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  1. Hello Michael, They were made by metal smith ltd from Kettering, and are 12" wide and very solid, l bought them at a show at Preston a few years ago for £100, makes rolling a boiler etc so much easier....
  2. Bagged a few bargains at the weekend namely a GWR auto coach with sound, and a Class 14xx with sound, and a Class 57xx also with sound, all in the GWR livery, don't ask me why it was an impulse buy, l guess l have always wanted deep down to build a nice clean GWR branch line terminus in the early days 1930s, it wont be started until the new year or even the following year... Hahahah
  3. Been a bit bit busy today rolling the rail which the table will run on using a Peco 124 rail...
  4. Very interesting how you build the bushes etc etc using good old 'Hellmanns' to stick it all down with Hahahahahaha really enjoyed the video buddy. keep them coming....
  5. Hello Martin, lt's all out of my head, l have a few pictures of the real thing and build similar, its not 100% right, but it looks the part, or will do. take care buddy...
  6. More work on the turn table, need to work out how to add some wheels and track runner on the base next..
  7. Not as big as it looks Andy, the table is only 11 inches...
  8. Having a little break from the Bulleid, and having a go at scratch building a turn table in O gauge, it is only a small one for a little layout being built by friend, who will only have tank locos to turn ?
  9. Just watched the latest video Andy, and really love the class 150, make a nice break from all the freight ?,,
  10. Hi Andy, Yes l have done the valve gear on one side, hopefully finish the others side later ?...
  11. Excellent scenic painting there Andy, very helpful, well done...
  12. There's is a possibility that you could lose your nick name of 'Bodgit' as l have just watched the latest video and everything seems very neat and professional and no signs of a bodgit anywhere ? well done mate...
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