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  1. The Baldwin will struggle under 9" radius. I would try and keep the curves as large as possible because the sharper you go things like couplings can become an issue.
  2. Has anyone fitted Kadee couplings to the loco? Had a scan throgh but couldn't see anything.
  3. Bachmann Baldwins are fine with 9inch radius. Some have had problems with the blanking plate in the DCC socket going funny. The tighter the radius the smaller the stock you can use. Couplings become an issue. I run the L&B coaches on the Peco 9inch setrack curves but they don't look great unless curves disguised a bit.
  4. Fabulous photo, thank you for posting it.
  5. Yes they take Paypal. A friend of mine did get hit with vat and Royal mail Handling fees recently. I haven't been hit before although I haven't ordered for a couple of years so don't know if anythig has changed.
  6. I buy decals from TMR Distributing in Canada. https://www.tmrdistributing.com/presta/index.php Terry is very helpful and can always get in what he doesn't have in stock. No connection other than a happy customer.
  7. I've been informed by Great Eastern Models that they have received all the latest Bachmann 009 releases and will be available at our show on Sunday and at competitive prices.
  8. another layout added to the list and I'm pleased to announce the Halesworth to Southwold Narrow Gauge Railway Society stand will be joining us. Exhibits will be located at different parts of the site.
  9. Someone kindly pointed out I shouldn't have removed an exhaust for the 4 cylinder engine, my mistake. I measured the cast on exhausts they measure about 6 inch in diameter which seems a bit big so I removed them all and replaced them with four pieces of solder which I then drilled out once the superglue had set. They now measure about 3 inches. I've fitted them in a typical 2 + 2 arrangment. The loco just needs a number, glazing and a driver. IMG_2780 by Richard Doe, on Flickr IMG_2778 by Richard Doe, on Flickr IMG_2781 by Richard Doe, on Flickr
  10. Looks good so far. Curves maybe a bit tight for the close coupling but you could try a pack if you're ordering from somewhere at anytime. You could try gluing a piece of thin brass wire on the Peco loop to help weigh it down. Being plastic they are quite light although sounds like you may have sorted it with a pin.
  11. The GR-102 is the one fitted. The GR-105 is really designed for the slate wagons but heres a pic of them fitted to the 4 wheel coaches IMG_9683 by Richard Doe, on Flickr
  12. The Peco couplings have NEM fittings so will pull out. Greenwich couplings https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk/collections/components/products/cpl3 can replace them but may not guarentee solving the problem although they are etch brass so the loop will be a bit heavier than the plastic one of the peco. They are much finer than the Peco ones so look better. I have used the Peco GR-105 close coupling inbetween the 4 wheel coaches so they might work https://www.hattons.co.uk/270136/peco_products_gr_105_pack_of_12_narrow_gauge_close_couplings_for_nem355_pockets/stockdetail.aspx
  13. Thank you for your comments. I've only tried it on a couple of yards of track and it runs nice and smoothly. I've added a pic with the chassis fitted to show whats in the cab. IMG_2685 by Richard Doe, on Flickr I've done a little more to the Rusty conversion. Looking at some pics I decided to file off the upper grills. I placed the loco on its chassis and installed Greenwich (nem type) Couplings. They stick out a bit far but until i've tried it on the layout i'll leave them. Narrow Planet diesel loco buffer plates would probably be a better look. IMG_2688 by Richard Doe, on Flickr IMG_2689 by Richard Doe, on Flickr
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