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  1. A hold up on the 2251 build, so decided to build the tender for the Q6 0-8-0 l have to build...
  2. Very nice job lan, the inside motion looks the part, and what a nice clean workspace you have, puts mine to shame....
  3. Thanks lan, Luckily there are small pilot holes in place on the boiler to follow,hows PS hows your loco coming on ?..
  4. Really getting on with the 2251, problem was that bits were missing on the body etches, so decided to purchase a resin body from Ex-JLTRT (now MM1) for £39, the major problem was the body was 4mm too long, so as the kit is very old l decided that the body was right, and added an extra 4mm to the footplate, it looks a lot better now, still have some bits to do to finish...
  5. Thanks Guys, There is a water scoop fitted lan, it just didn't show up in the booth...
  6. Made a start on the 2251 tender, sitting in the booth in Acid #8 primer..
  7. Hi Jazz, l have a Jim Harris / Alan Bullock kit of a Ex-GWR 2251 from many years back and its a bit of a challenge, wafer thin etches etc, but having a good look through your threads l have got some confidence to proceed, thank you.
  8. Hello lan, my 2251 is a very old kit (thought it was a good idea at the time) but no instructions and bits missing very dissapointed, wafer thin brass, but all is not lost as l found on the mm1 website a resin moulded body for the 2251 (£39) so l bought one, a bit happier now, good plan for the turkey hahaha....
  9. Hi Deano, lts Helfords rattle can satin black, always gives a nice finish for me...
  10. Cheers Andy, Yes all locked down again, no one can come in again, but cant understand how we can all go and have a pint in the pub together, very confused?, but as you say l can get on with the 2251...
  11. The N Class 2-6-0 is almost finished now apart from some little painting..
  12. No mate it will be a while yet as l have commissions to build first...and some of my own presently building a ex-GWR class 2251 for my collection...
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