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  1. Really do love that 47, the weathering is spot on, you will have to sell it to me ? PS, Also enjoyed our Zoom meeting last night with Mark, lan and myself nice to talk to you all face to face.
  2. A trip to the paint shop, now l have an N15 in red primer. which is new for me as l usually use Helfords grey primer, so l want see if it gives the BR green a deeper colour ?
  3. Good idea to have some warehouse fronts in the back ground Andy to make it look more industrial, looks a bit rural at the moment..
  4. Hi Ray, Maybe when Coronation St is on, Hahahaha Hope you are well and staying safe buddy.
  5. Hi Andy, l have a MSC Models motor 40-1 to try out, for the pick-ups l am going to build my own, let you know more later.
  6. 'Excalibur' body and tender almost ready for the paint shop for some primer...
  7. Hi Mate, 'Excalibur' was scrapped as early as 1956, so she will be in a grubby state as l guess she would not have been cleaned properly in the final year..
  8. l have operated most of your big 00 gauge layouts you have built over the years and l must say you always did have an awful amount of stock covering most eras, the money we both have spent over the years. FRIGHTNING Hahahaha.
  9. l would love to do it in mixed traffic black, but alas l think they were all in BR lined green ?
  10. Cheers for the thumbs up guys, means a lot, the back head looks about right to me not 100% but it will do, almost ready for the paint shop..
  11. 30736 'Excalibur' being fitted with her cab, still plenty of work to do yet ...
  12. Adding masking tape to the body makes marking out a lot easier, starting to look like a King Arthur..
  13. Glad about that Andy, l feel silly that l did not put the problem right at the time l noticed it, the big thing was that the body was not in line with the rest, and that meant that the handrails were in the wrong place as nothing would line up as they should, l guess l could have filled all the holes in but thought its easier to start again, live and learn...
  14. Not lately Mark, but l will when they want something ? Hahahahaha
  15. Go for BLUE Andy, l have 33012 (Weathered) and it just shouts EASTLEIGH every time l look at her bringing back so many good memories of times we shared there, having two blue 33s would be great ? IMHO ...
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