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  1. I have the same problem with my Digitrax Zephyr. It turns out it won’t programme CVs higher than (i think) 255. could that be the issue for you too? There is a workaround, but that didn’t work for me either!
  2. As has already been pointed out by Phil, the key phrase in Warley’s press release is: ‘the ongoing perception of risk means there are too many uncertainties to deliver a successful event in 2021’ Given the authoritative explanation from Les and the plethora of opinions here and elsewhere, they clearly had no option but to cancel. At least the burden of making the decision whether to go has been lifted from traders and nervous punters. I’m quite grateful for that.
  3. That’s very sad news about John Watson, Jeremy. A supremely talented and quietly influential man.
  4. Ooh- I have a coil of the 36 swg PB wire. It's marked 0.193mm-0.0076" will that work? I think I bought it for pickups. There's enough for several lifetimes so I can pop a hank in the post if you like, if you don't have enough to justify an order from Eileen's
  5. It most certainly is a useful thread Bob. The pickups you made for the 2MT are a characteristically elegant solution to a problem I've been pondering for weeks: thanks for putting me out of my misery! Can you remember what you used? Is it the PB wire that DG loops are made of? (he asks hopefully having loads of the stuff...)
  6. my research revealed that coal for the gasworks was brought into the back siding then loaded onto road vehicles to be transported back down the line (by road) to the gasworks. Labour was cheap in those days! Shame they decided to do it like that, I would have liked a gasworks siding to shunt on my model of Moretonhampstead.
  7. Ingenious wiring Ian, solved a long-standing problem for me- thanks!
  8. Ambis Engineering produce some very nice corrugated sheet in 2, 4 and 7mm scales and it's available direct or from Hobby Holidays. It's only slightly thicker than aluminium kitchen foil though, so it's quite vulnerable where it overhangs eaves and gutters. I had a chat with the chap at Severn Models, whose etched huts feature a really nice representation, with a view to persuading him to produce some sheets. He felt the cost might put most people off, but having wasted quite a bit of the Ambis product I for one would think it a worthwhile investment. He said I wasn't the only one to suggest it so perhaps if enough of us ask......
  9. Thanks for your reply Chris. One other thing- the 3D printed radial truck that is mentioned on the drawings, is that available? Perhaps you would be kind enough to post a link. Is the alternative to using it just to build the chassis as a 0-6-2?
  10. Hi Chris. I'm about to embark on a 61xx chassis and was wondering which wheels you had in mind when you designed it. 5'8" drivers come between two Association sizes so am I better going under at 11mm or slightly over at 11.5 mm? I'm guessing that 6mm pony and 6.5mm trailing wheels with the former or 6.5mm and 7mm with the latter would be consistent? Many thanks Pete
  11. Nice to see you back online John. Best wishes, Peter
  12. I'm very interested in this, my Hymek is about to get it's third chassis….
  13. Very effective layout May I ask, is this office building made from a kit?
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