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  1. This has me confused, what is the green wire connected to on the insulfrog slip?
  2. In a crossword today I found 'stationmaster' is an anagram of 'to steam trains'.

  3. Just checked again and found the resistance switch on controller B affects the 12v DC accessory output and switching it gives the same readings as the controlled output. I didn't know that.
  4. I added extra switching to Seeps to interlock a 3-way point.
  5. Just took a few measurements from my old Duette using a Triang Jinty as a load... Accessory outputs - 16v ac - 17.6v no load 12v dc - 14.3v no load, 13.4v under load - controller B resistance switch high. ^ ^ ^ - 16.43v no load, 14.4v under load - controller B resistance switch low. Variable output full on - High resistance 14.3v no load, 13.3v under load. Low resistance 16.43v no load, 14.4v under load. Edited to add that the 12v dc accessory output is affected by the resistance switch on controller B and gave the same readings as the controlled output full on.
  6. That is more money I have saved by having had my pre-orders cancelled.
  7. Well then, there we have it, you can't argue against that.
  8. After having had a camera up my nose and feeling it was still there over a week later I have put a ban on anything entering my nasal passage.
  9. Is the decoder plugged in the correct way round?
  10. If you have wired it the same the double slip which is working then it is just the setting of the route that is your problem. You may need to switch 'the other' motor even though you are not using the route it sets.
  11. On the single slip you have to also ensure the route is electrically set not just the physical route. There are three routes through a single slip, it can not be used as a diamond it has to be operated like a double slip.
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