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  1. It's an odd episode compared to the rest of the series and has a distinct 'Get Carter' feel to it. Another episode features some nice footage of Robert Vaughan on Clapham Junction station which (I think) was shot in the Autumn Winter of 1971 / 72.
  2. I think 008 was the first one I drove after being passed out on them - it was as rough as a bear's aaaarse, even on the smoothest bit of P/Way!
  3. Photos by Keith Hoggett : Retford in the early '70s....
  4. APT training, 22nd September 1982 (my 17th birthday!), photo by Steve Morris.... Photographer and location unknown....
  5. Another often overlooked aspect of the robbery is that the gang tampered with two signals, not one, at around 02.40 that morning Reynolds dropped off John Daly at the up fast signal before Sears Crossing so he could change it from green to yellow, and Roger Cordrey was responsible for changing the next signal 1,300 further on from green to red. Regarding Driver Mills, he received two separate injuries, the first was when he was struck over the back of the head with the kosh, the second was when he hit his forehead on the control desk as he fell down. When he and his young fireman David Whitby were first bundled into the engine room and handcuffed they were both treated very roughly indeed.
  6. Photo by Tim Wright, as is the one I posted earlier of Haughton Sdgs SB....
  7. The Warships finished on the Cotswold route in late '71, as October 4th was the date of the dreaded cull of the remaining NBL 43s, after that it was Hymeks, 47s and later on, 50s. A pal of mine, retired Bescot man Tony 'Lulu' Llewelyn was a secondman on the 43s when they operated out of Bescot and told me they were actually pretty good on most of the jobs they were booked on, particularly once they'd built up some speed, the problem was that because of the route characteristics, junctions and numerous changes of line speeds etc they didn't often get the chance to show what they could do. He said he liked driving them anyway.
  8. That triple sighting at Perry Barr would have been the holy grail of Warship shots had you had a camera to hand that day! As well as floating around the West Mids they also had a daylight turn to Shrewsbury and Crewe, yet so far not a single photo of this has emerged.
  9. There was daily communication between Bath Road and Old Oak so when Old Oak needed assistance with the 'new' 50s Bath Road was their first port of call. The LMR were glad to be shot of them anyway, and from talking to fitters when I was at Old Oak there was little if any communication with Crewe or English Electric. Trust me, nobody was happy with the appalling availability in those first few years of the 50s being on the WR!
  10. Is this one of your photos Bob or someone else's...? I'd like to post it in the Old Oak staff facebook group with due credit if that's ok .
  11. Working 4Z46 from Landor St. last week with 70 004, pics taken at Landor St and Pleck Junctions....
  12. Photo by Colin Alexander : 50 013 on the north outgoing road at Old Oak in 1982....
  13. I think you're probably right Mike, more like pay day. I remember my pay number when I started at Stonebridge Park, it was 9000, a Deltic no less!
  14. Booking on at Eastleigh Shed.... The daily grind at Radcliffe Central....
  15. Re the 50s being transferred from the LMR to the WR, when 400 was sent down from Crewe to Bristol Bath Road in October '72 there was much scratching of heads for many months until all of the staff were trained on it, largely due to the (at the time) complicated electrical systems within. It took a long while for these newcomers from up north to be anywhere near reliable with availability often down to 20% on any given day. 401 and 402 were sent to Old Oak for crew training shortly after arriving at Bath Road and they were not liked at all, to put it mildly. 403 soon followed and was often sidelined in the Pullman shed until someone arrived from Bristol to sort it out!
  16. I can't remember where the train originated but I do remember it was a Didcot driver bringing it into Padd, we used to secondman him on the light engine move down to Old Oak so he could have his break.
  17. Crewe Sorting Sidings North 'box a few nights ago....
  18. I heard about Jed's passing elsewhere, very sad to hear, he's been around seemingly forever. The last time I saw him was at New St on a ballast job, he came over for a chat, a really nice guy who will be missed by many.
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