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  1. Interesting to see and hear how the PC chip turns out, fingers crossed bud, my own 33 is awaiting a sound chip...
  2. Hello Ray, Mainly Fox transfers and a 40 year old Bow/lining pen, never lets me down...
  3. Hello Buddy, Yes l have a fair bit on the workbench at the mo, l have just lined out a 7mm BR Std 4 Tank 80054 and also in 7mm l am painting and glazing a Network Rail Geismar GP-Tramm maintenance truck, of which l have bought one for myself..
  4. Great to hear that you have got things moving Mate, looking forward to watching and hearing the 33s moving around SMS soon ?
  5. The last show l went to was Bristol GOG at the start of the year, seems like years ago, not sure if there will be any at all this year ?
  6. interesting approach Duncan watching with interest, great stuff...
  7. Really looking forward to seeing it again Cav, take care and stay safe...
  8. One thing better than a class 33 is TWO 33s Hahahaha
  9. l think we all have some memories of diesels in Scotland Peter, mine were at Inverness with Large Logo 37s & 47s great days...
  10. Looking forward to seeing it when all finished whenever that will be ?.
  11. See you have been busy Richard, nice collection of buildings..
  12. Mine will be fitted with a Zimo soon, the paperwork says it so simple to fit DCC ? we'll see.
  13. Now you are back down south, 33s are the order of the day surely...
  14. Hello Ade, Those coaches look the biz, very nice what colour have you decided to finish them in ?...
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