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  1. Thanks Andy / Big John, She looks far better on the bench than in the photos, and she now has her nameplate fitted, so powerful...
  2. 100% better without that sharp curve Buddy, looks great...
  3. Reminds me of the day we had on the severn valley a few years ago, Hahahaha
  4. Hello Richard stick with it mate O gauge is a world of it own, plus you don't need so much..
  5. Cheers phil, it was worth all the hard work.
  6. . Hello ray thanks, l am sure your schools will be great as usual.
  7. Thank you richard l am very pleased, are you still doing O gauge?
  8. Good idea bud, a guy at the club has the new Heljan 33 and its awsome, you would love it.
  9. Really glad you have decided to stay with O gauge after the long chat we had over your future plans for when you get back down south, plus the great work you have done with that old lima 33 bringing it right up to date, great stuff and l love the extra yard you have added to SMS.
  10. Thanks for the thumbs up mate, the plates arrived from fox today so they will be fitted on monday along with a few odd jobs to complete her then on with merchant navy 35023 and then battle of britain 34077 just wish they were mine, hahaha
  11. Things took a lot longer than l expected to finish of the re-built west country No 34005 'Barnstaple' all that's needed now is the nameplates and some lining with the bow pen...
  12. Really like the additional track Buddy, will you have a slight slope down to the new yard ?
  13. Hello Andy, Apart from having NO breakfast we had a great day, did not buy any kits but l did buy lots of bits and pieces needed to complete my current stock pile, as there were loads of good traders there, also met up with Ade for a nice chat hearing of his plans for the future..
  14. Hello Ade, Nice to have a nice long chat about your plans for the future on Malmesbury, couldn't believe there was no breakfast especially after getting there early to get one, as Andy says a good show starts with a good breakfast ...
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