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  1. Hi all, I'm modelling the Fisons weed killer train as it was around 1990 with the 4 Mk1s in green livery. Anyone know the shade of green used? Thanks
  2. All my other locos are fine. My first 90, an RfD one did the same thing, but 3 locos later I got a good one that’s absolutely perfect, an amazing machine, so I know it’s not my system playing about
  3. I only have DC on a 9v Lego controller. The last one that did this got very hot even under dc control. These don’t have something silly like transit screws that need to be taken out?
  4. Got my Swallow livery 90 on the test track today. Soon as it was on the track, it was pulling half an amp and fluctuating quite a lot. Soon as I set it rolling the amps spiked at 1.4. I had this with another 90 which blew the decoder to kingdom come, literally. So I abandoned running it in. Every retailer I speak to hasn’t heard of this happening yet I’ve had 2 different locos, from different retailer do it. I can’t be ‘unlucky’ twice! Anyone else had this?
  5. I didn’t really want to go down that route because of the price of the things. And ultrascale have a waiting list of about 16 years. All in all, I’m stuck unless I can find a supplier
  6. Hi all. I need some replacement wheels for my Heljan 47s. I ordered them from Howes as they still showed on their website. I’ve just been refunded as they don’t have them. I understand Gaugemaster are now the spares agents but I can’t find wheels on their website. Does anyone know who stocked these now? Thanks
  7. Marcyg

    Hornby APT 2020

    A centrail can motor with 2 bogies drive is easy even with a tilting body. I've fitted Heljan class 33 bogies to mine and the motor is fixed to the body. Even when tilting it runs very smoothly.
  8. Ah, but coronavirus gets here in a few weeks. Bachman’s stuff takes several years
  9. Ah, but coronavirus gets here in a few weeks. Bachman’s stuff takes several years
  10. Absolutly. There were so many scare stories about what will happen to it uness you use the correct chip I wont have it any other way
  11. I recieved my 90 just after Christmas, but had to wait until the other day for the chip, cost of them etc etc etc.... I was a bit worried as I had read about bogie mounts cracking due to over tightening, but my example was OK. I was a bit disappointed with the look of the Flexicoils, as all my Hornby and Lima ACs have them mounted to the chassis, but not this model, which to my eye is a bit of a backward step as it looses some of the 3D look. But other than that, it looks fantastic. The next problem was removing the roof panel to fit a chip. The screws were exceptionally tight, as in I nearly rounded one off getting it out. Again, everything eventually came off and all was well. I ran the model in on my rolling road as per instructions, then checked all the CVs as per instructions, all going well. Put the loco on the layout to try it out, moves 10ft and a very audible pop followed by a cloud of smoke. The chip had blown up. Its marked the loco circuit board below it too. I need to borrow a DC controller and refit the blanking panel to see if the loco itself is damaged. The seller of the chip will be contacted tomorrow, but has anyone else had this issue? I know it wasnt the layout as I had another train going round at the same time and it was unaffected. The circuit breakers didnt trip, nothing to suggest it was anything other than a fault local to the loco or chip. So far, I'm not impressed, but I really want to be as I have 5 other Hornby class 90s I'd love to replace
  12. I have a very odd problem with my system. A while back, a friend brought over his Hornby HST (new gen) with TTS chips in. Occasionally, it would trip the system. At first, it seemed to be the same place, when it moved from one power district to another. Then the problem seemed to become random. Never found the cause, and it was only this train that caused it. I have all sorts of configurations on my layout, consists, loco + DVT, high draw locos, old locos etc, but we couldnt replicated the problem with anything else. A couple of weeks ago, I bought my first new gen HST, and guess what, the same issue. It has Hornby chips in it, non TTS, and I havn't had a chance to swap them for something else yet, however, it seems really odd that the same issue has occured, and once again, I can't replicate it with ANY other set up I can think of. The system is an NCE SB5 with Tam Valley boosters and NCE circuit breakers. Has anyone else come across this sort of issue? An odd one I know...
  13. That explains something then. The power car has the brass contacts, the dummy has a white plug and socket connection. Do you know where these are available from, or just through Hornby? Thanks
  14. Been following you on Instagram. So impressed with your work! Looking forward to seeing it develop
  15. Hi, I've just bought a new gen Hornby HST, very nice it is too. But the previous owner had some issues with it and the power car lights are inop. I've managed to figure most of it out, but the 'diffuser' that directs the light from the LED to the light apertures seems to be missing. It's the earlier type with the spring contacts, does anyone know if this can be bought as a spare? I've had a look on the service sheets, and on the various spares sites and cant find anything. Worth an email to Hornby? Thanks
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