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  1. On the Rugby - Market Harborough line again.... Newton Road SB, just south of Bescot where the M6 - M5 flyover passes over the line....
  2. I wonder how many of us on here have built the old Airfix Oakham signalbox kit....? Westbourne Bridge SB, adjacent to Ranelagh Bridge depot....
  3. It actually shut down on me while I was faffing about shunting the Paddington portion onto the back of mine wit he 66, I pushed the button and the timer went to 30 mins, but it took nearly 40 mins to finish shunting, so I had to fire the 70 up again, typical! Not used the plug mode yet. Another thing I was warned about by other drivers is the roughness of the ride, especially over pointwork, it felt as though there was no suspension on the loco at all even at relatively low speeds. They do make a lovely sound though when working hard.
  4. Only a couple of times Jim, honest! Actually, by far the most annoying thing was having to press that stupid, pointless black 'timer overide' button on the left of the desk every time I stopped moving and put it into neutral. Grrrrr!!! I'm on the Battersea job again on Thursday, relieving the northbound empties at Rugby and taking it to Crewe, if it's got a 70 on it again at least I can get some experience of a longer run. Last week it took forever to get it up to 60mph after leaving Wembley as I was following a stopper on the Down Slow all the way to Bletchley.
  5. Photo by Robert Ellis : Reading, May 1981.... almost forty years ago!
  6. Probably all of them!! Luckily I had greens all the way, even at the Bedford end which is very unusual. Definitely one of the more interesting days at work
  7. Now gone, as are the gas holders....
  8. No Russ, but the initial plan (so I was told on the day) was for them to be multied up as part of the test. The 66 was coupled inside the 70 on the way south as precautionary measure and was supposed be the same going back, but in the event once I'd arrived back at Wembley with the Battersea portion the shunter's had arranged with Control to have it dead and isolated at the rear, as the weight going back was only just under 1,200 tons. It was quite a nice view looking back through the 70's cab door at the full length of the train on the curves, with the 66 right at the back.
  9. I was wondering if anyone had taken photos of its arrival at Wembley, I worked part of it back from Battersea to Wembley then onwards to Bedford (see my posts in the Class 70 thread).
  10. More from Wednesday's job at Battersea.... the stone terminal at Stewarts Lane is still called 'Engine Shed Sidings'.... Battersea Power Station is slowly being surrounded by new buildings....
  11. After my refresher the week before, I finally had my maiden solo sortie on a 70 this week - my mate Roger and I each worked part of a 'jumbo' test train on Wednesday which came down from Tunstead with 70 017 on the front, 66 620 dead in tow and two full sets of wagons, the consist was split at Wembley Yard with Roger taking the first portion Battersea with the 70 and a Reading driver taking the second portion to Paddington New Yard with the 66. Once emptied, each portion was brought back to Wembley to be joined up for onward movement back up north, I relieved Roger at Battersea and took the 70
  12. June 1971, 'serif' numbers on blue livery.... Crewe Works, April 1983.... 40 148 (D348!) at Dundee in January 1981, photo by Andy Sales....
  13. Can't remember if I've posted this one (or possibly a similar one) before - my younger brother outside the Factory at Old Oak with one of his favourite toys back in 2006....
  14. The delightful St.Mary's Crossing in the Golden Valley....
  15. I got caught out by the big engine start / isolate / run switch on the bulkhead, it was still in 'start' when I was trying to take power . I do think there is too much faffing about using the computer screens though.
  16. Had a quick refresher on 70s at Lawley Street yesterday with 70 019, my guvnor and I got into the cab, looked around at all the switched and gizzmos and thought ''oh gawd what the **** are we doing here...?!!" I hadn't been on one since I first passed out on them sixteen months ago and had forgotten the entire procedure for starting them up, shutting them down, changing ends, inputting my id number, headcode and setting up for a brake test! Got there in the end though, we're supposed to be working a special jumbo train down to London next week wit ha 70 booked on it. Watch this space, somethin
  17. Tunnels on my route card with signals inside them : Kilsby, Hunsbury Hill, Watford (Fast and Slow tunnels). Regards to Watford, the id plates for the signals are mounted on the tunnel walls so you can't read them until you're right on top of them
  18. Well at least it wasn't a Cat -A SPAD.....
  19. Photo by Chris Weavers : Cricklewood TMD, 1965....
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