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  1. Quick update. We will endeavour to make a "one way" system through the halls easy to follow. We are asking that people should wear a mask and sanitise before handling traders goods. List of Traders will be posted at the weekend. Baz
  2. Time to bite the bullet? The sooner its done the less time to reprogram stuff will be required. Baz
  3. I have two DJH Duchess kits to complete. I haven' fitted either with a HL box yet. Away on a seaside trip so can't check what I bought and added to the kit boxes. Baz
  4. Iaian I have ditched the comet gearboxes. The DJH ones are a very large rip off and make use of high level gears and cheap Chinese motors. I can get a high level gearbox to work very quickly at far less expense than the DJH one.. no brainer for me!! Baz
  5. Iaian Even I can manage to solder these type of motors to the high level gearboxes.... Bqs
  6. Guess what? Ballasting virtually complete for now. Some walls are being crafted for the route to/from the fiddle yard. Pit walls and steps to make and fit (plus weathering) but first a trip to spy on what @Worsdell foreveris up to in his neck of the woods. Baz
  7. Ah..but does it come with red sauce, brown sauce or ..no sauce at all??? Thanks to Danny Baker.. And her indoors has mustard on hers.... Baz
  8. Seems to used a lot in new zealand though...
  9. Hi Simon That must be where the floor plan has come from. The bar area is a lot bigger on the one shown. Looking at the earlier LMS interior photos you can see the bar has a lift up flapforentry into the very tight serving space. Thanks for the photos b the way. Baz
  10. The photos of the serving bar are very different to the plan. If I could get to the Severn valley I would be better placed to check it . Baz
  11. I hope the roof details are more correct than the interior drawing... which bears little resemblance to the photographs of the real thing. Baz
  12. Just keep any bus wires away from any fluorescent light tubes.... Baz
  13. I mean on your hand set Dave. Unless they have changed everything that set the doc control units to a quasi dc. Bas
  14. Dcc fitted locos can run on dc .. you can even get the engine sound to work. Baz
  15. One day we will use fibre optic cable for power distribution reducing problems due to noise interference... Baz
  16. Bit more ballasting completed and I have now fitted cork to the MPD boards completed by Red Leader last week. time for a break from ballasting! Baz
  17. another GC loco to cause consternation when in Brunswick Shed on Herculaneum Dock.... For anyone who wonders what I mean.. try picking out the correct loco when looking down through the shed beams ..with no side way view available! Baz
  18. I am building a Comet Kits LMS Buffet Car (LMS Period III). I have searched for a drawing of the roof details - anyone know if one exists? and if it does can I get a copy please? Baz
  19. Yes, Rowley Road had a commentary as well. Baz
  20. Hope the biopsy results are ok. The whole layout is fascinating. Baz
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