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    Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
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    Modeling: Cardigan & Whitland Railway in the GW Merlin era (Fictious Scenario). Currently my modeling hobby is taking a back seat to others.

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Apart from a short-lived oval on a baseboard I have not had a layout since moving to Pembrokeshire. I spent many hours trying to design a layout of Whitland & Cardigan railway stations (in a fictitious scenario where the Cardigan line had been re-opened as a heritage railway) that would fit in a 10ft 3in by 18ft outbuilding. I asked for help with this in an earlier version of RM Web but a totally workable solution was never found (despite coming close.)


My model railway aspirations were then suppressed by wanting to campaign for improvements out on the real railway and have taken a back seat ever since. I would still love to have a Whitland & Cardigan layout, but it doesn’t look likely at present. I started building a small shunting puzzle layout to give me something to play with and a chance to learn modelling skills but the glacial progress with this has just shown that I don’t have nearly enough spare time to build anything like my dream layout.

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