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  1. I've not cleaned my track since using a Lyra 9B Graphite stick on it last July. There hasn't been any need to.
  2. It is just a 2x12v toroidal I stripped out of something.
  3. This is using a Gaugemaster CDU and 24v transformer switching 1, 2 and 3 seep PM1s simultaneously with no noticable recharge time.
  4. If I did, I would then have a £200 surplus in my own finances. Winner!
  5. Just had the cancellation email. Well that's my Winter Fuel Payment saved. I was only buying the P2 on a whim anyway. I would not purchase from Hornby Direct, not that my decision will affect them.
  6. A Rare Warehouse Find! We have come across a handful of our exclusive and award winning OO Gauge Dynamometer Cars. https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3334/lner-dynamometer-car?fbclid=IwAR2i2WqrubAYSP25djy2Jt33dc94ZqiYtTo2xAPa-GVjbB7clqo989L-9cU Fewer than 10 models of each version are available so I am sure these will not be around for long. First come first serve THESE HAVE NOW ALL SOLD!
  7. Free At Last


    In the 3rd example the frog and outside rail are the same polarity.
  8. Free At Last


    Actually the wiring/switching in option 2 baffles me....
  9. Can he do that? Hattons have had to suspend their kerbside pickup service due to covid restrictions.
  10. Just a heads up for anyone still looking for one Edit: All gone now.
  11. You need to used a momentary or passing contact switch. It's the 'off' that allows the cdu to recharge.
  12. The Hornby one will give two switched pulses each throw so is not suitable.
  13. You can use a Peco passing contact switch. Link the two outer contacts together.
  14. My video downloader says 'No video to be found on this page'. Not had that before. Edit: Downloader needed restarting.
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