are also of interest and this a demonstrated in my micro-layout Juniper Hill.

    Having lived in Devon for a number of years and falling foul of the beauty of the Tamar Valley I'm interested in the Southern Railway line to Okehampton and the Callington Branch. This will no doubt provide the basis for a layout one day.

    The railways of the Scottish Highlands and Borders will also produce suitable layout ideas as well

    I also love narrow gauge railways and a 009 project is underway for 2019.

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  1. Thankyou Rob for your kind words. Some good bargains secondhand and new to be had. The not so loved LMS version could easily be turned into an unlined black ER example I'd like to see your take on one of these Ivatt's especially with your excellent weathering. Cheers, Mark
  2. Thankyou Blackthorn. Bachmann have done a 46526 as you are aware. This one started off as a 46521 model. Thanks as well for sharing the a Dursley branch memories. I was tempted to do 46527 but it wasn't fitted with a 85B shedcode plate hence my chosen number. Cheers, Mark
  3. What's going on in Model Rail. I don't get this with my subscription...
  4. Eventually I've completed my take on Gloucester 85B resident 46526 using the excellent Bachmann model as a starting point. The DMR chimney has bedded in nicely on the smokebox. Pacific Models provided the source of the smokebox door number plate. A Fox Transfers 85B shed code plate transfer was applied as well. Usual weathering techniques using Tamiya NATO Black/Brown airbrushed for frame dirt. A dusting of NATO black was used on the boiler top and tender coal bunker sides as per prototype photos. Real coal was added to
  5. 46444

    Bovey Tor

    Brilliant modelling. Already the scene is being set nicely...
  6. Accurascale have shown us the excellent Caley Mk5 sleeper carriage samples which have broken cover today. Now's the time to get on board with these 73/9's to go with them..
  7. Is that an option to produce a LMS D2039 van then? You've given me some ideas. Cheers, Mark
  8. Blimey! Now I'm confused... IIRC that was a Airfix/GMR van body. I think it had Lyons branding on it. I personally thought the Dapol body was the same... Colourwise that was a Tamiya homebrew..
  9. If the bracing is incorrect then that makes my LMS van incorrect too then Robin. I'll have a look in the Essery LMS Wagon book later but like you mine is all finished so I'm leaving well alone. As for the bauxite paint I use any shade I think looks right... Tamiya NATO brown is my starting point these days. I'm sure there would be a Vallejo equivalent. I would continue along the path you have taken Robin personally and enjoy completing your build.
  10. Re: the bauxite debate Robin. I'd imagine like others have said once transfers are on and the van receives a coat of matt varnish and weathering the colour will darken. As CK mentioned wagon colours would vary especially in your chosen period post-war. Mark
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