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    2mm/4mm/7mm loco kit and scratch-building; Great Western and Western region (particularly Culm Valley Branch) and LSWR. Recently published "Scratch-building Model Railway Locomotives" for Crowood Press.

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  1. Thanks people for the kind words about my books and it's great that you're interested in scratch-building! I have done a number of rather idiosyncratic Youtube videos introducing my scratch-building techniques in metal. It's a bit alarming to discover that they're 5 years old, and I do intend to carry on with them...sometime! The first one is here: I hope they might prove useful. Cheers Simon.
  2. Thanks for your replies; so a receiver has to have electric motor control for it to do what I want it to (12 locos is more than enough, thanks!). So, the RCT-Rx65c receiver/controller would be OK? Cheers Simon
  3. Does anyone have experience/recommendations/thoughts regarding RC Trains products? I was thinking of the Tx10 transmitter and RCT-Rx102 receiver for a small 7mm garden circuit and battery driven tank locos? Cheers Simon
  4. I use the P4 axles to test for good running with Markits wheels before fitting Gibsons/Ultrascale with a GW press...usually works...though not always! A bit of final tweaking can work wonders. Cheers Simon
  5. Brilliant way of forming moulds for boiler fittings, thanks for sharing! Cheers Simon
  6. Thanks very much Chris, and it's your thread here, plus invaluable help from people like Mick, that is moving my scratch-built H&BR H1 2-4-0 in 7mm to the top of the to-do list. I've bought some excellent castings from Laurie Griffin to help me on my way too! Cheers Simon
  7. Beautiful locos Chris, thanks for sharing! Cheers Simon
  8. They're lovely Mike, a great idea! Thankyou. A few of the MR ones will look just right behind a Spinner!
  9. Has anybody got a set of Millholme instructions for the L&Y 4-6-4T Baltic Tank Kit? I've got a rescue project and would like to know what's missing! A scan would be very gratefully received. Cheers Simon
  10. That's decided, I'm sorting out the garden railway this summer!
  11. Thanks very much for everyone's help, lots to think about and discover! Cheers Simon
  12. Hi I'm presently refurbishing a rather beautiful and very old scratch-built O gauge GWR 4-4-0 loco for the widow of the builder. The prototype had 6'8" ish wheels and I could go for Slaters as it needs a new (non-running chassis) but I believe a set of coarse scale wheels would be a much better fit. Does anyone know of a source of something that might do? Cheers Simon
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