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  1. Thanks very much for everyone's help, lots to think about and discover! Cheers Simon
  2. Hi I'm presently refurbishing a rather beautiful and very old scratch-built O gauge GWR 4-4-0 loco for the widow of the builder. The prototype had 6'8" ish wheels and I could go for Slaters as it needs a new (non-running chassis) but I believe a set of coarse scale wheels would be a much better fit. Does anyone know of a source of something that might do? Cheers Simon
  3. Very positive news, both in the matter of Steve's health and his renewed motivation, good to hear!
  4. sej

    TFW’s workshop

    Thanks for that Tim, I've always wondered how to exactly position drills into pre-existing holes...and there you go! Cheers Simon
  5. Thanks very much for your help Alex, I'll take a look at those! Cheers Simon
  6. I want to source a Hornby 8F chassis to complete a Golden Arrow Urie G16 and I've forgotten how to identify the Chinese built version which is specified in the instructions. Can anyone help with catalogue numbers etc? Cheers Simon
  7. Hi Davey; progress always seems to go slowly for me too...here's something I've been finishing off which will leave the way open for my H1, which I think I'll definately scratch-build on hearing of your fun with the kit and I look forward to further updates from you! Cheers Simon
  8. Hi Davey. I hope you are well. How are you progressing with your H1? Regards Simon
  9. I'm not sure Dave, 1mm? Thanks for the advice; where do you get your engraving brass from? Cheers Simon
  10. Thanks Dave, that's great. I've recently been allowed to play on a pantograph engraved and can agree that making a video would definately require another pair of hands! Here's the result. The frames are for a 4mm Hull and Barnsley 0-4-2 H1 tender loco. We used some rather ordinary brass sheet which did result in breaking a cutter, partly due to my inexperience. Do you always use hard cartridge brass? Cheers Simon
  11. A backhead... And a bit of running in before wiring in the sound chip...
  12. Current progress on the 7mm Tilbury tank. Some work on the chassis and a bit of fettling, then ready to paint!
  13. Excellent, thankyou. I'll enquire about the Adam's Radial with a bit of LMS/BR whistle! Regards Simon
  14. Thanks David; so...Midland Compound or Adam's Radial...I was wondering about the sound of the whistle...is there a 2 cylinder standard BR tank engine that might do? Cheers Simon
  15. Thanks cypherman, a Midland compound could be just the thing! Does the compound bit make it sound at all different? Cheers Simon
  16. Hi; For my scratch-built 7mm 4-4-2 LTSR Tilbury tank I'd like to add DCC sound. Other than revving up "Thundersley" at Bressingham I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for something that might sound like one? They had a pair of outside cylinders and were apparently originally designed by Mr Adams of the LSWR, so an Adam's Radial might do? The LMS and BR fiddled and tinkered with them; mine is to be in BR ownership with an extended smokebox and possibly LMS/BR whistle so perhaps a more modern tank loco? Looking forward to your thoughts. Cheers Simon
  17. Thanks Nick, did you draw the etches? They look very well designed. Cheers Simon
  18. There are some really fascinating scratch-builds going on at the moment; looking forward to seeing how you progress and very interested in the pantograph engraving. Could you show us it in action? Cheers Simon
  19. That's a lovely loco Nick, both prototype and etches! What inspired you to model it? Cheers Simon
  20. That's a lovely loco Paul, thanks for posting the build! Cheers Simon
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