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  1. my research revealed that coal for the gasworks was brought into the back siding then loaded onto road vehicles to be transported back down the line (by road) to the gasworks. Labour was cheap in those days! Shame they decided to do it like that, I would have liked a gasworks siding to shunt on my model of Moretonhampstead.
  2. Ingenious wiring Ian, solved a long-standing problem for me- thanks!
  3. Ambis Engineering produce some very nice corrugated sheet in 2, 4 and 7mm scales and it's available direct or from Hobby Holidays. It's only slightly thicker than aluminium kitchen foil though, so it's quite vulnerable where it overhangs eaves and gutters. I had a chat with the chap at Severn Models, whose etched huts feature a really nice representation, with a view to persuading him to produce some sheets. He felt the cost might put most people off, but having wasted quite a bit of the Ambis product I for one would think it a worthwhile investment. He said I wasn't the only one to suggest it
  4. Thanks for your reply Chris. One other thing- the 3D printed radial truck that is mentioned on the drawings, is that available? Perhaps you would be kind enough to post a link. Is the alternative to using it just to build the chassis as a 0-6-2?
  5. Hi Chris. I'm about to embark on a 61xx chassis and was wondering which wheels you had in mind when you designed it. 5'8" drivers come between two Association sizes so am I better going under at 11mm or slightly over at 11.5 mm? I'm guessing that 6mm pony and 6.5mm trailing wheels with the former or 6.5mm and 7mm with the latter would be consistent? Many thanks Pete
  6. Nice to see you back online John. Best wishes, Peter
  7. I'm very interested in this, my Hymek is about to get it's third chassis….
  8. Very effective layout May I ask, is this office building made from a kit?
  9. That looks good Julia.It is possible to get these little engines to run well but the weight has to be in the right place as Rich rightly says. My boiler is full of lead (skirts removed as yours) and I have plenty in the tanks over where the worm sits. As much is possible is needed to counterbalance the motor and put the weight over the driving wheels. There is a bit of room between the frames in front of the front drivers, but one of the nice things about cutting those plastic skirts away is the nice view under the boiler of the unfettered frames and wheels and the track below. Stuart Bailey h
  10. Nice talking to you on Saturday, as ever. And thanks for posting that picture of the siphon underframe- I can make sense of my etch now! Best Peter
  11. nightmail

    St Albans 2014

    I had a very pleasant time watching an entire sequence at St Ruth during which everything worked perfectly. I found the screens describing the moves really helped turn it into a piece of theatre and made for a very convincing experience. I'm really interested in how you get on with the Dapol Western Jerry, so please keep us all posted. In the meantime I'd love to know how you guys made the Farish Westerns look so nice. Is it covered elsewhere? Best regards to all of you. Peter
  12. nightmail


    Hello Andy, Jerry. The Hymek looks much better lowered, I must pluck up the courage to do mine, particularly as it has a wonky buffer beam. One question though to both of you: did you replace the wheels on your Hymeks or did you get them turned down? Is it easy to remove/replace them? OK that's two questions. Best Peter
  13. Stuart, forgive me if you've covered this already but may I ask how you converted your class 14, your Warship and the 2-6-4 tank loco?. Do they have turned down wheels?
  14. nightmail

    Made in Italy

    You probably have seen a Fava bean Andy, it's another name for a broad bean. RMWeb, all human knowledge is here...
  15. nightmail

    50% More Sleep...

    Which Haff pen(s) did you go for Andy? what line width do you generally aim for?
  16. Well, I'm not the Pete you are waiting for, I'm a different one but for what it's worth I approve the Easitrac decision too...
  17. Sorry to be a dimwit but I've come to this thread late via the fascinating pictures of the 14xx chassis. Is the intention to supply a complete kit (wheels, chassis etch, bushes, motor, couplig rods etc) to convert the 14xx and 57xx? Or is that just the wishful thinking of a beginner who has yet to produce a finescale loco? Could somebody bring me up to speed please?
  18. Hi Julia, lovely talking to you on Saturday at Ally Pally and finally meeting Elvis in the flesh, although seeing the incredible standard of your work gives one the unique sensation of being inspired and dispirited- both at the same time! My dad was with me on our traditional annual model railway show jaunt and I explained to him that you had made Elvis from an etch that even the designer admits is impossible to build. We'd spent quite some time at Swindon last year looking at the real thing together and he was only too aware of the complexities and compound curves you had captured. He wa
  19. Grahame, hello again. I'm finally ready! I've joined the 2mm Association (after deliberating for about thirty eight years) and have bought all the bits, together with the jigs and gauges via Noel Leaver. But characteristically I have hit a snag before I've even started- or perhaps I'm thinking this through too much. It's just occurred to me that the check rails are held in place by double chairs- and hence the flangeway gap will be to 2mm finescale standards. This is going to be a problem isn't it? If so- how did you work around it? Best Peter You don't n
  20. nightmail


    You've probably seen this already but grahame has put up an article about his experiments with Easitrac in conjunction with Easitrac point bases relaid to 9mm gauge. It seems many of us N-Gaugers are all ploughing the same furrow- lingering around the 2mm Association stand at shows- envying their lovely trackwork, but at the same time unable to find the time or money to convert dozens of locos and stock to finescale to build a decent sized layout single handed. We desperately need a decent N Gauge code 40 trackage system. I have been toying with converting to Finescale but only being able
  21. thanks Grahame- the penny has finally dropped. because the Easitrack system has glued-down chairs holding the track to the milled point base- you can put it wherever you need it- right? So, next question (you knew there would be!) where do I get the 'special n crossing jig" and flangeway thingummies? thanks in anticipation......
  22. Hello again Grahame- we have conversed on this most interesting topic before..... May I ask- am I right in thinking that you are going to use Easitrack track bases for plain track- at 2mm finescale gauging? And are the pre-milled point bases going to be used at their correct (finescale) gauge- but just with different flangeway clearances? If so- this is going to solve a problem I have been mulling over for ..er...years! If it all works (and I sincerely hope it does) please post your findings immediately! Yours with bated breath and poised soldering iron.... Peter
  23. It was the Sunday.......and nice bumping into you Jonathan! The K2 looked superb. Also enjoyed looking at your video- despite repeated visits that's the first time I've seen anything move over the tracks at West Mersea! I shall keep trying....... Hopefully I shall see you at the next meeting, with or without my baby daughter- although she is starting to get used to the smell of flux and MDF dust. Warm regards Peter
  24. I'm glad you mentioned that, Ravenser. I too was at the Colchester Show and was momentarily taken aback by the Nazi insignia used on that layout. On reflection though, I think that has more to do with my personal politics than anything else. After all, it is perfectly normal for military modellers to create models of WW11 subjects other than Allied Forces. It's just that we are not used to seeing them on model railways. In recent years there has been a definite trend towards depicting grittier urban scenarios within the context of a layout, rather than the usual bucolic scenes. Grahame H
  25. no- but it's really interesting!

    thanks very much for that Jim- i appreciate it.

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