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  1. SORRY Mate, l was half asleep and have only just realised that you are going for swivelling fiddle yard which is a very different way for you to go this time, must say it does seem a better way to go....
  2. No you can still have the bridge but access the warehouse under it on the last track
  3. Why not use a 6" space in front of the fiddle yard for a warehouse loading platform ?..or something similar to hide the fiddle yard, just a thought...
  4. Hello Andy, Must admit l do miss helping out at a few of the many shows that you Peter & Mike (the crazy gang) did they were a load of fun (,hard work), still with the plans you have in your head maybe there will be some more shows in the pipeline ?...
  5. Hello Perter, l know what you mean family comes first and we all do what we have to, after all said and done its just a hobby we have and we do it when time and mojo allow, hope you get back to exhibiting soon buddy...
  6. Welcome aboard Peter you are most welcome, have you got a thread on here somewhere ?.
  7. What have l done today, changed the felt on the loco stand to green from red, and painted the light rig...
  8. georgeT

    Bala Town

    Lovely set of pictures there Bodgit very gert weston ? anyway you can't beat a bit of coal dust in yer cauliflower as we were made of stronger stuff in those days...
  9. Morning Andy, Yes its a lot brighter now and much easier to un-couple three links etc etc, need to finish off some green stuff now, also decided to model a closed freight yard in which locos can rest between duties...
  10. Shes very understanding lan ?Hahahahahaha
  11. georgeT

    Bala Town

    l have just heard from Clive Mortimer about forming a 'Save Bala Town' campaign, the first meeting will be in the Loco & tender public house next Monday after Coronation Street, first drink is on Clive, please try to be there ?
  12. Been a bit busy today making a stand for locos to stand on between duties so much better than on the bench getting in the way, also l made a lighting rig, simple but effective, needs tiding up now...
  13. Now there's a thought, where did l put my throng...
  14. Hello lan, Not done much to the goods shed today as l have been busy making a display stand for myself..
  15. Just annoyed me thats all, l took your advice on my over loaded walrus, and you were right, that's what we do give our views to help each other, l just though you were being picky over a silly spelling mistake, l now realise you were kidding and l am. sorry for any offence caused.
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