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  1. Bet its all that steam punk stuff that has put them in profit. or Airfix! just try and buy a kit of late! Military modelling is a little bit more table top, I have invested in a few aircraft principally with the lack of rail shows my bits buying has shrunk. Compare military traders they have grasped e commerce.
  2. ditto... I had a very privileged but brief opportunity two years ago of working in Loram. Caroline was a favorite..
  3. I bet you are the best of the best with an airbrush.
  4. Not sure how you can tell from a cad what the spec is of a flange...
  5. They had one of Footballs longest serving managers if not the longest for many years (33) By trade a window cleaner it was joked he would take advice from many of his clients in the Crosby area, area with many Merseyside based footballers calling the Crosby home....
  6. I read somewhere very recently that someone said these are ex Airfix.. Odd that they they had existed without a release and for the only addition Hornby would make is the door lights! not having the option to just alter the tools!
  7. The Sleepers are I guess being released to make up the test trains as in the pics above.
  8. Can you explain about the "full retool" please
  9. more info coaching stock on ever annually... https://daverowland.smugmug.com/Platform5-Railway-Books
  10. I reckon the loco book was published twice a year, the others annually
  11. A mate who started on the railway with the LMS ended his career in Liverpool Lime Street's top link. He was one for a laugh too. A younger driver having done an inspection of his DVT and felt his DVT was missing a pantograph! report it then lad....to which the fitter then bent the younger drivers ear.. Jimmy, driving himself kicking back in his cab doing a ton going down working, was then greeted by a steward with a full brekkie. Imagine the surprise having worked on your own for twenty years, his comment "I almost s*te myself" but the brekkie was good.
  12. I beg to differ. A Mark 3b DVT aint a class 82/1. The model could actually be cheaper to produce as unlike a coach to convey passengers this has no interior to model after a small cab desk.
  13. Simple its a coach. No motor. Technically not a class either its number range falls within tops for npcs.
  14. MK1 Wobbly chassis released around forty years ago! at if my memory serves me right at about 75p??.....the buffers looked a little bit like a solid oleo. MK2 Then you had one with buffers from a design favoured by GW Churchward...possibly but hey it was sprung.... Oh and bits would fall off randomly. Oh and those buffers....sprung great but did I mention they bore no resemblance to anything oleo related. The shape was a bit iffy on both Hornby takes. They then basically invented a box body for their COALFISH, it was soon "retooled" Bits would still fall off. They then released batches at increased prices which had them sat on shelves...but its a new generation model, with some major flaws.. Some models you can have a hack at but the HAA family sort of relies on the bucket being accurate, it wasn't. The next generation deserve to do well.
  15. LATER NETWORK SOUTHEAST LIVERY: Roofs, dependent on type: RM 239: NSE Dark Grey RM 244: Silver Grey Window Panel: RM 243: NSE Dark Blue Bodyside lining and upsweeps: RM 240: Silver White (or Fox Transfers) RM 238: NSE Red (or Fox Transfers) Lower bodyside and upswept end: RM 244: Silver Grey Front: RM 202: Warning Panel Yellow or, for weathered versions: RM 452: 'Faded' Warning Panel Yellow
  16. I wonder if there is any scope for the Waterloo shop to look to copy the model from Tornado in Birmingham. It would be a huge shame not to be able to just pop in a specialist shop in the capital.
  17. Your not coming over well at all. Maybe take a few hours review what and how your are saying and then reconsider. I am not taklking on Tim's behalf you post in a public fourm a negative post, you get replies which go against what you want to hear, dont then attack the people who have took the time to reply to you.
  18. Why do many of these moany posts always seems not complete....three years come on man! Tim is a decent fella and I cant see him not just replying to your email out of spite...maybe it didn't land got caught in spam who knows but if you base your dealings so public in a two emails and thenh coming on here for feedback....hardly the best way to go about it in my honest opionion. Ian
  19. Hi Ralf, I would be tempted to have access maybe via short casstte type arrangement to allow things to "leave" via the sheds. Also giving the feel of the sheds being bigger than the perceived depth. id be tempted to tackle the track via copper clad which could fit well with your flatbottom industrial feel. Ian
  20. Hi Ralf, Worth reading are two works by Ian Rice one the wild swan guide to finescale track published ages ago.. the an apporaich to copperclad again printed years and years ago but not as long ago... Then the rather tasty work by the 2mm assocation which ok its 2mm but has many ways of have a think of how to do stuff... As for gauges I have several peoples and its a case of using what feels right for the appplication, bit of a cop out but it is a case of trial and error as it where. if you want a hand or to look at any of my gauages if you might be who I think you are I can happily drop them in....erm wednesday???? if you aint the person who i think you are well erm sorry! Ian
  21. Years ago Google Earh had some fine images as captured by the German Luftwaffe. Liverpool was captured in great detail. You also have the old Os maps that can be bought for a few pounds.... The record office in Liverpool Library is also an excellent resource who maybe able to help with remote searches Ian
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