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  1. Had a veritable feast of 47 sightings today whilst working 6Z91 from Battersea to Crewe - dear old 'City Of Truro' past me on a stock move and when I arrived at Basford Hall one of the two tone green jobs came along the independant lines, I also saw D1935 on the depot looking extremely good with its original bufferbeam skirts intact. All very refreshing!
  2. Photo by Peter Hemy : D6723 on the Up Main at West Ealing....
  3. Photographer unknown : D8168 at Soho Pool Goods, 27th April 1968....
  4. Photo by Colin Whitbread : 25 040 heads for Brent Curve at Dudding Hill Junction in March 1980....
  5. Basford Hall late last night, I'd just brought 70 010 and 66 602 up from Wembley, got bounced out of the seat going over Colwich Junction at 60mph....!
  6. Superb collection of 50 pics Monty, really enjoyed perusing those and visiting memory lane. I was at Crewe last weekend with a mate when we were both working ballast train from Basford Hall, walking from the station to the yard we passed through Crewe Diesel and I was recalling my first visit there when it was absolutely heaving with 50s, all still with their pre-Tops numbers at both ends .
  7. Photo by Alistair Holt / KDH Archive : D308 heading north on the Down Slow at Watford Junction c.1963, during the electrification of the WCML....
  8. By coincidence 'Up The Junction' was shown on Talking Pictures last night, it was nice to see it again and the long panning shot during the opening titles was very atmospheric.
  9. Pretty sure we've had mention of the 1967 film 'Up The Junction' already but I thought I'd post these screen grabs.... Despite my deep seated penchant for all things Western Region I've always liked the idea of building a layout set on the SR in London in the '60s, using a colour palette just like the images from this fantastic old film .
  10. Photo by Steve Blencowe : D1733 approaching Chalford on the Golden Valley line on 22nd April 1967....
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