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  1. I felt the collett pair was a bit flat post weathering, so a very thin coat of gloss cote has been applied. And a close up for comparison Unfortunately one of the coach numbers rubbed off, so that’ll need reapplying. I now have to find the correct fox decal set and do something about it.
  2. A few photos of the adjusted coupling bars to the 14xx The bar is just bent brass wire from Albion alloys glued into position and painted Railmatch roof grey.
  3. Whilst testing the magnetic uncoupler today, I found that the self centering couplings on the 14xx were not working well. So I’ve taken the plunge to remove the tension locks for a pair of wire goal posts. It seems to improve the locos appearance quite nicely! I also grabbed a video to show both the wire goal posts on the 14xx and the uncoupler in action.
  4. Automatic uncoupling attempt 2 - Neodymium magnets. Whilst having a rummage in my model box, turned out that I had already purchased 25 small neodymium magnets to hide between the sleepers, ordered from spider magnets on eBay. I’ve dotted a line of them to accommodate different length of coaches but no matter how I tried to persevere with the staples on the couplings, I couldn’t get it to work reliably. I was about to order a bigger magnet to go under the track, when I tried to fit a magnet mounted on the staple to repel each other. That seemed to work a lot better!
  5. Whilst the ramp does look a bit more inconspicuous once it’s been painted black and weathered, the idea of hidden magnets really does appeal on so many levels. They’ll be significantly quieter for a start, and a lot more unobtrusive. I’ll have to put an order in for a few and give it a go.
  6. It did indeed. I think I disturbed the track by fitting the ramp. I’ll sort that out once I’ve got a solution I’m happy with.
  7. In an attempt to give a more hands free operation, I’ve been thinking about uncoupling locos from the service train to run around and couple onto the other end. Ive been trialling A few ideas, non of which really work satisfactorily at the moment. The first attempt was a Peco uncoupling ramp, which was awkward to install, so it was quickly removed. I’ve moved onto the Gaugemaster GMC-TLU, which sort of works, but is honestly extremely noisy as the video below shows. I’m going to swap the noisy seep electromagnet and fit a servo to
  8. I’ve been giving the manor a bit of running on and off over Christmas, as well as a bit of an oil. The mechanism got stuck earlier today. I put it in reverse, it gave a click, and now is running as good as gold!
  9. Pretty much. It was converted to DCC by its previous owner, but that affected its running ability, so instead it just sits on the shelf, waiting to take the express.
  10. Another nevawazza photo. How about a manor at Tetbury? In reality, Lechlade Manor is a shelf queen, but I decided to redo its weathering and wanted to take a test shot to see if it looked right.
  11. I’ve had another go at 6417 this morning. The weathering just looked too heavy, so it’s had a bit of a buff with some t-cut.
  12. Running video from the other week. Its supposed to represent a typical day, with first train, mid-day passenger with freight, and last train of the day.
  13. One of the problems of modelling a real location is running the same locomotives can get a bit repetitive. Just imagine if Tetbury had been visited by larger locomotives such as the Grange class.
  14. Trying out the weathered Railroad Mk1 coaches for effect, 9759 prepares to depart.
  15. 6417 is in charge of the service train today, as it rounds the corner by the goods shed. Next stop Culkerton. (I've had to photoshop in a sky again for this one, as the backscene isn't high enough)
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