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  1. Very nice Matt. I'll be placing an order for one of your prints shortly. I do have a spare Kato 109 chassis so it will be ideal. The Hunslet tank looks great. Cheers, Mark
  2. Brilliant news and great to hear a long awaited update on this project. This is a real chance to have a quality Accurascale model of this distinctive Class 73 variant produced for KMS. All variants offer a distinctive and widely travelled prototype. Here's to the next update Cheers, Mark
  3. I would agree with that sentiment totally. The 73/9 is the deal breaker when I'm wanting to model a Fort William consist. I have expressed an interest for two of them. I have a set of Mk5 sleepers on order with Accurascale but the lack of information regarding suitable motive power is worrying. Would some form of reassurance about the progress of the 73/9 project from either party be forthcoming? It would be most welcome. This is a project that deserves to succeed. Cheers, Mark
  4. A good friend of mine was a fireman at Wellingborough 15A during the 1950's early 60's. He remembers The Fell when it appeared on shed often having been dragged in on skids for attention of the fitters having failed on its trip down from Derby. The Wellingborough fitters were not allowed anywhere near it and technical personnel from Derby were sent down to repair it. They lodged at the Mill Road Engineman's Hostel getting The Fell ready for its return north. Mixed in with the assortment of 15A's usual stud of 8F's and 9F's it certainly caused a stir. I've pre-ordered a BR lined green version of the KR Models Fell and it will certainly have a run on Brian's layout. I'm sure it will bring the memories and tales flooding back. Just need a set of 4mm scale skids! I'm looking forwards to its arrival. Thankyou KR Models for having the commitment to produce this one off prototype. Cheers, Mark
  5. Brilliant find. The video certainly demonstrates the difficulties with access and how skillful the Allelys team were. Cheers, Mark
  6. Recently returned from an excellent holiday near Barmouth. Popped down to the Co-op store in town for a pint of milk only to be greeted with the site of 158824 on the back of two Allelys low loaders being re-railed in the Co-op Car Park adjacent to the station. According to the Allelys driver a Network Rail team were building a ramp to re-rail both carriages as there is a spur behind the store adjacent to the station. I believe its built on the old goods yard. Apparently the unit had been picked up from Chirk. Does anyone know why this procedure takes place at this point? Access wise it looks an absolute nightmare. Now for a bit of modelling inspiration. Not far from Shell Island is the lovely station of Pensarn. The lifted sidings still have the remains of the loading gauge present. Loading gauge visible. 158838 arrives on an evening service to Machynlleth. The day before 158822 is seen at Tywynn. Cheers, Mark
  7. Thanks Pete, The photo plank has certainly earned its keep. Might need a bit of a refresh in places shortly. New layout to start shortly as well...
  8. Thanks for the heads up Robin. Certainly looks useful and good to see Rapido raising the bar with these wagons.
  9. Thanks as well Rob... Hmmmm! Hattons Genesis in S&DJR Prussian blue.... There's a thought....
  10. Thankyou you kind Sir... Hopefully they'll be a few more along the way shortly. Just finish off a few projects.. Agreed. I've a feeling the Hattons Genesis coaches may come up trumps. I've one on order as you might have guessed.. Saying that the Hornby coach does scrub up well.. Cheers, Mark
  11. When Hornby released their generic 4 and 6 wheeled coached I picked up a 6 wheeler to convert to an Engineer's Coach. The coach was broken down into its component parts almost immediately. I made a scratch built solebar footstep from a piece of Microstrip. This was held in place with brackets made from staples fixed into thd solebars. The original Hornby footboards had their stays removed and holes drilled for strong piano wire in their place. Recipricating holes were drilled in the floor of the coach. On the foot boards cut outs were made for the axleboxes. Everything was then glued into place. I changed the buffers and coupling hooks for some Lanarkshire Models versions from Mr. Frank's. I also replaced one of the battery boxes with a tank for variety. The underframe was then sprayed with Halfords grey primer and satin black. The roof was hand painted with Vallejo acrylics and suitably weathered with a spray of Tamiya NATO black. Some of the door window frames were painted a wood colour. Existing numbers were removed with a blunt cocktail stick and HMRS numbers used in their place. The 'D' and 'ED' transfers were from a CCT Grampus sheet. Everything sealed with Klear brush painted then airbrushed with Vallejo satin varnish. A wash of Vallejo acrylics was then applied and wiped off with a damp cotton bud. Underframe weathering was airbrushed on with an homebrew of Tamiya NATO Black and Brown. I found a set of vacuum pipes to finish. Overall a nice little project which in my eyes lifts the model nicely. Here's an engineer's train accompanyied by a an ex NBR J36. Cheers, Mark
  12. I know Paul said folding up the roof wasn't for the faint hearted...
  13. I'll be voting for... 1, 7, 9. GE Section stock much needed and well travelled. Something different as well. Full Gresley Streamline stock would look stunning Thompson round corner window stock like others have mentioned provides additional variation. Great idea this. Thanks, Mark
  14. Cracking work Alex. The weathering has lifted these models nicely and given them that prototype work weary appearance. Some nice effects all round and good to try new techniques. Cheers, Mark
  15. Very nice work Robin on both builds. The Five79 Long Low adds a bit of variety at pocket money prices. The Dapol/Airfix wagon bodies do give a few nice options when mated with a suitable Parkside/Ratio chassis. Looks like a proper job shunting session is required using a nice new Paneer. Cheers, Mark
  16. Evening Alex, Nice work on the brake vans and wagons. I'm doing something similar with some Mainline Lowfits. I believe Cambridge Custom Transfers Sheet BL58 may be your friend. I need to order some of these myself from John. Talking of Woodhead Transfers I do remember them and have the remnants of BR Loco/Carriage set in my transfer box. Brilliant transfers and easy to use with first class results like your Conflat. What became of them? Cheers, Mark
  17. Many thanks to the four of you for the helpful and indepth replies. I had forgotten about the Oxford version of these wagons in the earlier livery. Certainly a more accurate representation than the Airfix LMS open take on the livery. The photos on Tower Models site are useful and the sheet bar can be seen in the Rowland photo of L3102 I have dated 1962. As Compound mentions the Airfix wagon is numbered L3110. It would be a suitable future release for Oxford Rail in the later livery as per the Tower Models versions. Again not totally accurate but a fair representation. Thanks once again for all your replies. Cheers, Mark
  18. Recently I was given an old Airfix 5 Plank ICI Ltd Alkali Division wagon. I realise this livery has been applied to a LMS design so is not totally accurate. However, I have put a Ratio 10ft RCH chassis under the wagon body. Again perhaps not accurate. In Don Rowlands Twighlight of the Goods a prototype of one these ICI wagons is caputered at Niddrie in 1962. Does anyone know the prototype history of these wagons and their workings?.. Thanks in advance..... Mark
  19. Nice work and attention to detail with the RT Sanding Lever rods and running plate handrails Cheers, Mark
  20. Hi Charlie, Will these be available again in the Saltaire livery? Great news if they are. Cheers, Mark
  21. 46444

    New kid in town…

    Cracking stuff Pete... Lee has done a fantastic job all round and it looks suitably at home on Wenford.. Roll on 7mm Kylie I say... Cheers, Mark
  22. Sounds like The Rolling Stones...
  23. I placed an order on February 7th 2021 for two GWR loco numberplate sets. I must admit reading this thread I wondered when I might see them but knew they would turn up eventually from past experience. Well today out of the blue the numberplates arrived with a little note of apology for the delay from Jim. It does sound like Jim has been having a few personal problems which has not helped matters. Like Andy has mentioned better communication may have allayed fears and given reassurance but as with my order it arrived safely and securely. It was well packaged and the numberplates are up to the usual excellent standard. Perhaps if I was working to a dead line I would not be so accommodating but Jim has once more come up trumps with an excellent product and I would order from him once more. Cheers, Mark
  24. There's been some serious buffing of buffers on that 16xx at Lydney shed..
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