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  1. Tunnels on my route card with signals inside them : Kilsby, Hunsbury Hill, Watford (Fast and Slow tunnels). Regards to Watford, the id plates for the signals are mounted on the tunnel walls so you can't read them until you're right on top of them
  2. Photo by Chris Weavers : Cricklewood TMD, 1965....
  3. Photo by John Sadler : D1023 at Padd with the 'Tour 52' jolly boys outing on 23rd October 1976, which ran from Taunton - Bristol - Birmingham - Padd - Newbury - Plymouth - Taunton....
  4. Acton, Acton, Acton.... and a dash of North Pole.... If I had a pound for every time I've been in these boxes for one reason or another I'd have paid my mortgage off a lot earlier!
  5. Photo by Michael Croxford : Luton Midland Road in 1968....
  6. Can't remember the photographer's name with this one, when I find it I'll edit the post accordingly....
  7. Another of Anthony Middleton's '80s shots at Coventry, an unidentified 50 heads towards Brum....
  8. I hadn't noticed those background details when I posted it, all I saw was the 50 and the snow! This is one of Anthony Middleton's shots from his native Coventry, he later became a driver at Old Oak and drives some of the heritage stuff on the mainline, including the 50s and D1015 'Western Champion', this is 50 008 passing Memorial Park on the outskirts of Coventry in 1987....
  9. Photo by Phil Collimore : 20 197 and 20 171 at Hams Hall Power Station....
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