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  1. If you don't like the gear train.. just build a Judith Edge kit for this loco - then you can fit whatever you want and make it in 00, EM or S$ with wheels to suit your needs.. baz
  2. Word at Elswick works was that a black 5 had been badly built and it was buried under the site on Scotswood Road... Baz
  3. Stanier tender wheels, spoked with Bevel rims.. Now Tony is this a short or long wheelbase Black 5? Is it an Armstrong Whitworth built loco or from somewhere else.. top feed or dome or a different dome... Model Loco Ks Comet and Hornby have a chassis on their Black 5 allowing for the long wheelbase or original wheelbase to be portrayed BAz
  4. Notice the blue Scottish theme to the nameplate...
  5. Well some more items are slowly getting finished.. A while ago I acquired a DJH Duchess .. named as "City of Liverpool" the name didn't match the loco/tender combination.. (Duchesses and City locos and tenders are a mine field) Eventually I bought some Fox nameplates for "City of Leicester" a very camera shy loco. This has been "shed cleaned" but I notice I have not finished - I need a bit of dirt on the top of the boiler cladding (where you can't reach it easily). It has a high level gear box and a Mashima in it and it can pull almost everything it has
  6. Perhaps gently warmed and smothered wirh hot, thick custard.... Baz
  7. A nd, guess what, you can't scale forces.. hence forget the bogie mountings .. they are in the wrong place as shown by @AndrewC. Baz
  8. Wonder why they don't fasten couplings to coach bogies in real life?? Bas
  9. Forget the Kadee spec.. I have my own gauge for setting the heights - its is just important to make sure they are all at the same height and that any "SLOP" in the coupler box is taken out.. Baz
  10. All coach floors should be at the same height.. but watch out for Bachmann coaches with Commonwealth Bogies - they are too high(!) .. simple thing to get right when designing them but a right badger to fix them when you buy them.
  11. My Kadees are all fitted to the end of the coach floors. Just like where they would be on a real coach. They need to be set so the the knuckle on the coupler meets the needs of being able to go around your tightest curves. Mine have been used on a number of Exhibition layouts * Herculaneum Dock, Shap and Chapel en le Frith) and work fine.. I have had to modify them slightly for use on my own layout as it has a couple of tigher radii than the other layouts (don to just below 2ft 6inch radius. I have fitted them to 12 wheel ex LMS Catering vehicles and sleeping cars - no
  12. no it needs to be either a Blue Pullman or a Fell swaying its way over the viaduct... Baz
  13. Wirh48feetof the Leeds Trams there was always plenty of things happening. We took it all to a show in Bremen. They were amazed by the double dockers and also the buildings... Baz
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