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  1. Unfortunately while much less common than in the past, it's still a failure that hasn't been totally eliminated. Open out the holes when fitting new so the stress on the fit is less using a taper broach. Generally these seem over-tight and over stressed, and there seems a correlation between the split position and bubbles in the moulding (which will clearly weaken it). Seems very empirically common. I've never had any re-splitting of gears when care is exercised on refitting them by opening out the holes. Fortunately, it seems Bachmann are now fitting all new models wit
  2. While far less common (not that it's very common on Farish now either) this is ultimately untrue - I've seen several Dapol 73s and 66s with split gears. Farish have quietly moved to white nylon gearing in recent times - no comment or shouting about it, but I suspect this is the final act in ending the remaining split gear occurrences. All my most recent Farish diesels have white gears - I'd presume the 31s are the same. Cheers, Alan
  3. Very interesting, thanks Andy for the pointer. Looks a much lower profile drive to get the DCC gubbins in, so I can well believe it to be a smaller diameter coreless motor. Interesting, one wonders if the class 14 will get the same motor change also. Cheers, Alan
  4. Interesting - if anyone is fitting DCC or suchlike and has a moment to take a chassis exposed picture, that'd be very interesting to see what this generation of chassis look like. Thanks, Alan
  5. Out of interest, how does this model look under the shell? I've read some comments in places implying it has a coreless motor now, which I wonder if are really true, as that'd have been a bigger change than just adding the sound gubbins I'd have thought. Cheers, Alan
  6. Only once new traction tyres were fitted Tim! Cheers, Alan
  7. To add to Tony's request for a year sum up - here's mine, all N gauge for something different. I'd say though that the year's not complete for me yet! With work winding down I'm hoping to knock off a few more projects before the year end! These have been completed so far though - the are a mix of kit, scratch and RTR upgrades (both basic and complex), which is largely the way for N Gauge: Caledonian 0-4-4T in BR black (Dapol M7 chassis, scratchbuilt body in brass (partly pre-built by a previous owner)) 55260_1 by Dr Al 60103, on Flickr B4 in BR
  8. Public thanks to Paul (bigP), who generously sent me some of these. After 1/2 an hour fiddling all the points have been fully restored to original, and working (!) condition. Many thanks, Alan
  9. Dr Al

    Farish new 8F

    For anyone who's interested, a haulage test. This was just starting to exhibit slippage. Cheers, Alan
  10. I contacted them for precisely this (before trying the Wanted section) and had no reply. Cheers, Alan
  11. Many thanks Paul - these look perfect - I will send you a PM shortly. Best regards, Alan
  12. Hi, I've obtained a number of Peco code 55 N Gauge points, missing their over centre springs. If anyone is removing these from their own turnouts (I think any Peco will fit, code 55 or code 80 or Setrack), please let me know - I'm in need of about 10 of them. Edit: I believe also they are the same ones used in the older Peco 'adaptor bases', so any removed from those would do also! Alternatively, if anyone knows a source to buy these new then please let me know also. Thanks, Alan
  13. One wonders why they don't offer axles with splined ends. The above problem is something seen on some N gauge models - particularly early Dapol tank locos. By contrast Farish used similar wheels, but the key difference being that the axle ends were splined (and still are on the most recent models). This stops any chance of slippage. Cheers, Alan
  14. Long out of production now Tony. Last ones made (from a design based basically on a very early model dating from the mid/late 1970s, with a few updates to the chassis) around 2008, so it is a very very long time since these were in last in production. Secondhand now they are typically £30 to £45 depending on exact vintage and condition/previous use, so acceptable price I think given they aren't hugely modern (but the 5 pole motor chassis run really well if carefully maintained, as good as newer stuff, and have lots of useful kits under which they can employed). In terms
  15. This is the chassis from a GWR Railcar. BR Lines have newer wheels, but don't bin the old ones - those white gears are rare, and the best Farish did (only in 1984, so dates this chassis precisely). These chassis are similar to Farish's 101 of the same time, albeit with longer driveshafts and wheelbase. They have very good slow speed performance due to the high gearing ratio and 5 pole motor. Various kits or scratchbuilds could use this (the easiest being a parcels GWR railcar that Farish never did, only the passenger version). Alternatively, give
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