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  1. Ken, Are all sets cleared now as I'd heard that there were still some interference issues with the 5 car sets and the pure electric version of the 9 car?
  2. Quite a few still between Knaresborough and Poppleton on the Harrogate - York line.
  3. Ken, Yesterday afternoon 801201 departed North from Darlington on electric, have they now got electrical clearance through to Newcastle? It looked like most of the carriages were only fitted with skeleton seats (no seat or back cushions) although I couldn't get a close-up view as the train wasn't on a platform line. Graham
  4. That would explain things although it is more than a one-off run as it was back in York (platform 6 this time) at about 4pm with pan up and headlights still on, so I assume it arrived on electric. Crew changed ends and put front pan up ready to depart South. Had a look inside the train as the lights were on and the only activity (other than a couple of drivers eating their bait) was one chap with a laptop in first class.
  5. 800201 stood in platform 7 at York this morning at 09.15 with it's pantograph raised. Didn't see it arrive or depart as I was changing trains and didn't have time to wait around so unable to say if it moved in this state. This seems to be a regular training/test run but it has been on diesel over the last few weeks, have things changed regarding running on electric North of Doncaster?
  6. A NoL set did venture north of York, but not under it's own power. It was hauled to Polmadie by two of Eurostar's 37s with match wagons, to commission the work done on the carriage cleaner which had been adapted to retract as each articulated bogie passed by - it worked. We also took the set into Glasgow Central to check signal sighting in the station, the set was propelled into the platform from the last signal before the station (the train left Polmadie with a 37 and match wagon on each end), an interesting move! The train was stopped in both Newcastle Central and Edinburgh Waverley stations at what was the expected 'in service' stopping point to identify where marker boards should be placed at either end of the train.
  7. I think those photographs are taken at Doncaster rather than Peterborough?
  8. During the time I was involved the plan was two return trips London/Paris (one leg via a diversionary route in France) and one return London/Brussels for each set. Whole thing re-run if any pre-agreed fault occurs. Marseilles wasn't in the plan but they may be looking to run the trains there for next summer to increase capacity if this year's trains have been a success?
  9. Part of the acceptance process - each set having to perform a number of fault free runs between London/Paris/Brussels. These convey testing staff so may be designated as a 'passenger' service rather than ECS.
  10. The photo in post 71 isn't at Temple Mills - only two sets have been delivered to date. It's probably taken at the Siemens test centre at Wildenrath (looks like a german railway type of sign - orange W - on the shed wall). I believe testing on HS1 starts this week so may explain the set at Dollands Moor.
  11. 68009 and 68011 stabled at York station tonight when I passed at 18.30
  12. There is one on the down side embankment just south of Longlands Junction (Northallerton) - I'm sure it has Y/D on it which I assume is York/Darlington?
  13. The picture of 25066 + 25? - the way the platform edge is painted suggests to me, Stirling? I know it's a long way from Wales but it does look the up main platform. Graham
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