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  1. I own a full rake and it ran without slipping when hauled by the latest Hornby Princess Elizabeth - on flat baseboards with standard 4th radius curves. Not tried it with a streamlined princess coronation yet as I don't own one currently. the rake does look really good when running together.
  2. I've finally succumbed and ordered the DCC sound version! Better start saving the pennies up!
  3. I am hoping for this to be done as well, but I could do with it not appearing for a couple of years - until I have the funds!
  4. Congratulations to Rails on this venture - I have put my mney where my mouth is and ordered one. Can't wait to see it!
  5. Deposit paid! Better start saving my pennies!
  6. Placed my order at lunch for the LNER green version - that's me almost spent for the year! Don't tell the wife!
  7. Brilliant news! Must start saving pennies now, and finish the rake of NE wooden hoppers I have! I will definitely place an order once the house move is complete! SimonF
  8. Well with only a few days to go before the announcement I am going to put my tuppence worth in. I am going for an SECR 0-4-4T Class H to go with the birdcage stock. It will fit in nicely with their growing range of SECR locomotives Bachmann produce. I think an LNER C1 is on the cards - they are virtually identical to the LBSCR Marsh Atlantic which they were going to produce announced last Sept and will also tie in nicely with their NRM range. I am guessing they could do a special NRM only model of a C2 (Henry Oakley) using the chassis of this model at a later date. After this the crystal ball goes hazy so I am going to have a guess of an NBR Class C or LNER J36. 0-6-0 Freight engines are in vogue with both Bachmann and Hornby. As Bachmann have already announced they have dropped proposals for a J15 as Hornby have announced theirs, would they see this as an alternative? A Scottish loco, to possibly go with the D11/2 "Scottish Directors" they already produce and also it ties in nicely with the anniversary of WW1 - plus "Maude" is preserved and currently at the NRM. I doubt there will be any carriage stock announced as there was many announced last year. Simon
  9. I am suprised this hasn't appeared yet - an LNER 04/8 freight engine. Surely it would use most of the newly released Thompson 01? I think it might finally be the turn of original merchant navy and a revamped Class 90.
  10. SimonF

    New B17

    Just realised I had an e-mail from hattons last week - I have had this loco on order for soo long my credit card had expired in the mean time! Oh well just have to wait for the second batch.....
  11. Well it could be - hattons just e-mailed me again to say the B17 is now due for release end of september 2012! Gives me more time to track down some 52'6" carriages to go with it.....
  12. I had an e-mail from hattons last week saying that they were expecting the B17 "Sandringham" in stock in mid August, so fingers crossed!
  13. I find it a bit odd that "Book Law" has been deferred, especially as Hornby has two new LNER Garter Blue A4's being released in the 2012 catalogue. Perhaps it is just a bit too similar and too soon after to last years "Royal Lancer" release which only made it into the shops in Autumn 2011 for the general public? Oh well, thats some money saved until next year!
  14. I think Hornby's latest A4's are fantastic, but I still have a soft spot for my 1980's Flying Scotsman which was my first loco.
  15. My heart is hoping for a J11 (with a D11 as an NRM tie in later in the year)..... my wallet is hoping for something GWR so it won't tempt me!
  16. I think at the time (my memory is gonig these days) Bachmann opted for the short firebox version because it had never been offered as r-t-r before. Simon
  17. Just had a thought, with the arguments about duplicated models between Bachmann and Hornby how do you think this idea would pan out? What would happen if Hornby were to release a long firebox version of an LMS Jubilee, I guess they could use parts from their Rebuilt Scot/Patriot to reduce developemnt costs. This would be a different variation to Bachmanns latest superb (short firebox) model. Similarly they could develop their railroad 9f to produce a Crosti boilered 9F. These loco's would be different from Bachmanns offerings, and would sort of be complimenting each others ranges without possibly reducing each others sales? Just a ponderance....
  18. I think this is a great idea given the prices the D&S kits go for on Ebay but I think this might be more for 2013 to tie in with the celebrations for Mallards record breaking run. I believe the NRM is getting all six remaining A4's together for the celebration. I could see a ltd edition trainpack of Mallard and the dynamometer car would be a good seller? Certainly get the collectors and modellers drooling at the same time!
  19. I think the A2 which appears at position 11 refers to the Peppercorn variety of A2 which Bachmann released a couple of years ago
  20. Thats really great news if its true (well apart from the levers) - all we need now is an Apple Green A4 to go with it and I will be skint!
  21. I thought that but I reasoned that Hornby might want a flagship pre-grouping locomotive to dip their toe in this market and there is an LNER C1 in the national collection and the loco has polled qute well in the wish lists....
  22. I think I might dip my toe in the water for this years predictions. I don't think we will see an LNER B2 or streamlined B17 this year from Hornby as the B1's and B17's should just becoming available. Similarly I don't think a G5 will be a contender as I don't think the new build is far enough along to capture the general publics imagination just yet - it will probably be a contender for 2013. I am going to pin my hat on a 2BIL for the southern and a Class 90 electric to be announced. THe class 90 has a whole range of liveries to be exploited and the existing tooling can be moved to the Railroad range. Similarly I can see a Class 73 update to be announced rather than a Class 67 as the class 73 has more liveries to producxe including a pullman livery. I have a feeling the steam announcement will be a revised GWR King to take advantage of the Hawksworths in the Hornby range. If I am to go for a shot in the dark it would be an LNER C1 / SR H2. Bachmann has started to move into the pre-grouping steam locomotives and I can see Hornby following. I will have a think on for wagons and carriages - as i am supposed to be working!
  23. Searching for the rare items these days is half the fun of ebay. I haven't had many rare finds although I have bagged half a rake for the LNER silver jubilee kits produced by D&S in 4mm. I always keep an eye out for Kemilway kits and the elusive Crownline LNER P2 conversion kit that has escaped me twice in 6 years.... I don't really bid as much as i used to but thats because i cant really afford to at the minute, I have a GNR 12 wheel Dining car kit which was a limited production by D&S. I got it for a little over £20 several years ago and the last few to appear have sold for over £200 a piece.
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