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  1. Supply and demand. The West were all climbing over eachother to get PPE for the Covid outbreak, and their Amazon orders as theyre stuck at home, all stuff thats made in the middle or Far East. Then China basically shut down, then we did, so the containers never went back. Shortage of containers means the highest payer gets it, its quite cut-throat. Then someone tries a handbrake turn in the middle of the Suez and makes things even worse.
  2. Ive ordered a set. May need another though as i have a full 6 car set.
  3. Marcyg

    Class 59 in 00

    Without sounding a bit pessimistic, are ever going to see this thing? If 2022 is the release date that’s 7 years! Even Bachmann can get models out quicker than that
  4. Hi sorry I haven’t replied until now. Is this something you could produce? I’m sure there are royal crests on her majesty’s coach, unsure about the others right now. Would you need authority to produce them?
  5. Yeah some did. Tiny bayonet fitting bulb sat in a metal plate under the cab interior. If you left the loco running for a while it used to melt the cab.
  6. Hi all .I'm looking for a lining set suitable for the Royal train - the 80s version. I understand Hurst have gone, and they seemed to be the only ones. Is there a twin red lining pack from any other source, even if not marketed as the Royal train? I know Railtec do commisions, but Steve is kinda busy and this is a project thats sat on my bench for a loooong time. Thanks
  7. Which grey? Do you have a pic of it?
  8. Hi all. I’m currently building a model of the royal train. I’ve got the claret sorted, but I can’t seem to find the correct grey for the roofs and under frames. I’m trying to match from photos and as we all know, no 2 photos look the same colour wise. Any help would be greatly received. Thanks
  9. I don’t do anything, it clears itself. The effected train stops, usually only one EB1 trips. Trains sits there for a second, then starts again, moves several feet, then stops, restarts and away it goes.
  10. I tend to agree, it’s just finding it. At least with DC a multimeter could be used, DCC is a little more complicated...
  11. Does the SB5 have built in protection then?
  12. Yes it’s the EB1s tripping. At first it seemed to only be sound HSTs, so thought it was the draw of 2 chips. But now it’s single locos too. I’d love to do away with the EB1s but I fear I’d melt something
  13. Hi all, really hoping someone has an ideas about this as I been struggling with it for a while. I seem to have a short circuit that comes and goes. The layout is powered by an NCE SB5, to which 4 EB1 circuit breakers are fitted. A DCC bus (twisted pair) then goes round to the back of the layout, to 2 Tam Vally Depot boosters, which control the fiddle yard through 5 EB1 circuit breakers. The points are controlled through Megapoints system, but this fault happens whether its powered up or shut off. The points on the scenic side are electrofrogs, with Gaugemaster auto frog switches underneath. When it started, trains would randomly cause a short on the fast lines, circuit breaker 1 on the scenic side. At first I thought it was specific models, namely ones with TTS chips, but after some testing, its not that. I have Lenz, ESU, TTS, Lais and Hattons chips, and all can randomly be effected. Then I looked at the circuit breakers, swapped them over, changed which line they control, nope, not that either. I run a lot of older Lima stuff, so could the wheels be shorting the points? Nope, trains were cutting out on plain track too. By now the problem has migrated to the releif lines, which are on a different circuit breaker. The short is almost acting like a trickle short, it builds and builds until it trips. Some research I found the EB1s have a ridiculously short trip time, sound locos on start up can cause the factory set trip to time out , so I set them to a longer trip time. All the while, the short is coming and going randomly. Had some friends over and we had up to 8 trains running at one time for 6 hours, no trip, then it would all of a sudden act up for no reason. Then it would go away again. The other night, the problem seemed to manifest itself on the fiddle yard too as well as the scenic side. I by-passed the circuit breakers and everything run fine. No cut outs, but no gene smoke either from anything shorting out. I used to have termintion filters on the ends of each bus, as the layout is 45ft, there are sopme long runs, but a rebuild saw some of those disappear. I cant remember if these had an effect on it or not... Im completly stumped and its driving me mad! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Not done a huge amount to the layout recently. Had this little lot to contend with, plus a week away. Hopefully some more to come soon
  15. Layout is slowly progressing. I’ve encountered an issue with the dcc supply. I’ll put a post up in the relevant section in the coming days, but any help would be welcome.
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