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  1. Exactly what Hornby want you to do.
  2. If I can't get it from my local model shop I will not play into Hornby's hands by buying it direct from them. Hornby have seen how much business has been done by mail order during present times that they think they could have this market for themselves. They most probably only want to supply a shop with what they think may be enough for over the counter sales.
  3. Sam's Trains has a look at some of the decorated coaches...
  4. I remember one time waiting for a train at Hamilton Square on a deserted platform. I could hear the train coming up the tunnel and getting closer, I stood up to walk to the platform edge and I could hear the train draw to a stop but there was nothing there. I didn't know about the other platform either.
  5. My favourite terminus was the old Liverpool Central Station, a compact inner city station with six platforms, small goods dock, loco facilities and entered via a tunnel.
  6. I have found Facebook good for getting in contact with companies. I have had several issues resolved quickly in the last few weeks. Better than hanging on the phone while they look up things. Even a reply from PECO in less than 15 minutes. I have joined quite a few sensible groups of various interests, and have a very small group of friends on my news feed. I ignore friend requests from strangers and even people I know who I don't really share an interest with. There is no need to put any personal information, you can just make it up.
  7. This is one that always gets me, bought vs brought. When someone says they brought a new loco I want to ask 'how far'?
  8. I've done some terrible things for money, like getting out of bed early in the morning and going to work.

    1. truffy


      The advantage of prostitution is that you don’t have to get out of bed to go to work. 

  9. Phew, my head is like a ball of chalk. I'm going to bed.
  10. I still have some 40 year old 4'x2'sheets of 9mm Sundeala in my loft which are still flat, and I never had any problems with baseboards I made with it. They were leftovers from a job I was on and therefore free. For its price now, £55.00 for an 8'x4' sheet locally, I would sooner use Baltic Birch. What I can't find now is the 8'x4' sheets of 12mm Woodfibre Insulation Board, which was £8.00 a sheet last time I bought some about 5 years ago.
  11. For those that like to pay more this must be a better buy as it is £97.00.
  12. But it should be the retailers that are Hornby's customers, not the general public.
  13. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/63-electrics-non-dcc/
  14. As you have posted in the DCC section of the forum it has been assumed you wanted advice on testing/running a DCC fitted loco.
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