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  1. I put the postcode into Google Earth and it is in the middle of Everton Cemetary.
  2. I am using a friend's machine with Win10 and IE11 and can still not see the cover photos. Are there any users of IE11 who can view the cover photos?
  3. Did I hear something about Accurascale doing a Beyer Garratt.

  4. I have recently noticed I can no longer view profile cover photos using Win7 IE11 on this forum and another one I use which uses the same software. I know they are there as I can see them if I use chrome. A week or two ago, due to other problems that I started having I ended up resetting the browser which I have not done since first installing many years ago, and in that time I know I have had to make tweaks in the advanced settings to keep things working. However after googling the problem and trying fixes they are still not showing. Any ideas to get this working again other than using another browser would be appreciated. I am also having a problem with some youtube videos not playing in IE11, but do in another browser. This is what I see...
  5. To answer my own question, no. It is displaying in chrome but not in IE11 although it did do until recently.
  6. I also thought this was the purpose of the forum but you often see posts for help met with a similar reply. Then when someone posts that they have asked a query direct but not yet had any reply you get the 'give them a chance they may be too busy, on holiday, sick, ***, to be answering emails.' As can be seen in another thread (now locked) that some have been waiting a long time for answers to direct emails. ***insert other excuse
  7. And when you find out, don't be helpful and report your findings here as anyone else who may want to know can also contact Rails.
  8. Pic sent by pm of electric turntable at Aintree.
  9. I have a Warwick bass guitar. Someone once said to me they liked my Vor-vick, I thought they had a speech impediment. I call it a Worrick.
  10. Go to your profile and click on the little yellow box by your profile photo.
  11. Yeah no, as I have said before blah blah blah and everything else, it's like, you know what I mean like.
  12. I've just been to Hattons shop, ordered some items and came out with them in my hand in less than five minutes.
  13. For those that drop out Dave could offer those accounts to others to just pay the balance. There may be someone willing to take the risk for 25% or 50% off.
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