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  1. Photo by Steve Ray, 25 296 at Liddlington Tip in the '80s....
  2. Not a movie but a TV show - Gerry Anderson's 'UFO' was genuinely dark and creepy in places, one particular episode which gave me the heebee geebees was where Colonel Foster (the late Micheal Billington) was captured by the aliens and is seen later having the helmet removed, the green liquid coming out of it as he almost choked on it scared the crap out of me at the time...!
  3. Our esteemed ER J.S.Bach mentioned the books he was reading or has lined up to read further up the thread, it's a long while since I've read anything WWII related but a new arrival from Amazon is something I'm really looking forward to diving into asap - Ermanno Cozza's 'Maserati At Heart', a book which I've had my eye on for a while. At 500 pages, it's the story of Snr.Cozza's career at the Maserati factory which began back in 1951 where he started as a fitter before moving on to the Experimental Departmant, the Technical Department and finally the Commercial Department. Much like ace test driver Valentino Balboni at Lamborghini, he is still an ambassador for Maserati and turns up at all sorts of events and races to keep the spirit of the trident well and truly alive. Smoke me a kipper for breakfast, I'm going in....
  4. Photo c/o Albert Abear, this appeared in the BRWR magazine in March 1957 - Old Oak fireman Charlie Merritt prepares for departure at Paddington on Monday 4th March 1953....
  5. Everything Stops For Tea - Jack Buchanan
  6. It came up for grabs in a recent Bonhams auction....! Back to business with this lovely Motorail shot at Snozzell in the early '70s....
  7. The Maserati Merak belonging to ABBA's Benny and Frida....
  8. Does Your Mother Know - ABBA....
  9. Just imagine how good that Lamborghini Riva sounds - two Bizzarrini designed V12s at full chat.... Another dose of Italianate loveliness which I came across earlier today from the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1973, and some Lamborghini factory tour shots from one of the facebook groups, taken around twenty years later....
  10. The One After 9.09 - Fabs Homeward Bound - Paul Simon, written on Widnes station with the opening line ''I'm sitting on a railway station, got a ticket for my destination...'' Last Train To London - ELO Last Train To Clarksville - The Monkees Trains, & Boats & Plains - Burt Back Ache
  11. The Universal - The Small Faces
  12. Posted recently on Sportsmaserati forum, Giorgito Giugiaro's early sketches for the Maserati 3200GT in the late '90s.... note the Jag style rear lights in one of the drawings, an idea rejected by Fiat boss Cantorella in favour of his prefered 'boomerang' shaped items....
  13. Tin Soldier - The Small Faces
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