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    The Kettering-Cambridge Line-Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 heaven, with the odd J15 thrown in for a good measure. This will be my long term project. Just need Bachmann to produce a Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 78000 eventually.

    Originating from Northamptonshire ironstone railways are also of interest and this a demonstrated in my micro-layout Juniper Hill.

    Having lived in Devon for a number of years and falling foul of the beauty of the Tamar Valley I'm interested in the Southern Railway line to Okehampton and the Callington Branch. This will no doubt provide the basis for a layout one day.

    The railways of the Scottish Highlands and Borders will also produce suitable layout ideas as well

    I also love narrow gauge railways and a 009 project is underway for 2019.

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  1. 46444

    Kyle be back...

    Tractortastic..... Glad you had a good one Pete.... Cheers, Mark
  2. Beautiful modelling Mikkel.... Think we need more of these short films. Enjoyed the 1947 period as well.. Cheers, Mark
  3. Thanks Paul, Goodness knows how I missed those. Thankyou for pointing me in right direction. Much appreciated. Apologies if I have caused you offence. It was in no way a criticism of your excellent site. Kind regards, Mark
  4. Nice work on those Starfish Robin. Weathering adds to their character as well. Were they the ones you were building? How about an Ian Kirk P17 ballast wagon kit next?
  5. Just a note of thanks to Dave. Buffers ordered on the 29/10/2019 and received today. Excellent service as ever. Cheers, Mark
  6. Thanks as well Mick. Nicely weathered and the same livery I'm going to finish mine in. The shot is also very useful regarding positioning of the hand rails and pipe run. Regards, Mark
  7. Thanks Ian, That's just what I needed and can work from those images. Very kind of you to post them. Cheers, Mark
  8. I'm currently building a small rake of Airfix/Dapol Presflo wagons at present and planning on finishing them in the later Blue Circle livery using Cambridge Custom Transfers. One thing I've noticed is the additional pipe which runs from roof level past the pressure gauges on the side of the wagons. I've looked through many images including those on Paul Bartlett's site but can't find one showing the position of this pipe on the roof. Also I'm looking for pictures of the additional hand rail fixing points on the top of the wagon around the ladder. Does anyone have any suitable prototype photos of Presflo roofs they could post? Alternatively a picture of a Bachmann Presflo roof taken from the top? Thanks in advance . Mark
  9. Morning Pete, Sussed! Indeed the late Sir David originated from Northamptonshire and was a alumni of Wellingborough Grammar School. Thanks for the kind comments as well. Good to get back working on pair of coaches. There is project which will appear in due course based around the Tamar Valley. Cheers, Mark
  10. Hello. Welcome and Good Evening... A few years ago I purchased the Kernow LSWR Gate Stock in SR Malachite livery finished as Set 373 and suitable for a Plymouth based set. Overall I was pleased with my purchase but was aware of a few detailing weaknesses including over scale bogie stepboards along with the problem of the continuous rear seat in the mouldings where a gangway should be present. An excellent review by Graham Muspratt on his blog highlights in more detail the short comings and positives of these models and is listed below: https://grahammuz.com/2017/10/26/the-first-ex-lswr-gate-stock-sets-arrival-from-kernow-model-rail-centre/ For me the Malachite paintwork was also a bit flat and I thought I would respray the coaches giving them a more satin finish. Having stripped the coaches down and having received a coat of Halfords grey primer they sat for many months on my to do shelf. Thankfully with the completion of Wadenhoe Road my 009 layout I have managed to start work on this pair once more along with a few other projects., So far I have undertaken the following: 1: Replaced the original pizza cutter 'blingtastic' wheels with Alan Gibson 14mm coach wheelsets on Lima length axles (Due to the bogies being too narrow standard length wheelsets will not fit). 2. Opened up the rear gangways on both seat mouldlings with the aid of a razor saw. 3: Resprayed the bodyshells with Precision SR Malachite and carriage roofs with Tamiya German Grey. 4: Replaced the buffers with Roxey turned brass versions as the moulded ones are fragile. 5: I am in the process of replacing the stepboards. I'll post some photos of my work to date tomorrow but I have a few questions I'm hoping some kind soul may know the answers to. 1: In Grahman's review he mentions the transposing of the battery boxes and the brake 'V' hangers. Can anyone advise on the correct positioning and which ones need removing? 2: What colour would the carriage interiors have been? Kernow have gone for a two tone effect with brown on the lower compartment side and cream on the upper compartment side. Is this correct or would they have been varnished stained wood? 3: What colour would the seating fabric be? Thanks in advance and photos tomorrow in good light. Cheers, Mark
  11. 46444

    Back to my roots...

    Brilliant stuff Pete and plenty of JV inspiration abounds Looking forwards to further developments. Airbrush on standby.... Cheers, Mark
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