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  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like 3m is a fair size ..which is not far from the 9feet we use. GSAL is a lot bigger than the Corn Exchange used to be. We keep the gangways straight without dead ends or kinks . Bill 6ft seems a bit tight but still meets with the suggested minimum. I wonder how many exhibition managers know about the need to have more than a mi imu width? Baz
  2. If this is in the wrong place can the mods move it please? Is there a minimum gangway size for Model Railway Exhibitions? When our Exhibition was in the Corn Exchange in Leeds we had a visit before opening by the West Yorkshire Fire Brigade. (No longer happens). I believe they had a minimum gangway width of 9 feet. We try to maintain this to this day. (Our host at the Grammar School at Leeds do a check prior to the opening) But is this not longer the case? Safety wise is there a minimum width? I have visited some shows where 2 people can't pass each other, others where the gangways were 12 feet wide. Anyone with a clear directive from the people in charge? And two people looking at layout with two rucksack laden visitors able to pass through the gap is not a real directive. Baz
  3. but a lot of what is said on Forums can be a bit biased by the writer. so be careful.. Baz
  4. Stand back, take a deep breath, do what Manna says then..havapint before fixing it all! Not due in London for a while so difficult to help but a drawing could be perused and help offered. Baz
  5. See you next week at Warley Jesse.. I have sorted your entry on Friday.. Safe journeys! Baz
  6. My Q kits Class 50s will pull a house down.. unfortunately Mike Cole got the dimensions all wrong they are HO in height and OO in length. St Enodoc and I knew Mike whilst members of Leeds MRS baz
  7. Being an exhibition manager is a thankless task.. when it goes well.. everyone has sorted it... if it goes less well..It is all your fault! Baz
  8. Perhaps you should actually go.. you are missing so much modelling.. If you haven;t been how do you know if it really is just "hassle" Baz
  9. She lived near York for a time and helped out at York Show. Very helpful lady and a great modeller! Baz
  10. Gordon time to stop the paper changes..back to real track building and laying. baz
  11. Brian Can I suggest you douse the whole area in dark colours? Coal and the rock hard coal "sludge" got everywhere (the sludge was like black mud and set like concrete). Not much grass to be seen in Horden Colliery environs. Baz
  12. Barry O

    Camden Shed

    I do need to go and visit Carlisle. Better take my weathering stuff and Sprog though. Baz
  13. Her indoors reckon that looks similar to my layout room! Just spent two hours looking for a reason why my three way point wiring didn't work...simples! You need to have a feed wire to both sides of the track... Doh! Baz
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