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  1. Hi Paul, Yes it is 1833 as l was taking apart l noticed that the motor securing screws were vere loose, so l put that right, it now runs so muck better now, l am round Marks today so will give her another good run, l hope to keep the motor in as l will hopefully get away with a OO sound chip ? ?
  2. Love the stone effect on the main building lan, great stuff...
  3. Thanks Andy / lan, l will have to replace the motor as the one fitted is very noisy, l have done everything l know, oil etc etc but no good ? ...
  4. Spot on lan, Good old BR weathered Black, after spending most of the day painting yesterday l took 44409 to Preston last night for her maiden voyage, not 100% happy so shes in the workshop today for some major adjustments, the heavy weathering will have to wait...
  5. Gave the 4f a good run yesterday afternoon at Marks garden railway and she performed very well, hopefully painting her BR Black today, before a trip to Preston club tonight...
  6. Love the coal yard accessories Ade, makes the scene so much better...
  7. l only found that out a while back through talking to one of the painting experts, as l used grey on everything...
  8. The 4f tender is now complete as 90% was already built by lan, all l had to do was remove the coal bars from around the tender as the loco l am building didn't have any, make some repairs to the steps, then give the tender a real good wash / scrub and prime in red, l prefer red to grey as the black seems to have a better finish with the red ?.
  9. Well you can't rush these things, Hahaha
  10. Now theres a thought Paul, but not that clever, Hahaha
  11. Thanks lan, as l love the class 73 (when they appear) l thought it would need to add some sort of power, the dummy third rail is not 100% correct but it looks the part ?
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