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    2mm/4mm/7mm loco kit and scratch-building; Great Western and Western region (particularly Culm Valley Branch) and LSWR. Recently published "Scratch-building Model Railway Locomotives" for Crowood Press.

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  1. Thanks very much! Here's another 4mm build, this time in 00. The wagon body is by Gordon Woods and the containers are adaptations from a mould I made from an old Triang model. The decals are Modelmaster, the securing chains adapted from Ambis engineering etches and the inspiration was from Geoff Kent's Wild Swan 4mm Wagons Volume 3!
  2. Another lock-down project; a GER F4, LNER condition, in P4. Detailed Gibson kit with a Marcus Burrow's chassis. Near ready for the paintshop...
  3. Thanks Mr Wright, I'll keep the finger tip advice to mind! I want the model to be 0-16.5 to complement my other O gauge modelling intererests so, unless a Wrightlines kit (no relation by any chance?) comes along, I think I'll scratch-build my Baldwin. A problem would be the domes, my lathe skills are rudimentary at best. Your model looks great, they really are lovely little locomotives! Cheers Simon
  4. Thanks for the replies, I've done a little research on the chassis via Mike (49395) who produced a very nice etch although he's run out of them, and I hadn't thought of Branchlines, I'll ask for their catalogue. I was wondering if the Bachmann chassis could be tinkered with? Cheers Simon
  5. In the absence of the Wrightlines Baldwin kit, has anyone had a go at modifying the Bachmann On-30 Trench loco, a 2-6-2t, into a 4-6-0t. Or does anyone have any ideas about how it might be done? It looks feasible, but might be a bit expensive! Especially as I can't find a drawing for the 2-6-2t. Cheers Simon
  6. Hi Ian, I'm very much enjoying building your cement van for a friend. I've just added the ribs and stuff on the two sides. The etch is beautifully designed and it's a joy to build; a fascinating prototype too. I particularly like the spare bits and pieces included, incredibly useful! Have you considered 7mm versions at all? Cheers Simon
  7. Lovely stuff Dave, I'd certainly be keen on an etch. I agree that the MSWJR had some beautiful locos, particularly the 0-4-4 tanks, one of which I one day hope to build in Great Westernized condition. Here's a 4-4-4t that I scratch-built a few years ago... Cheers Simon
  8. Hi Marcus, I hope you are well. That really is a beautiful little loco. Did you get it painted? And could you possibly share a few photos of the final motor/chassis assembly? Simon
  9. That's a fantastic resource, thanks for posting the link! Cheers Simon
  10. Thanks Brian, I'll have a go at that! It looks great. Regards Simon
  11. My latest lock-down project almost completed - a 7mm Hull and Barnsley horse-box from a very nice MSE kit. Added detail and painted following Mike Trice's excellent methods. A very enjoyable build, the first vehicle for my projected garden line!
  12. I have a few packs of beautiful Tangley Transfers, one of which I've just used for lettering an H&BR horsebox. Does anyone know anything about them? Cheers Simon
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