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  1. Never mind re-using the 128 chassis, I would like them to re-use the 128 chassis for a 128 in the "Red Star" livery, think Revolution have missed a trick there, the amount of times my finger has hovered over the buy button for a 128, but it's the "Red Star" livery that I really want for my period. JP
  2. I understand where you are coming from, but times have changed and what may or may not have gone on in the past wouldn't be acceptable today, there is a big difference between a light engine movement back to shed on an evening where you are in possession of the staff/token and going into an occupied section to assist a failed train with many hundreds of passengers on board. JP
  3. That is emergency protection, a failed train in section in position of the token/staff requires assistance protection - 3 dets 20 yards apart at 300 yards. Before entering a section to rescue a failed train the driver will have received a message from the signalman containing the following information. Exactly where the failed train is - which is why drivers and firemen must have excellent route knowledge. That it has been protected as above - with the guard/fireman in position displaying a danger/stop signal. That the failed train is in position of the token/staff. Which direction the failed train is to be taken. That the assisting engine has permission to pass the section signal at danger. The assisting engine then proceeds at such a speed that will enable him to stop short of obstruction. The driver must stop upon exploding the first detonator and will then be guided onto the failed train by the guard/fireman of the failed train walking on foot. Amateurs we may be, playing trains we most definitely are not. JP
  4. Next question. In Nick Meskell's excellent Scottish Class 37's volume 1 he has the 1983/1984 Eastfeild loco diagrams. Loco 7 starts at Mallaig at 07:00 and returns at 20:55 with a round trip of around 330 miles, when was the loco serviced? On arrival at Queen Street? If so how many days of this diagram would it work before being swapped out? Cheers JP
  5. Thank you all for your replies, I suspected the run round manoeuvre would be something like you said Andy and you have confirmed it for me. I didn't realise it wasn't an LMS inspection Saloon and modelling in n-gauge I thought I had it nailed with one of the N gauge society commissions. Think Sc 1999 might be a bit too difficult and will stick with the LMS saloon. JP
  6. I have a few questions with regards to Fort William - Mallaig workings in the mid 80's. To start when there was an inspection saloon attached in the 1983/84? season, was it always on the rear of the train? and at Mallaig was it detached and shunted onto the rear of the train, or just left in the set as it arrived? Cheers JP
  7. Thanks Paul, they look ideal, I will put my BBA's to one side until the shop has them back in stock. JP
  8. Hi All I have under construction some Chivers BBA wagons and the 2mm shop has item 2-405 which is listed as a composite frame, has anyone any experience of these? or possibly a picture of one to see if they will work with the Chivers bogie? Cheers JP
  9. Thank you Andy, I think his prices seem reasonable which does make it a tempting prospect. JP
  10. Hi, is there anyone currently commission building 2mm track? JP
  11. Thinking as we now use Leisure batteries as a cheaper alternative to actual rail Lead Acid ones, is 30V a bit high for them and likely to damage them? Anyone care to comment? JP
  12. Wow, very helpful information. Thank you. JP
  13. So as the BR batteries were killed off long ago, what is the easiest way to tell which dynamo our coach has? The batteries are the main reason I've been tasked to sort the coach out as we keep spending a considerable sum on 4 220Ah leisure batteries and we're not getting a cost effective life out of them. Hence I shall be .. Rewiring the coach to try and prevent earth faults. Fitting LED lights to reduce the load. Fitting a smart charger, as previously we have used a normal battery charger which people forget to switch off and boil the batteries dry. JP
  14. Our coach is a NNX Courier van which were converted from BSK, so I think I'd be petty safe in assuming it will have a 70A Dynamo. Battery supply we have 4 x 220Ah 12v batteries, 2 in parallel and 2 in series, so a reasonable amount of battery back up, but not enough for a full inverter system. Think I've decided to have a stand alone 600W invertor with it's own socket, that should be enough for crew to charge mobile phones and locomotive TPWS/OTMR batteries if we get stuck in some sidings over night. JP
  15. Thanks, that's Just what I needed to know.
  16. Hi Does anyone know the power output from a MK1 Coach Dynamo, I'm rewiring a support coach and want to know if it's got enough oomph to support a good size invertor. JP
  17. Thought I'd checked NB, then found this ....... And while thinking to myself "that looks nothing like the one at Mallaig" I realised it is indeed Mallaig, somtimes you cannot see the wood for the trees and need someone to point out the obvious. JP
  18. Hi all Trying to establish which railway company would make buffer stops like this, it's not the standard lightweight BR/LMS one so what type is it. And if anyone want's to know it's at Mallaig.
  19. LNERJP

    N gauge BBA

    In Model Rail this month there is a review of the OO gauge BBA and at the end of the article it states that an N gauge version is in development, I thought that Cavalex had costed out N gauge models and said they weren't viable. Can anyone comment as to what is the case, should I get my hopes up? JP
  20. OK. Thanks Andy, that doesn't actually look that bad, definitely better than the Rails picture. Think I should be able to work with that. Cheers JP
  21. From my research and interest Tom corridor stock was used on the West Highland line alongside open stock right up until sprinterisation. Although as you rightly state open stock was becoming a lot more common than corridor. There are some formations here https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=465 and one of them is from the West Highland in June 1988, which is my chosen period, the next thing I need to research is bogies as I would have thought by that time nearly all MK1's would have had Commonwealth or B4 bogies. Then I start to think about the fact that Farish don't do any MK1's with the raised window frame, or maybe I just need to realise life's to short. Cheers JP
  22. Hi Has anyone purchased any of the weathered ScotRail MK1's, I'd like to know your opinion of the weathering please? Some pictures on retailers site's look ok and others like on "Rails of" it looks overdone. I generally avoid factory weathered models preferring to individually weather my models myself as a rake of these would just look to uniform, however maybe I could slip on or two in. Cheers JP
  23. Hi Andy I've seen your posts on your layout and you are certainly doing the location justice, and I did intend to get in touch once my layout became more than just a plan. Period will be 1986-88 ish. Cheers JP
  24. Hi Andy Guess I should Doing it in 2mm means I can get it to scale, I need a map to work out the size and shape of my baseboards and then when I have a plan it will be time for a thread. JP
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