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  1. Brings back memories of spotting at Salisbury, great stuff.
  2. love some of spots you get in to take the pictures Buddy, looks good...
  3. Beltin' job buddy, will give it go, Thanks
  4. Very helpful thanks guys......
  5. Hi Guys, l used to have a list of car spray paints that were a close match of railway colours but have lost it somewhere, just wondering if anyone can help for BR Green passenger livery ? thanks
  6. Hello Ray so good to see you and Polly at the Manchester show on Saturday, how many loco kits did you buy ? have you done more on the layout ? ...
  7. georgeT

    Pen y Bryn

    WOW Now that's what l call a man cave, and a model railway too.....
  8. Hi Guys, l wonder if anyone knows where l could obtain a 7mm scale drawing of a re-built WC as the kits l am building does not have any thanks
  9. Looking good Duncan its all very neat, l am tackling the valve gear on the West Country l am building not an easy task, watching your progress with interest..
  10. Hello lan, Gauge One ?, now there's a thought Hahahahaha...
  11. Think it looks better without the station, just a freight yard...
  12. Nice to see your O gauge is still here, love the warwell...
  13. That's without the loco chassis, Hahahaha
  14. After lots of head scratching. filing, and cutting the West Country is coming together...
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