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  1. I have been reading this thread with interest and the issue of the type of multiplexing system fitted to the 47/7s and DBSOs got me trying to dig out my copy of two wire control system training notes from the training course at Derby, unfortunately I had not been able to find them. Thanks for uploading them. Nice to read through them again. I did however find a couple of photos of 47704's two wire control system chassis, modules, control relays and control air system.
  2. Great news that Heljan and TMC are producing some of the peaks with nose doors that were regulars on the Waverley route.
  3. Here is a photo I took of 402 take at Old Oak Common in April 1973. Blue Pullman sitting alongside the class 50.
  4. I saw number 337 in Carlisle in early 1973 in green with full yellow front ends and in poor external condition. See link below. Most class 40s were by this time in corporate blue livery. Regards https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/43220101352/in/dateposted-public/
  5. Not a class 08 but a nice little green class 06 at Eastfield 1972 D2413 https://www.flickr.com/photos/lauriemulrine/6125151586/in/[email protected]/
  6. He is another green 08 shunter, albeit south of the border - D4140 Morecombe May 1973 regards
  7. Hi I took this photo at Carlisle Kimgmoor depot (close to Scotland) in 1973 of D3170 still in green with early emblem. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/43220103722/in/dateposted-public/
  8. Cutters finishing off 55014 - Doncaster February1982
  9. I don't know about any other class 37 locos being uprated to 2000HP. No. 37262 was the only one I recall of the locos used on the Hunterston iron ore trains so treated. I do recall on this loco, which was on test at the time, that its exhaust pipes were glowing orange when the loco was working hard much more so than the other non-uprated class 37s on these workings.
  10. No ETH on 37262 - This loco was uprated for the Hunterston iron ore trains. IIRC the modification was done using class 50 fuel pumps.
  11. Class 37 37262 and 37156 on Hunterston to Ravenscraig steel works January/February 1982. 37262 was on test as it had just been uprated to 2000 HP. Motherwell driver in charge.
  12. Found another photo with the Eastfield conductor driver at the controls of 55021 9th May 1981.
  13. Some more photos from the Deltic West Highland tour this time the second trip on the 23rd August 1981 with a different Haymarket crew in charge. Again the same loco was used as on the previous occasion - 55021. Almost 100 mph was reached on the way home to Edinburgh at Croy.
  14. In August 1981 BR ran a couple of Sunday specials from Edinburgh to Oban using Deltic 55021. This photo was taken on Sunday 9th August. On the way to Oban, the train picked up an Eastfield driver at Springburn to act as conductor to the Haymarket crew from Springburn to Oban. The Eastfield driver (in the driver's seat) on that occasion ended up driving the deltic from Glasgow to Oban and return. It was such a lovely day all the passengers enjoyed their trip to Oban and all for 5 pounds per person. I was also lucky enough to get to travel on the loco on both occasions.
  15. Royal train working about to depart Craigentinney for the short run up to Waverley in preparation to take the Queen from Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street. If I recall this took place sometime during 1981. The train was formed using a specially prepared push pull set hauled by 47711. The loco was manned by an Eastfield driver and traction inspector, sadly after all those years I don't recall their names other than the traction inspectors name was Willie.
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