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  1. For any Land rover fans. The new works vehicle has arrived.
  2. I'm afraid that its an abandoned / scrapped project. Far to long to run comfortably on my R1 curves, so focusing on other things
  3. Last train of the evening. https://youtu.be/mB56ScouuJg
  4. This week has seen the delivery of some new rolling stock ( 4 flat wagons ) The construction of a dummy calf unit that contains loco batteries and a bluetooth speaker. ( seen in white on the video ) And a lot of grass growth ! https://youtu.be/4Savsi7kIi8
  5. A short video of my track cleaner in action and a passing freight train https://youtu.be/e6rb6m7JCtk https://youtu.be/e6rb6m7JCtk
  6. The green and Yellow locos are scratch built on playmobil motor blocks. The wagons are scratch built on LGB bogies. The blue loco is playmobil with a paint job, the cream and green coaches are pimped playmobil, few tweeks and a paint job.
  7. Spring has brought renewed enthusiasm for gardening and railways I have just uploaded some recent pictures to an RMweb Gallery. I continue to update as work progresses, on my Facebook Page RJRModels
  8. Spring has seen the garden railway revitalized.
  9. After demolishing the garden raiway 18 months ago to make way for a house extension. The time has come to rebuild I have also started a Facebook page to document progress https://www.facebook.com/rjrmodels/
  10. I can't believe how long it has been since I came on here.. Life, two dogs and a house extension have all kept me busy. This week I cleared out the last of the household objects that had been stored in the train shed and got a layout working. Small but large scale ! I added a new receiver and speed controller to a little loco and had a play. The extension in the house has resulted in all the garden line being taken up . So I am no wondering what if anything model railways will be for the future in our home...
  11. Today the painting has started. The silver grey and yellow are spray cans, the black is brush painted to save on masking !
  12. The Metrolink has now had several coats of primer with rub downs and fills in between I have used a regular "rattle can" car primer and also a High Build primer in some areas, hence the slight two tone appearance.
  13. A tram needs to be connected to overhead lines to move.. So here we go !
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