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  1. We have received a photo from Leeds MRS Exhibition in 1980... Note the visitors ( I think that we had about 10,000 visitors on the Thursday/Friday/Saturday we opened. The Corn Exchange in Leeds is very centrally placed in the City Centre. Long days as well (closed at 9pm every day) so we would adjourn to "The Duncan" a Sam Smiths pub nearby at the end of the day! Some RMWebbers on here.. Mike Edge, Nictoix, myself on Leeds Victoria/Dewsbury Midland at the top of the picture. Kingswear from the South Devon Group (Mike Cook) is in the front and Mike Cole is d
  2. but.... that is testing which must be done as an integral part of "work"! Baz
  3. Cliff Enever at the "mpd". Motters talking to her indoors Baz Ps and yes, i will do
  4. Out of the Blue we have been sent a photo of the Layout ta Leeds show. While all of the baseboards are in place (less those for Bradford) it is an interesting shot.. Could be 1980. The photo includes one of Mike Cooks layout (?Kingswear) as well as Mike Cole and his "Q Sound" display layout. The site for the future MPD is in use storing locos and stock.. and the tracks going off towards Bradford are in place I notice her indoors is threatening me with her very large knitting needles! Lights are on bits of 2" by 1" (and very necessary in the
  5. Many, many moons ago I scratchbuilt a couple of wagons. Two ex LMS Soda Ash Opens They are different as one is an older version of the wagon (note the brake systems are different) I need to fix the tarpaulin rail bars and refit the Tarpaulin bars. (and then I noticed one of the two is actually... compensated!) This is the fixed chassis one ..weren't Kenline castings wonderful? I have found some more so I may build a few more of these.. and now you can get transfers for them.. well it would be a shame not to build them.. but I wi
  6. will these do? They are different as one is an older version of the wagon (note the brake systems are different) I need to fix the tarpaulin rail bars and refit the Tarpaulin bars. (and then I noticed one of the two is actually... compensated!) This is the fixed chassis ..weren't Kenline castings wonderful? Baz
  7. you can spray the chassis with the wheels and motor/gears in place - Mike Edge does it that way then buffs the paint off the wheels. I have started to chemically blacken the brass chassis before final assembly. But it is horses for courses.. Baz
  8. will get some tomorrow.. they can be very elusive! And the LMS built them in two different heights for the same load.. ie Soda Ash. They did have a trapaulin rail so I need to make new ones of those. Baz
  9. I might build a few more of those. I have the Kenline strapping castings, buffers and axleboxes, some plasticard and Ratio signal ladder et voila! I seem to remember getting a cup for one of them at our show in Leeds many moons ago. If you park them on the cattle dock siding on Chapel people refer to them as "Large coal wagons(!)" Baz
  10. Yes, two ex LMS Soda Ash wagons.. and they have slight differences. Well done! Baz
  11. If you rub down the raised lining "stripe" a Kitmaster coach looks fine.. and it doesn't have those annoying roof "strips".. they have fully flush glazed windows and run well with brass bearings and metal wheelsets fitted. Baz
  12. how can you get anything done when ABC Classic starts doing requests? I have some modelling to get finished but the music is getting in the way.. Baz
  13. Just realised that Classic FM is on the sound track to that video. I think my little camera is having major problems with focusing on moving objects... more investigation required... Two scratchbuilt wagons in the line up on here .. anyone recognise what they are? Baz
  14. I noticed that Andrew had taken payment for some items yesterday .. they have arrived today (including some items I had "lost"). Great service as usual! Baz
  15. The weathered black does make it easier to weather with powders. Looks good! Baz
  16. so that means when you had all of the engines going it would be a real powerhouse.. Nope.. the 35000 pounds figure is with all 4 engines running plus the two engines driving the blowers to get more power out of the 4 main engines. The Judith Edge kit does have correct fly cranks and is also the correct shape. Baz
  17. make sure you varnish over them when you are happy with the lining. I had a strange experience with some ages ago.. now back to using a pen and paint to do them. BUT these coaches look great Farren! Congratulations! Baz
  18. isn't it great not to have to go to work every day? Keep up the good work! Baz
  19. It is how some of the railway (full size) exhibits have been delivered to the NEC for the Warley show.. if you remember them. Baz
  20. Mick, Romford wheel nut was loose.. these are a very old set of Romfords. It had a mitsumi motor and high level gear box fitted in lockdown 1. Looks like it can pull most trains on the layout.... Moral of the story.. check your wheelnuts! Baz
  21. and another "at speed " video a tender cab fitted Wills 4F with an unfitted train.. Baz
  22. bit more video.. short one though A scratch built ex Great Central Railway 4-6-0 Earl Roberts of Kandahar .. has managed to get a Fruit and Banana train from the Docks in Liverpool (via Brunswick Yard) to Leeds(London Road) @t-b-g loco courtesy of my late Father one of three ex GC 4-6-0s now used on "Herculaneum Dock" by Mike Edge Baz
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