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  1. Not true, the wires go between the half grooves in both the hornblock and square axle bearing. This effectively constrains lateral axle movement. IIRC the grooves in the bearings are off centre allowing the outer bearing face to be proud of the hornblock which is meant to be flush with the frame.
  2. I have used the Gibson sprung hornblocks on a couple of chassis. The main reason being that you can drop wheelsets in and out just like many RTR chassis. I don't like disassembling Gibson wheels once fitted square on the axle.... Because they project inside the chassis they do somewhat limit the gearbox width. OK for P4 but I had some trouble with an O-16.5 chassis. The normal setup for 0-6-0s is to level the chassis using the outside adjusting screws then unscrew the centre axle screws to allow a little upward movement.
  3. The safest spray to use is artists varnish for drawings or pastels not paintings. Spray very lightly, especially if the backscene is vertical to prevent runs.
  4. I believe the Whisker couplers are designed to be direct replacements for the #5. Both are metal and in the Kadee illustrations above are shown using the same molded on draft box. Bachmann USA produces equivalent couplers to the Whisker series but are plastic except for the trip pin and the jaw spring, the centering spring (whiskers) are plastic.
  5. Are the Whisker couplings mounted in the correct gear boxes #242 or#252?
  6. Was this a case of a bridge too far Heljan?
  7. Martin, you beat me to it, I would have said exactly the same......
  8. This clearly illustrates the benefit of the correct pattern gearbox putting the pivot point well behind the buffer beam. However it looks to me that the buffers would touch when going round a significant curve.
  9. Yes, I used to belong, but it is largely for Canadians.
  10. Hi all, I will be moving to Land O' Lakes, Florida about 25 miles north of Tampa soon and wondered if there were any British outline modellers anywhere nearby. The nearest club is in New Port Richey but massive HO layouts are not my thing, although I may check them out one day....
  11. There are sets of weathering paints available from Micro-Mark https://www.micromark.com/hobby-supplies/weathering Also Badger paints are brushable as well as for airbrushes http://www.art-paints.com/Paints/Airbrush/Badger/ModelFlex-Railroad/Badger-ModelFlex-Railroad.html Finally the Testors Acryl range which has plenty of earthy weathering colours.
  12. All good advice above. I would add that if you have no or little experience on the scenic side I would start with something very modest. Say a couple of 3' x 18" boards and a 3 ' fiddle yard. Within this size you can accommodate a small platform with loop and a couple of sidings and the board size makes it portable and easy to work on, say at a friend's house. As you develop your scenic ideas and skills you may want to re-do some things but the modest size means you will probably complete it before you move on to more complex things. This size will limit you to tank locos, autotrains, a couple of bogie coaches and 4 wheel wagons. If you are into stock construction rather than RTR the layout can make a good photo display backdrop. Operation will be limited but once you have honed your construction skills you could plan something more complex to suit your operational interests for the next layout!
  13. Peco is also hoping for people to relay their Streamline layouts with BH.....! Drop-in replacements and mix-and-match. I'm sure this was a significant consideration.
  14. Flat bottom rail does not have chairs, just clips or spikes..... A simple BLT could be built using SMP plain BH track and 36" radius BH point kits. These are incredibly easy to assemble, no gauges required, just thread the rail through plastic track bases.
  15. I have used aluminium corrugated sheet that was supplied in an O scale laser cut building kit. It is quite delicate, you have to be careful cutting it across the corrugations as it crushes easily.
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