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  1. Your not coming over well at all. Maybe take a few hours review what and how your are saying and then reconsider. I am not taklking on Tim's behalf you post in a public fourm a negative post, you get replies which go against what you want to hear, dont then attack the people who have took the time to reply to you.
  2. Why do many of these moany posts always seems not complete....three years come on man! Tim is a decent fella and I cant see him not just replying to your email out of spite...maybe it didn't land got caught in spam who knows but if you base your dealings so public in a two emails and thenh coming on here for feedback....hardly the best way to go about it in my honest opionion. Ian
  3. Hi Ralf, I would be tempted to have access maybe via short casstte type arrangement to allow things to "leave" via the sheds. Also giving the feel of the sheds being bigger than the perceived depth. id be tempted to tackle the track via copper clad which could fit well with your flatbottom industrial feel. Ian
  4. Hi Ralf, Worth reading are two works by Ian Rice one the wild swan guide to finescale track published ages ago.. the an apporaich to copperclad again printed years and years ago but not as long ago... Then the rather tasty work by the 2mm assocation which ok its 2mm but has many ways of have a think of how to do stuff... As for gauges I have several peoples and its a case of using what feels right for the appplication, bit of a cop out but it is a case of trial and error as it where. if you want a hand or to look at any of my gauages if you might be who I think you are I can happily drop them in....erm wednesday???? if you aint the person who i think you are well erm sorry! Ian
  5. Years ago Google Earh had some fine images as captured by the German Luftwaffe. Liverpool was captured in great detail. You also have the old Os maps that can be bought for a few pounds.... The record office in Liverpool Library is also an excellent resource who maybe able to help with remote searches Ian
  6. it can go a brown to black depending on how many applications. you an get marker pens of it too which aids application
  7. lets get the words right...a 2d retool to me implies that the exisiting now 40 year old model would seemingly get worked on. for me thats a total no. the 2d has been used by in ways the real railway didn't... the 2d was ok for its time but has errors The 2e hasn't got a solebar it has what looks like one..take them apart and reassemble and hey presto no solebar. ok you should not have to but. some competition surely aint a bad thing. I am all for getting rakes of stock but Bachmanns 2f release price brought a tear to my eye....
  8. As a full project no. Still possible.
  9. Yes applied with a Q tip will should do a job for you
  10. Has anyone had an issue with a throttle seemingly going dead? I hope that we have just knocled something off as we had a good session getting used to it on Saturday and returned to have a further trial and at some point we realsied that the left throttle wasnt lit with its blue light... hopefully its something simple? ian
  11. Its been a few years since I have been to Doncaster and was wondering what the car parking is like? ta in advance
  12. I forgot the APT as for the others yeah
  13. MGR Hopper you whopper.. Hornby have released more sparkies than anyone else. Class 86 Class 90 Class 91 Class 92 Class 390 Class 395 and then they have also provided OHLE over the years, ok they may not of been the best but that's Then they added the ex Lima Class 87. Who wouldn't like current state of the art models but when people keep coming out with miss information and myth, I think that does stop the groundswell of wanting new stuff,
  14. Very much like a 117 and built by the same people I would suggest that this is a 121 single car with a DTS sorry don't have the class number to hand but was basically an unpowered 117 DMS? The post is just in the wrong place! ian
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