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  1. Well, I've been offline for a while, mostly for medical reasons which have also kept me from working onn models. But, I'm back online and noticed my last update never got posted. Here's where I was when I went offline... The HO wreck train I got the couplers mounted and the remainder of the frame/chassis parts installed. In order to make the couplers removable, I had to do some carving away of parts, but it won't be visibe on the track, so I'm not too worried Next is to do the paint and final assembly. Hopefully the boom rigging it easier than on the N scale model.
  2. Lot of work for a "static model". Looks amazing. Someone surprised you're not powering it, "just in case"
  3. Hi folks, I've been fairly productive lately, both in the treatment room and at home. Firstly, I finished the remaining roof latching mechanisms. Its looking like I made a mistake with them, as it appears that the eyebolts should have been between the "hooks" instead of outside of them. But, I'm not going to enter this in any contests, and I really don't feel like taking them apart and re-doing them. So, I'll know they're wrong, but I strongly suspect 99.99% of people won't notice nor know they're wrong... 0 The instructions only had two steps left. Ins
  4. Rapido just announced they're producing "The Canadian" passenger car train in N scale. Looks like they're doing a 10 car set, a 3 car set, and also the dome cars separately. You'll need multiple sets to make the full train, as it usually ran with between 18 and 22 cars. pretty ambitious! No prices yet. https://www.rapidotrains.com/products/n-scale/complete-trains/the-canadian
  5. Didn't get as much done in the Treatment Room yesterday as I hoped. But, I did get another project "finished" and got some good news. Last week, I had some tests to see how the treatment is working. I got the results yesterday, and things are promising. My lymph nodes are shrinking, some are 1/2 the size they were when I started the treatment, but they're still enlarged, and the PET scan showed reduced levels of the bad stuff in my lymph nodes. Needless to say, I'm happy with this news! So, we keep going and see where we get after the scheduled treatments are complete.
  6. The trip to Duluth has been confirmed, and a schedule announced by UP. https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm Mike
  7. Not very long. 15-20 minutes. After I finished painting, I cleaned the airbrush first, and then went to remove the tape. I also pull the tape off at a "sharp angle". that is, way more than 90 degrees. (here's the best picture I found, after a quick google search, which shows what I mean...) That's basically the same thing I did with the caboose. And for that, I had to paint the ends, mask them off and paint the sides, and then mask off both and paint the roof. Also, I had to burnish the tape down pretty solidly on the caboose as where the end meets the bottom of the roof is a
  8. Hi folks, We finally had a GLORIOUS weekend, weather-wise, here in Boston, so I took out the airbrush and did a bunch of painting. First, I weathered the 5 intermountain hoppers, added 1.5 oz of weight, and made some coal loads. I applied different levels of weathering to make them not look entirely alike. On two of them, a few the decals "hazed" when I applied the dullcote. Never had that happen before, they looked great, but after dullcote, you could clearly see the decal film. (you can see this in the picture above, look at the "C&am
  9. Well, after my last treatment, my blood counts wound up WAY too low, and I wound up staying in the hospital for a few days. I didn't bring my "project bag" with me when I was admitted, but my parents brought it in when they came to visit. (stopping by my house was along the way) This gave me a day to make progress on the On3 Drop Bottom Gondola. The first thing, or next thing(?), was to install the drop bottom doors. There are actually 3 different parts for these doors. The left end, the right end, and 4 identical ones in the middle. Each of these has a "stop block" on it, w
  10. There are reports of future "Big Boy" excursions. One to southern California, to "reward" the group that gave 4014 back to Uncle Pete... http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2019/05/31-big-boy-excursion-set-for-southern-california?fbclid=IwAR173RbGuECcOiTCuNp1hPHLW_GHik0TobXz9D2-inuOn-x2cu-n4uEutrI There are also reports of a trip east to Duluth Minnesota... http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2019/06/04-minnesota-museum-confirms-big-boy-4014-visit-in-july?fbclid=IwAR2OfPJL4ftJg8_gGhXpWyzhjv-JpdpdYGBEg3advc3TYMFqdtMa7bqh-Cg
  11. Quite a job forming that firebox front/combustion chamber bottom piece. Clearly a craftsman.
  12. This weeks session in the treatment room, I was focused on the drop bottom gon. First, I installed the truss rods. The instructions had a full size template to mark the bends, so that wasn't too hard. What was tricky is that these rods almost don't need to be glued in, they snap into the queen posts, and get threaded around the bolsters. The inner two need glue on top of the coupler pockets, the outer get snapped into pieces on the top of the bolster and the ends. (I glued the ends) The next step was to start working on the floor of the gondola body. Th
  13. Sounds like a plan to me. Cheyenne and Denver are reasonably close, by Western US standards, at only about a 2 hour drive. You might want to contact the UP and see if you can get in to see the shops if its not under steam. I don't know if it'll work, but its worth a try.
  14. The first few minutes of this "big boy" video certainly fit this topic. Simply a stunning piece of video. (and yes, I already posted it in the "big boy to return to steam" thread...)
  15. This is a seriously beautiful video of 4014 and 844. Well worth the 4-5 minutes. (and amazingly, only 1500 views as of this posting.)
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