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  1. Up and running again.
  2. Let's know what they are like when you get them.
  3. Seeing 'lol' in the posts takes me back to when I used to read the Dandy and Beano in the '50s/'60s.

    1. Guest


      Makes me want to slap people

    2. truffy


      We have two emoji's for LOL. But why?


      What's the difference between :lol: and :lol:? Other than that the former is less irritating?

  4. All sorts of things, thanks. How about you?
  5. Only ever heard them being called a 'tranny' in the years I spent in construction.
  6. ... and if you do remove the wire links it is also best to then bridge the stock rail and closure rail. I do mine like this....
  7. Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last for long.

  8. I am sure that the non-sensible members here are quite happy with their Gaugemaster products After doing a google search I have read reports of the MRC/Gaugemaster controllers resetting CV 29 bit 0 to 'off' (direction normal) when reprogramming a decoder.
  9. Thanks for that link, I've spent a pleasant hour or more viewing other content on his channel.
  10. I wouldn't know where to look, does this help. By the way, I am not getting the problems others are having, just saying it may not be all down to the software.
  11. I am a member of another forum that uses the same software package and never see the problems that this forum has.
  12. Didn't someone once buy all 12 of the first release, I wonder if he will be doing the same again.
  13. How about this from Peco/Ratio https://peco-uk.com/products/point-control-unit Edit - connecting it to the tie bar looks fiddly though.
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