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  1. Several had the Ds removed Mike, there is a list in one of Adrian Curtis' books somewhere. As for the Warships, one example had its D vinyls removed and later added again, I forget which one but there's a note of it in the Martin Street & John Ennison Warship bible.
  2. I was on 6Y75 the other day at Irchester / Souldrop / Sharnbrook and things are progressing steadily. It's all starting to look very homogenous...!
  3. A quick pose before the 'RA' from Padd with the Bristol Pullman...
  4. Cheers Phil . A corker from a regular contributor to the Bradford Barton diesel albums Peter Dobson, on the blocks at KX in 1973...
  5. Evidence of repainting and renumbering on 45 041 in this Ben Derby shot...
  6. 45 045 at Saltley in '83 (there are still some marks in the brickwork on this bridge) and 45 149 at the Glos & Warks….
  7. I saw that at Toton the other night when I arrived to work 6Y77, it stopped me in my tracks to see one so clean and tidy looking.
  8. Some more examples of the imagination and talent that's out there, courtesy of my Pinterest feed....
  9. Another one from the Pistonheads forum, the work of a chap called Rob McDonald, made up from leftovers of other kits, a simple idea nicely executed....
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