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  1. On my Hattons/Heljan Garratt the only sign of it being a Hattons model is their logo on the instruction leaflet.
  2. That's where I have been trying Andy, but can't see how. On the other forum I see a checkbox.... On RMWeb I don't see any box...
  3. Looking on another forum that uses the same Invision package there is a checkbox to delete attachment pictures that is not available here.
  4. That is what I did, but they were still in the post preview and they are also in my attachments.
  5. Whilst trying to compose a post I was adding pictures and deleting them for others. When I finally settled and previewed the post, the unused/deleted pictures were in it. Not seeing how I could delete them I abandoned the post. How do I delete the unused pictures in 'my attachments'?
  6. Bought when first released, it came with 4 of these...
  7. It would have to be a very long one.
  8. I think after waiting for nearly a week Boglwe gave up and has had another hobby for nearly two years now.
  9. It will be a bad move if they ever change the fb Streamline range of turnouts to Unifrog. I have put a pre-order in for when stocks resume for the rest of the live frog turnouts I will need, just in case.
  10. What is the purpose of the tank you sometimes see mounted next to them?
  11. Dug this out of the garage, lit a fire in it and it still lights up. How do I measure dcc voltage with it?
  12. There was no shaft supplied but from what I can remember the hole was made the size of a Meccano axle rod.
  13. The items I ordered to be put in the trunk ended up in 'My Orders' and saying I had selected RM tracked 24hr delivery on each of 4 orders. I cancelled them all.
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