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    The Kettering-Cambridge Line-Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 heaven, with the odd J15 thrown in for a good measure. This will be my long term project. Just need Bachmann to produce a Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 78000 eventually.

    Originating from Northamptonshire ironstone railways are also of interest and this a demonstrated in my micro-layout Juniper Hill.

    Having lived in Devon for a number of years and falling foul of the beauty of the Tamar Valley I'm interested in the Southern Railway line to Okehampton and the Callington Branch. This will no doubt provide the basis for a layout one day.

    The railways of the Scottish Highlands and Borders will also produce suitable layout ideas as well

    I also love narrow gauge railways and a 009 project is underway for 2019.

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  1. Totally agree Mike and nice to see the chimney back in the range again. Likewise I think Andrew must have run for cover every time I asked about these chimneys being re-released.
  2. Brilliant news! A really useful accessory and nicely printed. I'll certainly be ordering one when they are released.
  3. Placed an order with Wizard Models on Saturday for a number of items which arrived today nicely packaged from North Lincolnshire. Included in the order were four LS48 BR Ivatt Class 2 narrow chimneys (Darlington build 46465-46490). I believe these have been recently reintroduced. https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/locomotive/ls48/ As I've three Bachmann models to finish of 46466 (31A), 46467 (31A) and 46468 (63D) these are a welcome reintroduction. Watch my blog for the completion of these three. These are excellent castings. With some good bargains to be had with regards to Bachmann's model of LMS Ivatt 2MT 6419 it may worth a quick project to produce an unlined BR version with Darlington chimney. Well recommended and excellent service as ever from Andrew. Cheers, Mark
  4. Nicely restored prototype The number on my model was chosen because it fitted into the size of the end panel nicely..
  5. Thanks Ian for the prototype information Like Robin mentioned previously the Ratio instructions do/did list the GWR versions. Here's a GWR version in BR times courtesy of Paul Bartlett: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/gwrvans/ha2eabb6 Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi CoY, These Dapol/Mainline/Airfix generated conversions using kit built chassis do give a bit of variety and essentially use in some cases an accurate body. It is worth researching your prototype. I'm not sure on the Dapol models you've listed. Some may have been stretched to fit an off the shelf chassis. The Dapol/Airfix LMS van body, Mainline LMS 3 Plank Medfit and Airfix LMS 5 Plank Merchandise wagon offer many conversion opportunities using Ratio or Parkside chassis. More in moment wagon number wise for the SR van design GWR van. Cheers, Mark
  7. Very nice work there Robin Looks like you've done a cracking job there. Like you say a nice pocket money weekend project and bit of old school modelling. Thankyou Robin for the acknowledgement. It has been good to be of assistance. Looking forwards to seeing it finished. Cheers, Mark
  8. How about Northampton Castle Street or Althorpe Station?
  9. Very nice too! I'm going to be doing a version of 8745 with riveted tank sides as well. A Weymouth loco before moving to Gloucester. Out of interest what rivets did you use? Are they Archer's? If so what set did you use? Thanks in advance. Mark
  10. Some very nice work all round Richard. The Stanier Black 4 does look superb and nice work on the GBL Black 5's. A visit to your thread never disappoints Cheers, Mark
  11. Not forgetting a PD&SWJR 0-6-2T of course...
  12. Fantastic news all round. Congratulations to Graham and Chris. Looking forwards to seeing a productive working partnership. Let's hope the KMRC LSWR/SR/BR 0-4-4 O2 Class is in line for a chassis revamp as per recent EFE Rail releases as well Cheers, Mark
  13. Very nice work Ric. Lovely neat soldering which will pay dividends.. Cheers, Mark
  14. 46444

    The Engine Shed

    Like others have said a newly tooled Caley 264 Class Pug would be lovely to see. I guess options of a Drummond Y9 NBR/LNER would also be viable.
  15. A good read Graham. These are smashing models and your personalisation lifts them nicely. Cheers, Mark
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